Friday, October 29, 2010

Talk about something out of nothing ... Art project links to porn?

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Normally, I stay out of politics. For one, I ruined my chances of running for office when I was in college. Two, who I vote for is my business and three, if they don't have a sex tape, I don't care.

That being said, I still have to say this, Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James is a real piece of work. He's said bigoted things, he's attacked gays and lesbians and obviously hates art. Charlotte's Arts and Science Council has been under attack by James for years. So, it is no surprise that an upcoming Channel 9 (WSOC) news story got his tighty whities in a bunch.

Here's what James e-mailed today:

Charlotte art project connects to porno movie

Statement from Arts and Science Council Below

No info on movie referenced in barcode in public art

I-phone App evidently scans art barcode and then links to movie

All in red letters to get everyone's attention. To James's credit, he did enclose a message from the ASC president, which basically says Channel 9 is going too far with this story and the artist was not putting porn on a public art project — and no public money was used.

ASC is disappointed that, based on the facts, WSOC is creating a story that would drive traffic to this adult purchasing site, which is clearly not endorsed or supported by ASC. We are also disappointed that the integrity of the artist, Zack Northington, who obviously could not see into the future, could be called into question in this story. Based on the facts as we know them, he could not have anticipated that someday a component of his artwork could be used to navigate adult content over the internet.

Here's my question: Who hops out of their car, off the bus or light rail, takes an iPhone and scans a piece of art? You, sir, may not be a porn freak (and I'm sure if we went through that handy dandy iPhone of yours there would be porn) but you're still a freak.

If Charlotte is going to grow out of i's Mayberry Mentality, we're going to have ban the Barney Fifes from the Apple store and vote James off the Board of County Commissioners. If only someone would grow a pair and run against him.

I'm Mustang Sally, Mayor of Bangtown, and I approve this message.

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Today's Top(less) 5: Friday

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Here are the five best events to get you hot and bothered with or without a date going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area today October 29, 2010 — as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.


• Flirtatious Friday at Tempo

• Party all Night at Club Onyx

• A Heaven and Hell Halloween Party at The Men's Club

• Trick N Treat at The Estate

• Wicked Women of Wax at Halo

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's Top(less) 5: Thursday

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Here are the five best events to get you hot and bothered with or without a date going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area today October 28, 2010 — as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.


• Uptown Thursday Night at BAR Charlotte

• Noche De Chupacabra  at Halo

• Carnival of Carnage at Ri Ra's Irish Pub

• Thirsty Thursday at Babydolls

• Champagne Thursday at  Club Onyx

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gag order in the case of the alleged John Edwards sex tape ... Damn!

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When I think about all of the "celebrity" sex tapes I've suffered through in the past — Kim K. and Ray J, Tommy Lee and the Baywatch chick, and Colin Farrell and the Playboy bunny with the sex addiction — I am so disappointed that I won't get a chance to see John Edwards' tape.

Let me take you back to the fuckery that led to the allegations that Edwards and his side piece/baby mama, Rielle Hunter had taped their act of "love."

Hunter worked for Edwards' political action committee in 2006, shooting behind-the-scenes video as the Democrat prepared to launch his second White House campaign. Edwards acknowledged earlier this year that he fathered a child with Hunter. He and Elizabeth Edwards have separated after more than 30 years of marriage.

While running for president, Edwards and Hunter thought it would be a great idea to make a sex tape. After all, in this digital age, who would ever find out? (Please recognize the sarcasm in that statement.) Well, somehow — perhaps because she was renting a home from him — former Edwards aide Andrew Young found the alleged tape.

Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter is suing to reclaim materials, including the video, saying they were taken from a box of her personal belongings. Young, who has said he helped keep Hunter in hiding during the 2008 presidential campaign, contends the tape was found amid trash that Hunter left behind in a home that he was renting.

Which brings us to a judge (Boo, Mr. Judge, boo: Where were you when Ms. Kardashian needed you to save us from that boring sex tape?), ruling that:

"If it should come to this court's attention that it's being exploited for any reason in the media, I won't hesitate to use the court's contempt authority. Money is not a punishment here, so we would be talking about time," Fox said, according to the Raleigh News and Observer. "This is not grist for the media mill."

It's pure morbid curiosity that makes me want to see the Edwards sex tape. Does he allow his lover to touch his $400 hair? Do they do something straight out of a porn magazine or some new age love making? Sick that I want to know this, I know. But really, why keep it a secret? Imagine if Edwards had been elected president or even been President Barack Obama's choice for VP. Could you imagine how the Tea Party and the G.O.P would be fighting to have the contents of this tape plastered all over Fox News?

Oh well, I guess we will never know what Johnny is working with.

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Today's Top(less) 5: Wednesday

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Here are the five best events to get you hot and bothered with or without a date going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area today October 27, 2010 — as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.


• Pure Superhero at Halo

• Level Wednesday at Suite

• Wine Down Wednesday at Mez

• Wet Wednesday at Leather and Lace SouthEnd

• No Cover Wednesday at Club Onyx


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's Top(less) 5: Tuesday

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Here are the five best events to get you hot and bothered with or without a date going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area today October 26, 2010 — as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.


• $2 Taco Tuesday at The Men's Club

• SIN Night at Tilt

• $2 Miller Lite at MAL Clubs

• Haunted Ball at Whisky River

• $2 Tuesday at Club Onyx


Monday, October 25, 2010

Today's Top(less) 5: Monday

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Here are the five best events to get you hot and bothered with or without a date going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area today October 25, 2010 — as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.


• Steak and Shrimp Monday at The Men's Club

• Manic Monday at Dilworth Billiards

• SIN Night at Club Onyx

• Service night at Jackalope Jacks

• $20 package deal at Leather and Lace SouthEnd


Friday, October 22, 2010

Anita Hill asked to apologize for being sexually harassed. . .WTF?

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Anita Hill Virginia Thomas

Nearly two decades ago, an accusation of sexual harassment was big news. But it didn't derail anyone's career, just ask Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. After all, it was his confirmation hearing that brought sexual harassment into our living rooms everyday. And the testimony of Professor Anita Hill was more compelling than the Young and The Restless.

But, Thomas was confirmed as a justice, Hill was believed by some, thought of as a liar by other. She wrote a book, she moved on. Thomas sits on the bench, like a bump on a log, making decisions that don't matter and erode the rights of women (which shows me that Anita Hill was telling the truth). And 20 years have passed. Hill is a professor at Brandies University and we haven't heard from her since her book was released in the 1990s.

And then Virginia Thomas picked up the phone. Ginni, as she called herself in the voice mail she left Hill, is the wife of Clarence Thomas. She wants Hill to apologize to her husband. Really? Really?

"I just wanted to reach across the airwaves and the years and ask you to consider something. I would love you to consider an apology sometime and some full explanation of why you did what you did with my husband. So give it some thought and certainly pray about this and come to understand why you did what you did. OK, have a good day," Thomas said.

Maybe "Ginni" ought to get on the phone to rape victims next and ask then to apologize to the brute who raped them. Better yet, she should take a job with the Catholic Church and call all of the victims of the priests who touched them and demand an apology to the priests.

Hill had the best response to Virgina Thomas's foolishness:

In her statement, Hill said, "I certainly thought the call was inappropriate."

I'm going to step out on a limb here and translate that: "*itch Please."

And Hill isn't going to apologize and she should not. Virgina Thomas should apologize for being so stupid and insensitive.

Much like he his when it's time to make a ruling from the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas is totally silent on the issue.

Now there is an online petition seeking an apology to Hill from Clarence Thomas. So far, more than 8,000 people have signed it.

Virginia Thomas is asking the wrong person to apologize. Demand Clarence Thomas apologize to Anita Hill.

Virginia Thomas is a well known Tea Party activist who founded a shadowy right-wing organization in the wake of Citizens United.4 Her agenda in approaching Anita Hill with her outrageous request is unclear. But it's yet another example of brazen attempts by Tea Party adherents to rewrite history and claim victimhood for the powerful even as they launch attack after attack on minority groups -- be they women, gays, African Americans, or immigrants.

We shouldn't ignore this bizarre incident. We should accept Virginia Thomas' challenge and defend history as we know it.

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The Dirty Sanchez DICKtionary

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Evan Marz is a funny guy. So, funny that he decided to share his knowledge of "the dirty Sanchez" with his mother. Yes, his mother.

When he realized that his parents were kind of clueless on many sexual terms, Marz decided -- while talking to his MILF girlfriend, that he wanted to let the world know what dirty Sanchez is, as well as an alligator f*ckhouse, spiderman and the Cleveland Steamer, among other terms.

Then The Dirty Sanchez DICKtionary: The Ultimate Illustrated Dictionary of Obscene & Obscure Sex Acts and Terms. Marz spoke with Creative Loafing about his book and the alligator f*ckhouse.

CL: How did you come up with the idea for this book?

Martz: I was sitting around one day with my MILF, I call her my MILF because she has kids, and we were having a couple of drinks. I thought, wouldn't it be great to have an illustrated sex humor dictionary with funny cartoons. There's not that many terms out there that you can have a dictionary by itself. But I thought if I got 100 to 150 terms and put them together with illustrations, that would be a pretty cool thing.

What type of response have you gotten?

I've gotten ton of positive feedback, everybody is just falling over laughing when they see the book and when they see the web site (Dirty Sanchez Nation) and I've been getting a decent amount of orders from there. I haven't had any negative feed back, to tell you the truth, and I thought I was going to get a lot more, so it has been good.

Don't you think people who would go to your web site or look this up have a sense of humor anyway?

Yes. But when I was making the book, I had a cartoonist and every week he'd draw 10 to 15 drawing or whatever he could do. . .I would always take pictures of them on my phone and I would go out to a bar or a club and tell everybody what I was doing. Then I would do a little slide show on my phone and even that got a big response. They weren't even people that were going to my web site, they were just random people.

Will the book be in stores?

You can get it at Dirty Sanchez, it's on Amazon . . .it's going into Spencer's soon. I actually shipped them some books the other day so in a few weeks it should be out. They are doing a test, where they ordered a 150 books and they're going to put them in 30 different stores. Once people see that and they buy them, then they will be in stores nation wide.

So, you created the Alligator F*ckhouse?

(Laughs) No. Most of these I didn't even make up. Most of these are common terms, I mean common to a certain extent. If you listen to Howard Stern or certain radio shows then you know what they mean. You know like Donkey Punch. That's been around since I was in high school and I knew about that. I just did research, did a compilation of them and added my own definition. It makes a great gift. Wives are getting it for their husbands, girlfriends are getting it for their boyfriends. People are just getting it for their own pleasure. It's a great bathroom book or coffee table read — as long as you don't keep the kids around.

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Today's Top(less) 5: Friday

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Here are the five best events to get you hot and bothered with or without a date going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area today October 22, 2010 — as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.


Dilworth at 5

• Charlotte's Happiest Happy Hour at Uptown Cabaret

• After hours party at The Men's Club

•Club Insomnia at The Gold Club

• The Erotic Halloween Party at The Estate


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