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5 Ways to Talk With a Stressed Person 

Everyone has seen people who are exhausted. They claim to have enough to do and not a single minute to spare. It is not easy to communicate with such people, especially if there are tasks or work projects to be done. How do you communicate with people who can't handle stress? Talk to them directly? Offer them to relax and play at Cookie Casino or just watch a movie? How to protect yourself from their toxic emotions? some useful tips for such a case.

Don't Judge

Firstly, make sure you don't judge anyone. People perceive stress in different ways, and what seems like nothing to you may be a real burden to another. Unless you are a professional psychologist, judging a person's reaction to stress can lead to negative consequences.

Try to perceive your acquaintance's tendencies not as a personality flaw, but as a character trait. Perhaps the person reacts this way to the modern format of work. There was a time when we could go home in the evening and forget about work until the next morning, but the current era requires us to be constantly engaged, and some people find it hard to live under such conditions.


One effective way to get an overwhelmed person out of a run or beat state is to compliment them. Such people feel that the situation is out of their control, that they are incompetent and failing. A compliment is the easiest way to help them remember their own strengths.

Be specific. For example, "You did a brilliant job organizing last week's birthday party. You were collected, calm and cheerful, and everything went great." Praise can be extremely effective. When you tell people how you see them, they try to live up to that image.

Offer Help

Another strategy is to offer support: "How can I help you?" There may not be anything you can really do, but your offer will help the person think their way out of the situation and feel that they are not alone. Make it clear that you are not offering to use you anytime, anywhere: explain what you can actually do. In other words, the meaning of your offer should be: "My resources are limited, but I want to help if you're in a bind."

Don't Dump All of Your Demands on the Person

If your conversation partner is constantly stressed, find a way to reduce their cognitive load. For example, if it's a colleague, reduce the number of emails you send him, divide large requests into several simple tasks, or offer to divide the work into manageable steps. But keep in mind: you will have to take into account not only the colleague's specifics, but also your desires and the company's needs.

If it is a close person, try to provide more support, if possible take over the care of loved ones, redistribute duties. Yet, it is better to discuss right away that this is not forever.

Keep Your Distance

Stress is contagious. And you need to understand how it affects you. If the person is toxic and sucking the energy out of you, consider how to distance yourself or keep communication to a minimum. It's not always easy, but it's usually possible.


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