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7 New Hobbies to Learn During the Pandemic 

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Covid-19 has affected the worldwide population in more ways than we can imagine. From the loss of jobs to shortages in food and finances, people nowadays spend more time in their homes than to go outside. With the fear of contracting the virus, young professionals are forced to adapt to the work from home setting.


But all is not lost. Individuals can still be productive even though many of us are confined in our homes. These days are the perfect opportunity for us to rekindle our old passions. It is time to learn new hobbies and skills that will promote our personal growth. We have listed seven hobbies to learn during the pandemic.

Discover the Joy of Gardening

With the current quarantine because of the pandemic, gardening has slowly risen in popularity. If you are one of the lucky ones to own a home with a patch of land in it, you can maximize that space by turning it into your personal garden. Plus, gardening has many health benefits, especially in one’s physical and mental health.


Gardening can reduce your stress and anxiety levels. We all know that the pandemic has everybody stressed and anxious. If we are able to see our plants grow flourish, it can be very fulfilling. That sense of contentment can enhance our mood. Lastly, doing gardening can also be a form of exercise that is beneficial for the body.

Cooking and Baking

We cannot stress the importance of eating delicious and healthy food. We must not overindulge in junk food and in takeout as we need our daily dose of vitamins and minerals to combat sickness and diseases. The good thing about being stuck at home is that you have plenty of online cooking tutorials to choose from. Baking, for example, is gaining popularity.


In the world of baking, the use of whole grains is nowadays becoming prevalent for both chefs and homemakers. There is a sudden need to learn to bake with whole grains because baking with whole grains comes with an added depth of flavor and nutrition. A great way to incorporate whole grains into our diet is by making and eating the classic artisan sourdough bread.

DIY Arts and Crafts

If you are an artsy kind of person, you can try out and rekindle your passion by engaging in some arts and crafts. Doing arts and crafts is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. It can also improve our focus because we are immersed in completing the task at hand. Once we can relieve the stressful stimulants, we can also reduce the risk of developing depression.


Engaging in arts and crafts does not only mean drawing and sketching. We can also do some home improvement projects to beautify our homes. You can paint old walls, recycle and repurpose old doors and cabinets. The possibilities are endless. All it needs is a little imagination and elbow grease. Plus, you can find a wide array of projects online. 

Get Healthy and Shed Some Pounds

Being stuck at home sure has drawbacks. But one positive outcome is that we have extra time in our hands. Yes, local gyms and fitness studios have closed down, but we can still eliminate the excuse of not having the time to work out and shed the extra pounds. We must remember that regular exercise is beneficial to one’s overall health.


With regular exercise, our body releases endorphins that make us feel good and have a positive outlook. Exercise also helps make our immune system stronger, preventing weight gain, and reducing stress and anxiety. Regular exercise also improves your quality of sleep.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Spending more time at home also gives you the perfect opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument. If you already know how to play one, try to consider learning to play a new instrument. You can find all the help online as there is a wide array of tutorials and how-to videos.


Playing musical instruments can improve your overall brain function and memory. Playing and listening to music can also boost your creativity. Lastly, making music can also relieve stress as music can be soothing whichever genre you want to listen to.



Expand your Knowledge and Read More

With people spending more time at home than outside to flatten the curve, there was a sudden struggle to combat boredom. Reading is a great way to sharpen your mind and gain knowledge. Reading is also a great option if you want to relax and expand your vocabulary. With physical bookstores closed, you can still purchase e-books to satisfy your reading needs.

Learn a New Language

Before the pandemic struck, many people already wanted to learn a new language. But for some reasons like lack of time, those aspirations died down. If you have dreams of traveling to a new country, learning the language beforehand is a great way to start that journey. Learning a new language keeps us engaged and keeps us from getting bored.


Spending more time at home has its own pros and cons. However you look at it; it is essential to note that the positive side must always outweigh the negative. In order to maintain your overall mental and physical health, you must be productive and never cease to learn new skills and knowledge.

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