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Comment Archives: stories: Sex & Love: Savage Love

Re: “Older men, younger boys

I think intergenerational relationships should be looked at on a case by case basis. Some young people are just ahead of their peers and are looking for a deeper relationship, weither that be platonic or romantic in nature.
I had a relationship with an adolescent boy that was one of the most pure, honest, relationships I've ever had, and we keep in touch over five years later. He was ahead of his peers and was obvously bi. I never pushed sex on him, or brought drugs or alcohol around him. He told me when he was ready, and I think that for a boylover that is very important. That the boy must steer the ship, the man is spending money for the relationship but the boy is always in control of where it goes. When you bring drugs, alcohol, pornography and bad people around the boy you make the relationship predatory in nature. Never forget a boylover is a teacher and a mentor 1st, the sex stuff isn't even to be thought of, it will or won't come, in time. An earlier poster commented boylovers bring up pederasty during the Greek and cretian ages, and he made fun of this. What's funny is the boylove was a right of passage and the boy was becoming a man. We have lost this in modern society and we have lost a part of manhood as a result. I would expect comments ,that the poster made, from an American sheeple totally ignorant of Hellenistic culture. Oh also modern times? In modern times we celebrate samhein(Halloween), recognize an 'easter bunny', and 'santa Claus' if that ain't enough fantasy I don't know want is. I think modern American society is sick, this society gets kids into debt and dangerous behaviors at a young ages and then attempts to control the smart ones who want to get out of this sick, war mongering, spiritually bankrupt society. Last but not least I'm happy to find a message board that isn't taken over by moralists trying to highjack a discussion on intergenerational intimacy, they make it so our voice can't be heard and we are silenced. I have noticed those people are like bullies, if the crowd supports them or agrees they will continue with their jokes and insults, but if they see most are honestly interested in a open minded discussion they will leave. We must band together and realize we aren't monsters for these relationships. I loved my boy for his innocence, and the intimacy he gave me, I just wished someone like myself could have been there to reassure me I wasn't a monster but a boylover

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Posted by JoshuaPowell1 on 11/03/2017 at 9:33 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

When I was 13 I had a sexual relationship with an older man and it was wonderful. My own dad left my mother and I when I was 7 so that was the only male experience I had and it wasn't great. This older man was gentle and considerate, we went out often to sporting events and movies, when my mother met him she was comfortable with the time we spent together and that it provided a male presence in my life. Our sexual relationship was never brought up with her but I was sure she would've approved. This man introduced me to a world that was wonderful, I felt like a regular boy when we were together sexually. As a grown adult now, I still feel my time with him made me a better person and more respective of others.

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Posted by Scott Charlton on 11/02/2017 at 5:58 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

Im 58 man and have been texting a 28 guy for 6-7 months we have met twice but he now lives in another state we have established a true friendship he is gay and I am bi I would love to divorce my wife and at least start dating him he makes me smile every time he texts me I believe we can be happy together forever what should I do Ive never had a e with another man before

Posted by William 0403 on 10/19/2017 at 6:21 PM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

The reality is that the young man is 18. He is no longer a child. Before our modern society, girls were mothers at 16. Don't blame biology for your psychological shortcomings. However, with that said, we live in a society that we have collectively and organically created and accepted. As well as parents desiring to keep their offspring under their wings a bit longer than our furthest ancestors. Therefore, certain modalities and standards become higher priorities to uphold, which agreeably force certain conditions in nature to be sacrificed. At the same wrong to chastise or demoralize behaviors that have been imbedded in our DNA for hundreds of thousands of years. Have a much better understanding of where to draw the line and how to deal with situations that cross it without resorting to limited knowledge and emotional reactions.

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Posted by Conner Z on 07/15/2017 at 3:33 PM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

I am a 50 yr old gay man thinking back to some of the 18 yr old Gay Guys I've known and their dating experiences. Relationships at any age are hard I find it hard to believe a 18 yr old guy hasn't dated or hasn't had sex with other guys by that age. So worrying about his innocents might be way to late and a lot of younger guys were mean to each other terribly mean. So finding a guy who cares might have been what matters the most to him now. There aren't any easy answers you parents need to figure out his life experience by talking with him. One last shocker how long has he been dating this man ? Good Luck, jeff a realist

Posted by JP knows on 04/08/2017 at 11:13 PM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

im 51 and I like 18 20 year olds, there is nothing wrong with a relationship age is just a number. Would your 18 yo sone with some thug that has no life experience> out of jail stds unsafe sex? stop this age thing.... its is a blessig that a 31 or 51 year old man would take the time and experience to even deal with a 18 year old. Older men are better because they have wisdom can provide good support guidnce, are commited. Have been through lots of stuff have seen it all. And want to settle down. They would probably save your sons life.... come on get with the program and think deep. I have a 17 year old daughter and want her to date a man who is much older in a effort to keep here in check... young people dont know what they want... a m.uch older man like my self does....and yes we look at the physical bodys as being soft young...pretty inncocent.. so.. at least we can train them ( ya where all sick) TRAIN MEANS guide them... in the direction they need to go... wer settled and my god I cant belive the stigma! In Europe its not like this... If I where the dad of a gay or st8 tennager I would want them to have the best.... AND THE BEST HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AGE...a hot looking younger person who is the same age as your sone or daughter is ok? tell me why?? because of there youth full beauty??? look beyond the physicall youth part...any ways if I can get one AMERICAN to stope conforming to the belife system of age and all that other crap then ill be happy.. I personall would not bother with a 17-25 year old because it would be a nite mare! im not into raising kids.... if a older man likes a younger man then its usually based on physicall attraction towards youth....once the kid gets older and looses there looks then there out the door??? does it take an act of congress to understand??? YES I would have sex with a hot teenager but no fuckin relation ship! 31 is not old any 51 and im not old... most people are set in there belife system.... I was so hurt a few years ago when a gay teen fell in love with me and his parents and friends brain washed him that I was a monster... IM GOOD LOOKING SUCSESS FULL AND HAVE LOTS TO OFFER.. Well they ended up liking a 20 year old that had tattos aids and into drugs... NO IM DEMANDING EVERY ONE TO THINK... When you tell your teen you want the best then guide them to a much older man or women that is well adjusted... experienced and has a heart and more to offer then just stupid sex.... YOUR ALL STUPID... 30 40 50 is the best.... FAT OLD ?? SO.... wtf? I like a smooth tite ass>>?? dont you??? MANY YOUNG GAY AND ST8 BOYS GIRLS GO CRAZY OVER OLDER MEN.... MY PROBLEM IS LOT OF 18 YEAR OLDS ARE CRAZY ABOUT ME..AND I REJECT THEM BECAUSE THEY WANT A RELATIONSHIP.... SO IWANT THAT TO STOP! ILL HAVE SEX IF THERE HOT..BUT IM NOT ABOUT THAT ANY MORE... I DO ADMIT OLDER MEN DO SOME TIMES HAVE PHYSICAL ISSUES LIKE BAD BREATH... BODY ODER... SO FCUKIN WHAT...WHER A CLOTHING PIN HA HA/// MY GOD... PLEASE CONSIDER IT A BLESSING TO GET A GREY HAIRD MAN TO DATE A YOUNG PERSON...... CAUSE BELIVE ME THERE AFTER US....

2 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by AL STANG on 03/18/2017 at 12:42 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys


Posted by david on 03/18/2017 at 12:14 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

The real danger isn't that Professor Plum wil ass rape your 16 year old, but that were this permitted broadly, unattractive boys would be left out. At some point someone has to realize at least SOME of our sexual mores were to protect the homely from the beautiful. Because we're as empty as society allows us to be.

3 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by ptrk5 on 03/02/2017 at 10:21 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

Bill, thanks so much for sharing. Dan is coming off as a prude in my opinion. I've never chased adolescent boys, as much as I love them. But I have so many friends who as early teens shacked up with an older gay man. I've never heard them say a single negative thing about it, all glowingly positive, from dozens of friends and lovers over the years. I really don't see what is so horrid about sex between older and younger, so long as the attraction is mutual. The worst thing possible for a 15 year old gay boy is not to be having sex at all. And often times older men will find a boy gorgeous when his peers think he's simply "meh", or unfuckable. Ask me, I'll tell you about it!

7 likes, 10 dislikes
Posted by TT65 on 03/02/2017 at 10:17 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

As a young boy I was attracted to older men. Even before I had any inkling of sexuality. I never dated girls but like most boys looked at porn magazines and masturbated. Being attracted to men who were old enough to be my father or grandfather seemed to be very natural to me. Later in my 20's my infatuation for older men slowly morphed into a sexual attraction. I must add that I grew up without a father,my father deserted our family when I was five. I never had the love and affection of a father and always felt other boys were so lucky to have a daddy. I yearned for that love. I masturbated with fantasies of being with older men. At age 31 and with peer pressure from friends and family I finally decided to get married a woman. My wife was the one who proposed to me! I enjoyed sex with her initially but it got old,I loved her but I was not in love with her.
I was just lying to myself. I grew lonely. When computers came about I found chat rooms on AOL where I chatted with older men and also younger men like myself who were attracted to older men. I learned that there were others just like me who had a deep sincere attraction to older men but who were not attracted to men their age or younger men, exclusively seniors men. Inhsd never been to a guy bar,I had never been with a man sexually ever in my life at this point. I met a wonderful older man from New Orleans, he was age 70 and I was age 41. He was also married,fir 31 years. I had been married 10 years, neither of us had children with our wives. We decided to meet in person. We fell in love and both divorced our wives. We shared 4 wonderful years in love. He died of lung cancer in 2000. His death devastated my heart. We were so deeply in love.
A year later I met my second partner,he was age 69. Our relationship grew slower but after 16 years together we were deeply in love,very happy and content. At age 84 he passed away last May.
We kept our relationship private. He was old fashioned and didn't want to be "out". I understood that. Both of my partners were wonderful mentors, both men highly educated. My second partner was a college professor. Both very worldly men. I learned so much from both of them about being a wholesome man. I feel very lucky to have been deeply in love with two wonderful men. They both healed my heart and erased all the yearning I had as a boy yearning for a father to guide and love me. Both loves were like a story book love. Theses men taught me by example how to cope with being different in today's society. Being gay does not define anyone,it is just a part of the whole person we are. We are human first. I have learned that the majority of homosexual men are high achievers and far more intelligent over a broader spectrum of life's subjects,more compassionate and understanding. I am deeply proud to be gay,but I don't feel the need to shout from the top of a mountain,it is a part of my whole self. I realize that people have different perspectives of homosexuality and have opinions about December-May (inter generational gay relationships). Being happy,in love and feeling content is what we all yearn for in life. If two people fall in love they are in love. Live and let live. Be happy!

18 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Bill on 02/15/2017 at 11:06 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

50 year old man and I've had lots of relationship with young boys I think they're sexy

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Posted by Boylover22 on 01/30/2017 at 9:29 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

At 20 I met a man who had just turned 37 and we fell for each other literally overnight. Not because we had sex, but because we spent all night talking. I was a good student in school who preferred hanging with the teachers asking questions after class to goofing off with my classmates. We were together for 9 years and then I lost him to AIDS-related encephalopathy. During those 9 years he helped me get an education and we bettered our careers enough to buy a house together. I miss him still.
Not every May-December relationship is as healthy as ours was, I admit. But don't assume they are all unhealthy, either. Find out what brought them together, what keeps them together, and what benefits each one brings to the relationship before judging them. As long as the younger man isn't being damaged in some way, I don't see what the fuss is about.

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Posted by Kevin Bradley on 12/03/2016 at 2:47 PM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

My partner is 30 and I am 73. We have known each other for almost ten years and lived together for five. He only likes the company of men over fifty, whilst I prefer those under that age, as older seem to bore me.
He has a good job whilst I am fairly disabled, although I can manage to look after the house.

I was an only son of a mature couple, who married for convenience; she lost all her money and divorced, whilst he was pressed into producing an heir by his older, spinster sisters, all because of the need to have someone to inherit their fathers (too much talked about) fortune.
I was never a lover of what is now called 'the gay scene' but I was completely infatuated with men of my age, that age group remaining with me all my life.
I have LOATHED being homosexual, believe me, as I have never been able to feel the same about life and living as others. I would NEVER attempt to obstruct the sexual life of any gay person, as 'this is how it is', I regret to advise you.
TRY, hard as it may be, to accept that your son is homosexual, not through choice and that his choice of partner is just that. It's more than likely that they will have a happy time together and should be allowed so to do. However, in my long experience, homosexual relationships seem to have a shorter shelf life, with regret. Nothing can alter this statistic.
Homosexuality is a FACT of life and not a choice, however each individual chooses to deal with their lot. Given life, all will survive, so better accept this and get on with your lot, as best you can.
Don't curse any and don't waste time praying to any type of these many unidentified 'gods' or their feathered friends, nor do you approach any earthly 'do-gooders' who are only bigots, absolutely.

I've written this to all you strangers, in the hope it's helped you to look at this indisputable fact of life in another but educated fashion.

Edmund Raphael

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Posted by edmund raphael on 11/21/2016 at 10:21 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

I am 51 and my Boyfriend of 2 years is 20. It was love at first site for both of us. We have so much love for each other that it can't be explained. He is the most caring and compassionate person that I have ever met. He has a big heart and a wonderful soul. We are at a place now that can be a turning point. I don't ever hold him back. Told him that I want him to grow as a person and will never be the one to hold him back. Regardless of the outcome, hopefully my mentoring will move him farther in life. He told me that I am his soulmate and that no matter where we are, we will forever be linked together. For all of the others that think this is wrong, for us it is not. My children love him, my ex wife loves him, and everyone he touches just falls for him. I am going to enjoy our time together, because one day, I know it will come to an end. I just put it in God's hands.

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Posted by gmny3911 on 11/08/2016 at 1:54 PM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

I was in a relationship with a man 17 years older than I and we were together for 26 years .We did a lot of traveling and bought homes together.We had a wonderful family life and ,then he got ill and in 2006 passed away . I still have a lot of support from his family and mine .Age sometimes does'nt matter .it's all different situations ,......

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Posted by Kevin Demers on 11/06/2016 at 9:02 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

I am a divorced single father of one. I teach. One of my pupils is 13 and has expressed an interest in me beyond what I normally encounter as a mentor. How can I avoid hurting him mentally, emotionally, etc.? I can't participate in a sexual relationship with him, but I do think the world of him. The brain develops until the age of 26. And, it may just be a phase for him. I want to support this boy, and be an outlet for him, but he is very attached to me. I need a way to explain to him that my declining his affections is not a rejection of him on a personal level. Of course I would never hurt him, but it seems this is hurting him at some level. Perhaps deeply. I care about that. So, what can I do to help him? He trusts me, and this is a very vulnerable profession as this pertains to me, and a very vulnerable point in life as it relates to him. Again, I would like to remain available as an outlet for him, and I have no sexual interest in him. Every remedy I think of seems to have great potential for lingering damage. Any perspective out there?

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Posted by Lefty on 10/31/2016 at 8:46 PM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

The homophic people who post on here dont realise there showing the world how sick there thinking is. You have to feel bad for them as the reason they say these things is because that is how they where rasised or because of there bad exsperences with others. The people who are the most outspoken againest homosexuality are that way because of there own gay feelings which they may not even realilise be cause they suppressed them All the wise cracks and insaults and violence is there way of dealing with there own hang ups. As we know many I mean thousands use to think the world was flat and that the earth was the center of the universe. The church made Galileo lie about it or get tortured and lots told Columbus he was crazy and was going to fall off the edge of the world. My point is that some take a lot longer to face facts When they where taught lies. And the people around them are not civilised or educated and still live by archaic thinking. hurting or forcing someone to have sex is bad no matter who you are or what sex you are or what age you are. judging Who someone else loves, well how many people say or think they need to get someone elses aproval before they love someone. Do you think any one who had a negitive remark on here first went and got approval from everyone before they made love to someone? Or did they get her drunk so they could take advantage of her? Like I seen so many guys do to younger girls while I was in the milatary over seas. Now there is a real problem to look at. And using Violence to make people do what you want them to do another huge problem. The good thing is the internet lets the nut jobs post so the rest of us can see just how sick they are. Gay love has been around for thousands of years. If some people didnt like it. It would of disappeared long ago. Why a person is so interested in other peoples sex life is a good question. And the ones who are hidding there real feelings and hating others because of there own mental problems they are a problem. They are the ones who should not be around children. peace

4 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Phil Larson on 09/21/2016 at 4:10 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

and for the homophic people who post on here. You have to feel bad for them there a produce of there poor up bringing. They dont even realise that by posting there archaic thinking there just proving to the world how sick they are. Remember the catholic insurrection where they made Galileo lie and say the earth was the center of the univere and the sun and planets revolved around the earth and Same with Columbus and those who said the earth was flat. They also thought they knew what they where talking about. And could not face reality. The ones who speak out the most againest honosexualily are the ones who most have gay feelings and most likely dont even know that is there problem. Even criminal insane people justify there actions. But not with reality or proven facts. These people are dangerious and should not be allowed around children. peace

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Posted by Phil Larson on 09/21/2016 at 3:18 AM

Re: “Older men, younger boys

dear Dad. If you did a great job of raising you boy for The last 18 years You should have nothing to worry about. If not its kind of late to research now what to do. At 18 he could of very easy hide what he is doing. But looks like he isn't. And Dad does your father influence and judge your sex life? I was in Vietnam with other 18 year olds There where no parents in the combat Zone. Please make sure your supportive and there if he needs you. If you did your job as a parent im sure he will be fine. If he made a mistake he will really need you then. We all make mistakes just hope he is smart enough to be safe.

12 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by Phil Larson on 09/21/2016 at 2:57 AM

Re: “Crazy in Love

From a conservative woman's perspective, this wife is out of line with her jealousy and needs to take a step back. Do human beings enjoy looking at other good looking humans? Of course they do. Did she marry a guy? Yes. Hopefully she was already aware that guys liked sex before she met you. Turning into a screamer will not change that but it will teach her husband that telling the truth about himself is not ok. If porn is overused, a partner can be left out in the cold. That doesn't sound like the issue here. Women are valuable and can be extremely beautiful at all ages, even hers.
As to the best friend's cousin, he is a sleeze bag who is not her husband. That guy's personal history does not translate to all guys or the whole industry. If she has an issue with his past behavior, she should take it up with him and leave the husband out of it. Otherwise, it's just a ruse to deflect attention away from the fact that she is terribly jealous. That is an issue she should work on because it can and will drive any good partner away. It's uncalled for.

Posted by Ms_Butterfli on 06/13/2016 at 1:26 AM

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