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Comment Archives: stories: News & Views: Talking Ish

Re: “Checking in with Peter Gorman

Well, where do ya start ? I have lost all faith in CMS. Ever wonder why we have sooo many vacancies each year and are constantly loosing the new teachers? Well just think about it, s'really not hard to figure out. What do College Grads want to do, TEACH, that's what! However, I have seen more times than not, theses Motivated new teachers, thrown to the wolves. Our CMS may say they provide mentoring the new teachers , but it turns out they are liars like any other political system. What they say IS NEVER WHAT THEY MEAN. Over the past 16 years I've seen more talent driven out of CMS, for reasons all similar, you see, talk is cheap, but it has been taken to the extreme levels to the point (in my opinion) of criminal, YES CRIMINAL! Let's look at the turn over each year.... How about hiring a teacher and telling them, you are here to work your specialty, ie. French, Spanish, math...So these new educators who are smart enough to do anything they wanted, they wanted to teach, for all the GOOD reasons. But, not at all long or just as soon as they start, they find no help, "SINK OR SWIM"! mentality, YUP, YUP, YUP!!! No one, but no one, keeps to the original plan, Just as soon as the New Motivated Educators think they have a plan, a Job/Position, doing what they went to school for, Because the "WANTED to TEACH, our future, they find out there aren't enough teachers. So, next the French or Spanish specialist find themselves teaching, subjects they have never practiced! Christ Y'all, the Professional are still our Kids best hope, but they find NO, help, established teachers have no time , desire or knowledge to help guide our newest friends/teachers towards the schools goals, WTF !!! CMS is terrorizing more and more New Teachers, showing them, EVERY IDEAL they've had are deflated ASAP.... Tell me, how would I know how to do a lesson plan or plot a course for a year teaching a subject they have no experience in. I'd think that the system would help, NO DAMN-IT, it is sink or swim, new teachers in these positions are now under the gun to make remarkable reviews if they want to be re-hired , But no body gives the resources to teach, those new Professionals end up staying up all night trying to make effective lesson plans, creating resources, because a French teacher has no French textbooks or classroom aids, such as materials to promote their subjects. next thing they know a Principal tells them, MY PHILOSOPHY is to give you your rubric's of what you're supposed to achieve and present to their students, weeks after school starts, and expect these new Professionals to be graded on their application of said procedures, in a few days... WTF CMS . I'd say CMS needs to grow up, but they are. I honestly feel if my children hadn't been blessed with the ability to remain in the 97 percentile, they'd of never gotten through this system and excelled as they have. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, quit ruining our future hope and start supporting the new teachers, do not take for granted anymore, that you can dump all of your problems on the new blood , then use them as the excuse as to why things weren't done properly. Topping it all off with not asking them back next year! Too many fine, kind and genuinely motivated young professionals have totally left the profession after a year of your Excellence, but the old wood stays... MY 1st RESPONSE FROM SENDING A COPY OF THIS POST TO Dr.GORMAN: Thank you for your email. You are certainly entitled to your opinions and I respect your views. However, if you have specific examples that you would like cite in support of the claims that you have made in your email to me, I would appreciate the additional information. Personally, I am proud of our CMS teachers regardless of their experience level. Just this week, two CMS teachers were honored with significant state and national awards. These two teachers have quite different levels of experience but are both spectacular and indicative of CMS educators as a whole. Sincerely, Pete Gorman I wrote back to Pete, told him I get a bit emotional sometimesand that just the other day I was bragging 'bout the awards our teacher's had gotten, to the folks at the VA Hospital in Salisbury, and that his response and quick 1 at that encouragedme, and mentioned some of the places where I had heard of situations, the response I've deleted by mistake, spoke of Him Pete Gorman, taking an intrest in focusing to achive asking the teachers New as well as Veterans, what is it they need, he encourages anyone to speak with him... Blah Blah. EVER WONDER WHY TEACHER ARE AFRAID TO TELL THE SUPERINTENDENTS WHAT'S REALLY UP Hmm. A teacher at emailed Gorman directly, and the f-cker forwarded that sh-t right to the devil-principal at Harding, leaving in all names, etc. That dressing down was oogly, trust. He's been very unkind to Harding teachers so far. I hope he's cooler to other's. no one can figure out Dr. Gorman would do such a thing. Do Supers' not realize, that nobody, but nobody reaches that far up the chain of command, unless they were afraid to speak w/their own principal themselves. Do Principals have any reason to be afraid of the super's, Yup, if they were exposed being the bafoons they are, if they were ever caught in the act of stretching the truth as far as possible. Never could figure out why such intelligent guys that come here to CMS,as Superintendents don't blow off all the B/S and team up with the real educators, the teachers' Listen to those people, align and ally your goals with theirs. Do the teaching and make a team of the teachers who have been there and the one's who want to stay , present to the board what the teachers need to teach, Stopping telling the teacher, this is what you have and it's not enough, but even worse there aren't enough teachers so you need to teach more classes and if you have done this subject, just sink or swimm because CMS is to busy to see the TEACHERS get what the KIDS REALLY need!, there is no one who can serve results, to hear from the teacher's! The Truest MODEL of a GOOD Principal is/was Emily Stephenson Green, She should be a great asset to a administration if they really want to know what's up, The Honorable Lady is a Principal with Principals, experience in this system, and made it through clean as snow, That Lady is Tip top of the educating field in CMS, don't loose'er! Good Luck, Pete. Flex that spine and stop all the politicking and help those teachers' you say you are so proud of, Teach and freely make suggestions w/o worries of reprisal, for asking above their schools staff! what'du ya think

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Posted by Hey Mister on 10/30/2007 at 9:35 PM

Re: “Checking in with Peter Gorman

Reality time. Peter is a good man trying to solve an impossible problem without the resources. We don't want students in classes with criminals, but we don't support the system with funding to separate them. We ask him to move better teachers into bad schools but teachers weren't drafted they can and will choose to leave. If you asked everyone from the Toyota Factory to go over to the Yugo Factory just because the workers changed doesn't mean YUGO all of a sudden becomes the most reliable car on the road. I feel people don't have a grasp on the reality of public education, there is no reward for teachers to enter into this profession in reality the penalty is much larger than the reward. Yea teaching is a calling, so what, you go to work and get told you stink all the time and eventually you find a new calling. Lets lay the blame where it belongs ALL OF CHARLOTTE is to blame. Without years neglect we wouldn’t be sailing on the Titanic of public Education.

Posted by DAN on 03/02/2007 at 3:30 PM

Re: “Checking in with Peter Gorman

Whenever I watch & listen to Pete Gorman I end of feeling like I was just listening to a used car salesman try and sell my a used 1978 Chevy. He reminds me of a used car salesman - very slick, and not very effective.

Posted by QWERTY Jim on 03/01/2007 at 10:21 AM

Re: “Checking in with Peter Gorman

Holy cow! 15000 calls to the police from CMS in less than 5 months? I know many NC towns that don't have that many police calls in a year! Are these teachers getting combat pay?

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Posted by Kotter on 02/28/2007 at 1:17 PM

Re: “Talking 'Ish' With...

All the problems Malcolm describes will continue whether he, McCrory, or Al Sharpton is the mayor. Until the black community takes the lead, nothing will change. What has Malcom accomplished as a politician thus far?Nothing really. He belittles all of the Uptown projects that he supported. He can't even get funds for our area to get the litter off the sides of the roads. I think his comment was something like "it's hard to get things done in Raleigh" or "it's slow-moving in Raleigh". Duh. He basically has been in Raleigh blindly voting whichever way Mark Basnight and Jim Black have told him. During all of that Jim Black mess, did Malcom ever show the stones to call for him to step down? Did he ever step up and say that the ethics reform passed recently is a joke? Malcolm just dreams of being Mayor so that he can have his fanny smooched--just like McCrory. If he has shown true leadership skills, I haven't seen them.

Posted by Kramer on 12/22/2006 at 11:27 AM

Re: “With Gardine Wilson

The Coffee Cup is a special gem in our city. We need to preserve it and others like it. The Coffee Cup has a legacy that spans 60 years. I am happy that the Historic Commission has made its recommendation. Hopefully, City Council will do what is proper and give The Coffee Cup its' designation.

Posted by S Spigner on 12/11/2006 at 8:09 PM

Re: “With Gardine Wilson

It seems that what is special about the Coffee Cup is ot the building but the business. However interwoven in the fabric of Charlotte that business may be, dclaring the structure to be historic because of the business practices carried on within it is something of a non-sequitur. Preserving the building is not the same thing as preserving the restaurant. To put this in perspcective, consider the recently closed Andersons: preserving the building would be meaningless, and unless we're willing to tell a business operator that he MUST continue to serve food, we can't preserve the restaurant. Now, it is obviously absurd to tell the man who operates the business what he must do with his time -continue to operate the restaurant-, but it is no less absurd to tell the man who owns the property what he must do with that.

Posted by Fredo on 11/22/2006 at 12:36 PM

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