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Re: “The Equalizer 2: Soggy Sequel

Thanks for writing, Hammer. Clearly, you have scant familiarity with the alternative press in the US. It's accepted -- even expected -- for its assemblage of critics to discuss contemporary issues and take sides; see: The Village Voice, LA Weekly, The Stranger, Slant, Indy Week, etc. etc. etc. Just because Michael Jordan is a capitalist coward doesn't mean everyone else needs to follow suit (three cheers for Colin Kaepernick). As for those who want safe, conformist reviews, they should definitely stick with the daily newspapers!

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Posted by Matt Brunson on 10/11/2018 at 12:30 AM

Re: “The Equalizer 2: Soggy Sequel

You Know, some people can't help themselves. I happen to largely agree with your review, but you have to mention President Trump 3 Times? This film has nothing to do with him. Stretching much? And oh, BTW, if you were going after a liberal, I would also be just as annoyed. Would you insert politics, into, Say, a restaurant review too? If a restaurant starts with letter "T", would you give it a bad review because it reminds you of someone? This nonsense on both sides is getting out of hand. Review films. Leave politics out of it. Remember what NBA Star MJ Said, on why he stayed out of politics when he played: "Republicans buy sneakers too". Whichever side you attack, probably represents about half your reading audience. Why annoy or alienate half your audience? I follow sports, movies, etc., to get AWAY from the constant political garbage.

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Posted by Hammer77777 on 10/10/2018 at 4:37 PM

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