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Re: “Woodlands Offers Indian Vegan and Vegetarian in East Charlotte Strip Mall

Woodlands is indeed a fantastic restaurant. However, not everybody in Charlotte lives in the uptown area. In fact, a lot of folks live right near Woodlands. Perhaps the author could have done less kvetching about the location & used those two paragraphs to instead talk about the food.

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Posted by Jason Teeter on 05/06/2017 at 11:11 AM

Re: “Why do the black shows on the Food Network suck ass?

The Neely's?? What a display of pure manure. So much crap to pile on there mediocre recipes. I did love Aaron McCargo & had high hopes for him but if FN wanted him, they would have worked him in anywhere. I was excited with Eddie, they didn't do anything to glorify his assesets or smile, How Sunny Anderson is still on FN is shocking to me. Her recipes are from a $1 store cookbook. Her personality flips & flops depending on the guest. She is fake to me. Does anyone else notice that when Marcella is gone that Katie doesn't really like Sunny. ..The men play the go between. I do know ya'll are hating on Katie to much.. she is the real deal..Cute as a bug & beautiful..She's a country girl & pure as gold..Back off my Katie!!

Posted by Chocolatebobbie on 04/13/2017 at 11:31 PM

Re: “Three Questions for Deacon Ovall of Tavolo Restaurant

Great job Deacon so very proud of you!!!

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Posted by Crystal Uselton Maze on 04/06/2017 at 7:04 AM

Re: “Rock and Rye knocks colds out

just got a bottle of this i've been sick for two weeks i was told to take a medicine cap full its pretty stout but i was told it will knock it out of you! Great natural form of medicine!

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Posted by Mindy Winstead on 03/22/2017 at 2:08 PM

Re: “Deep sea dining

The best has always been the Carolina Fish Market in Ballantyne, but "city" publications always forget about Ballantyne..

Posted by TommyG on 03/13/2017 at 10:10 AM

Re: “Gwen Square of Mae's Creole Kitchen Spices Up the Food Truck Scene

My favorite food truck in Charlotte!!!

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Posted by JJ on 03/09/2017 at 6:27 PM

Re: “Cotswold Enters the Food Truck Frenzy

Dan Good Que will showcase our new Truck offering Southern Comfort food at Rally March 10th.

Chef Rosen has been great to work with.

Posted by Dan Good Que on 03/05/2017 at 3:57 PM

Re: “Eat this: Korean Fried Chicken at Kindred Restaurant

Kindred is one of our favorite dining spots in Davidson and we are looking forward to their new creation Hello Sailor in the former Rusty Rudder Location! I'm sure it will be our new favorite lake destination. The Heavenly Hoagie - Mooresville

Posted by Heavenly Hoagie on 03/01/2017 at 2:15 AM

Re: “As Charlotte institutions fell by the wayside in 2016, Open Kitchen remains... well, open

Veal Juilano. Yep ! My very favorite !

Posted by Jan Cameron on 02/22/2017 at 7:31 PM

Re: “Josh Vereen of 7th District Waited Patiently for the Right Spot and Got It

I'm so very proud of you josh!!!!!Your sister loves you!

Posted by Jessika Vereen on 02/08/2017 at 12:09 PM

Re: “After 25 years, Richard Jones' Sub One Sandwich Shop Keeps Cruising

My family and I have been going to Sub One since the early nineties. .. the Best Sub place in town!!!!! #SubOneHoagie :-)

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Posted by Jennifer Joy Bellamy on 01/29/2017 at 11:46 AM

Re: “After 25 years, Richard Jones' Sub One Sandwich Shop Keeps Cruising

They are number 1 to me food is great over all they are really Nice people to every body comes there .

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Posted by John Mckoy on 01/27/2017 at 4:58 AM

Re: “As Charlotte institutions fell by the wayside in 2016, Open Kitchen remains... well, open

In the late 1960s, my mother sold advertising for WIST, and the Open Kitchen was one of her clients. She loved the Kokenes Brothers, and took my brother and I there to eat quite often. I was enchanted with the little jukeboxes at each booth.

Posted by Firstmom1982 on 01/18/2017 at 7:56 PM

Re: “You won't see Vic the Chili Man in Uptown this winter, but he's staying busy

Cooked along side Vic and Fat Matt at Blues, Brews, and BBQ years ago. Great guys and, oh yeah, they won the amateur division.

Posted by Scottyrock on 01/18/2017 at 8:48 AM

Re: “As Charlotte institutions fell by the wayside in 2016, Open Kitchen remains... well, open

Veal Juliano! My fave. First went there in 69 I think. I live in Wilmington now but went I come to visit I gotta eat there again!

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Posted by Clay Rogers on 01/07/2017 at 1:38 PM

Re: “As Charlotte institutions fell by the wayside in 2016, Open Kitchen remains... well, open

Upon returning from a trip to Israel, I asked to stop at the Open Kitchen for some hometown fare! Yummy! My first taste of pizza was a leftover from my brother's date here in the late 60's!

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Posted by Pamela Shinn Hayes on 01/05/2017 at 9:15 PM

Re: “Why do the black shows on the Food Network suck ass?

What is wrong with people besides the fact they are ignorant. The Neeley's show was great. Their personal life was none of my business. Big Daddy's recipes are fantastic. It is amazing what jealousy brings out in people. I am always excited to see an African-American that steps up to the challenge to make life better for themselves and their family. Please do not think I do not know what I am talkin about. I am Caucasian and from Alabama. I know how some of these precious people have been treated. By the way I hate to shock you to the point of a stroke. Did you know all of us have some African-American and Caucasian in our blood line. The plantation "masters" were not always nice. They were jerks.
Know what I mean.
Better get with some of that soul food. It might give you a better disposition. Might also teach you to talk without using bad language.
Give me a break, Paula Deen had to leave because she said something that comes natural to her generation. By the way, check out the times she had wonderful people on her show that you now call names. Hope you have ask God to forgive you. You think it is "Hot" in their kitchen.

Posted by funfood4u on 01/01/2017 at 2:07 AM

Re: “3 questions with Simon Majumdar, Food Network judge

He is a racist. He hates blacks and gets rid of them first on Cutthroat Kitchen. Don't bring back that fat nasty pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Black in America on 12/16/2016 at 3:47 PM

Re: “Where to find it: Vlasic Hot Jalapeño Slices

Love these things and of coarse, WalMart stopped carrying them and there are no other grocery stores in the area that I have found that do.....going to start ordering off of the internet.

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Posted by Meat on 12/06/2016 at 3:52 AM

Re: “Beer tap handles are not items to decorate with

Geez, tough crowd! I came across this article while searching for "repurposing beer tap handle" ideas for a Christmas present I'm considering making for a craft beer lover. (For example, using a favorite liquor/bottle to create a personalized lamp. Though there are lots of repurposed lamps for sale that look more like they're meant for a college dorm, repurposing anything can be very cool, artful, even profitable, if you pay attention to the details.) OK, so anyway, I found this article interesting, and I'm certain there is validity regarding the topic. Regardless, I appreciated the insight - as sometimes it's simply a matter of reading an article like this for folks to be encouraged to behave accordingly. I for one, value understanding more about those cool, hip, "decorations" used to pour my favorite brews. To the person who asked what to do with one he has?? If it doesn't need to be returned to its rightful owner, I'd be happy to create something cool with it. ;)

Posted by Mj Dimitriou on 12/03/2016 at 8:03 PM

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