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Re: “Sexual Allegations Rock Charlotte's Arts Community

Ah, moderator silenced the victim, it would be so easy to stay silent.
I can't.
I can only imagine that you have also been silenced,
you sure are stopping any chance of conversation.

Bad things have happened to me. Really bad.
The darkness has only made the light richer.
Instead of me too, shouldn't it be who hasn't?
I'm not part of a herd.
I am me. I am myself. I am finding wholeness.
I'm having an experience as a human being. In this meat suit.

Forgive my trespasses as I forgive those that trespass against us.

I'd rather recognize that a finger pointing has three pointing back.
Are you without transgressions?

You have pre judged me.

Violent? Dangerous? To myself first and foremost.
But you are right, I have been dealing with my mental health.
Amazing how that can be ridiculed so easily.
And I am white. You do realize how racist you are?

Careful with those stones you're throwing.

Posted by Maria Reynolds-Oosting on 05/25/2018 at 4:20 PM

Re: “Sexual Allegations Rock Charlotte's Arts Community

OK so here's my two-cents.

I'm 19, non-binary, and have known Jim McGuire practically my entire life. I've grown up with his kids, been to events with my parents and him, and even had headshots taken by him when I was younger. He is a family friend.

I have never met Linda Simthong, but I have an utmost sympathy towards her and her experience. However...

Jim McGuire made a mistake and he has freely admitted to that mistake. He obviously feels guilty and remorseful for his actions. What he did was wrong, and we can all agree on that if nothing else. I can't imagine I would have felt comfortable had someone taken my photo without my consent and sent it to me, especially with a caption like that and especially when followed by his other behavior. Linda Simthong has a very good reason for being upset, unquestionably.

Do I think Jim's actions should be comparable to Kyle Conti and John Christenbury?

Absolutely not.

What those two did was pervasive and predatory and abhorrent.

What Jim did was a mistake and one that can be boiled down to a difference of experience, context, and intent.

I have been an actor and on a few separate occasions a model and I can tell you from firsthand experience that people in those worlds have very different idea of what constitutes personally boundaries (obviously I can only speak to my experience, which is not universal) and it is very common to walk into a dressing room or a green room and see people in various stages of undress. That's a very normal thing in those circles.

My parents have been involved in Transformus and other such events since I was very young. From what I have heard of their stories naked or very nearly naked people are a common sight and usually not taken as sexual in nature.

I offer these examples to show that such things as the shower camera (which as I understand it was discussed at some point and was intended for a film project of some nature and NOT as a tool of voyeurism) and the picture with the models were most likely not intended in a sexual or predatory way. Simply misunderstandings and a difference of experience and context. I obviously can not speak for Jim, but this is my understanding as informed from my own experience.

Linda Simthong has a different experience, one that I do not know and do not need to know to sympathize with and understand her point of view.

These actions, to someone not involved and taken out of context, can seem like the beginnings of a pattern. From my understanding, the woman involved with the shower incident has talked it out with Jim and they have come to an understanding of the event and are now amicable, though she would, of course, have a fuller understanding of the event. It was obviously not okay for Jim to have acted in that situation as he did. As to the picture of the models, it again seems to be a difference of context, experience, and intent. Backstage and dressing room photos are not uncommon, though Jim should have warned the models and gotten their permission before posting the picture.

I will reiterate that I believe these to be mistakes and cases of misjudgment on Jim's part. I do not know or believe Jim to be a predator. He has done some monumentally stupid things, without a doubt, and his interactions with Linda Simthong are chief among them.

If you take both of their sides and combine them into one experience it seems to be a case of miscommunication and misjudgment on both sides. Jim made casually offensive comments that he, as a white man, did not think about the way Linda, as a woman of color, would have. Linda, being a woman in the world as it is today, perhaps read too much into a situation whose simplest explanation was a dumb man making dumb comments and doing dumb things.

Jim made mistakes. A solution was offered where both sides could come together on even ground and attempt to repair those mistakes and hopefully prevent those mistakes from happening again. That offer was declined and now Jim and those associated with him are under attack from people who do not know them and only know the situation from a very obviously biased article. Jim has now been labeled by the public as a predator and those that have attempted to support him and offer character references are being attacked for showing support for a friend.

There is no room for growth like this, which Linda claims to want.

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Posted by Dean Oosting on 05/23/2018 at 6:54 PM

Re: “Sexual Allegations Rock Charlotte's Arts Community

maria reynolds-oosting: thank you for admitting that you've sexually harassed & likely sexually assaulted others in the course of your comment sympathizing with a predator & oppressor.

y'all white people are dangerous, violent & without remorse for everything you do to the rest of us. jfc

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Posted by the moderator silenced a victim on 05/23/2018 at 7:52 AM

Re: “Sexual Allegations Rock Charlotte's Arts Community

I can't speak to anyone else's experience but my own.

This article has sparked many conversations.
I've lost sleep over it. I've talked with my progeny over it.
It's certainly illustrated the power of the written word.

Full disclosure, I've known Jim McGuire for at least 20 years.

In my experience he's been a human being.
Not a predator.
Goofy. Supportive.
Willing to go out of his way to bring his own resources for the betterment of the community.
Sometimes he hasn't made the best choices, but who has.
Overly honest, painfully so ...who brings up a shower cam in an interview?
(There was a collective group working there at the time. As well as the woman involved.
They have a better perspective on it than myself.
But there seems to be a reason it was there for a short time.)

It's a working photography studio, there is no secret that there are cameras.
(He's had equipment stolen during events.)
The couch in question is 10 feet away from the editing room. In an open shared space.

I can' t know what happens between other people.
Lin sun felt threatened and sexually harrassed.
I don't know Jim's motivations or what was exchanged.
Both have their own perspectives.

I myself have objectified men.
Flirted and been disrespectful.
I have pinched bottoms without asking.
I have stepped over lines.
I have put my foot in my mouth.
Things said have been taken wrong.
I have felt remorse.

Is there a way that we as men and women and human beings can have discourse?

I feel saddened that a dialogue and the community forum was not engaged.

I happened to see some of the Facebook forum discussions, it was getting ugly.
The moderator stopped the thread.
Now She's losing business, and is being harassed.
I saw her break down.
Over being a moderator.

I can only imagine what kind of impact this will have for Jim McGuire.

For myself, my heart hurts.
I still have hope for men and women being able to talk and interact and make mistakes and grow.
May we all find healing.

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Posted by Maria Reynolds-Oosting on 05/23/2018 at 6:45 AM

Re: “Sexual Allegations Rock Charlotte's Arts Community

This was a hell of a story and I congratulate the writer and her editors for having the guts to write and print it. Going against the grain of accepted belief to dig for a deeper truth - and facing and listening to the accused, in this case Jim McGuire, such a longtime staple of the Charlotte arts scene -- is not easy. But Ms. Tracy-Blackwood showed the kind of courage, knowledge, chutzpah and talent it takes to be a real reporter for an alt weekly. Congratulations to you guys.

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Posted by John Grooms on 05/22/2018 at 7:51 PM

Re: “Sexual Allegations Rock Charlotte's Arts Community

Wow Dagny, the man ADMITS wrongdoing and you still support him? You're part of the problem, minimizing and dismissing what even the abuser himself recognizes about his behavior.

Journalists investigating an alleged pattern of criminal acts have no obligation to the accused, beyond reporting what is accurate. It's fine to have an opinion about it.

And yes, you are blaming the victim. Disgusting.

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Posted by revo on 05/18/2018 at 10:28 PM

Re: “Sexual Allegations Rock Charlotte's Arts Community

Im so angry right now that I dont know who to direct it towards.
Theres the accuser, who went into great detail excusing her own unprofessional behaviors at her workplace (lounging on the couch, not concerned with her clothes being awry, thinking she was alone (and if a potential client walked in, then what?), or meeting her employer in non work-appropriate clothing (because it was hot is not a valid reason in most dress code policies), to then use the intent of work ethic and morality in order to accuse Jim of violating them?
Theres the reporter- who had formed their own opinion (Journalism 101 no-no), sided with the metoo accuser before writing the article, then hunted for anything about the accused that could even slightly resemble proofs of repeated negative behavior? Or am I angry at the magazine (is there an editor there, or merely spell check?) itself- that approved this filth and published it?
I began my modeling career in Charlotte in 1992. Jim McGuires name, reputation, skills and professionalism have never been brought into question until this week.
This article is a disgusting example of journalistic malpractice.

Before the cry of victimizing the victim is sounded, heres my story of a former Charlotte photographer; of my former talent scout, manager and Charlotte agent, as summarized in an ACTUAL news article describing serial predatory behavior:

You would do well to seriously consider a redaction, before placing any more of your scarlet letters on Charlotteans, Creative Loafing.

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Posted by Dagny Doehz on 05/18/2018 at 7:55 PM

Re: “Sexual Allegations Rock Charlotte's Arts Community

An article that starts with so many glaring corrections says a lot about how the writer gathers "facts".

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Posted by Hmmmm on 05/18/2018 at 11:08 AM

Re: “Charlotte Is Not Street-Skating Friendly, but in the End, Skaters Gonna Skate

That's the beauty of our skate scene. My friends and I were part of that back in the 90's. There will always be an underground spot to go. It is a necessary part of the life. Like an appendage. The body needs every part to fully function. There's public/private parks, the streets, backyard ramps and equally important the crude and challenging underground spot. Each offers a different set of challenges and rewards. And that's just the technical aspect. The comradery that comes with it can make friends that last a lifetime. Having been out of the scene for 17 years now I still am friends with guys and girls I'd have never met if it weren't for an abandoned building or an overlooked parking lot. Anyone remember the Army Navy store on Albemarle Rd?

Posted by Mark Boles on 05/18/2018 at 9:05 AM

Re: “Sexual Allegations Rock Charlotte's Arts Community

Way to go, Ms. Simthong! Speaking up and shining light on the predators brings out the mess hiding behind their so called "good name, community involvement." Please. #timeisup!

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Posted by Sylvia Stewart on 05/18/2018 at 7:23 AM

Re: “Charlotte's First Cannabidiol Dispensary to Open Despite Lingering Hemp Stigma

I am excited for this new business and these brave entrepreneurs. The acceptance of this product by the general public is way overdue, but unfortunately is an uphill battle. Ignorant (uninformed and brainwashed) generations have been influenced to be afraid of this natural, innocuous plant. But there are many wonderful benefits and uses of it; it is a true shame that this unfair bias has gone on for such a long time. So many people I know of have finally gotten relief from their debilitating and devastating symptoms by using these products. Used for many things, from nausea to intractable pain, this substance has been proved to be beneficial, helpful, and even life-saving for so many sufferers. Way to go, guys! Keep up the good work!

Posted by loislior on 05/17/2018 at 8:10 PM

Re: “Local organizers fight back as heroin tears through their community

this meaghan girl pepper sprayed an innocent gay man at some crazy anti-'fascist' protest crap. her mother then also later contacted him and threatened to punch him. zero sympathy for this piece of shit whacko junkie

Posted by Anna B on 05/17/2018 at 12:11 AM

Re: “One of Charlotte's most historical music venues is in need of help

... or the time 10 people showed up for Dino Jr. They played a 10 minute version of "Forget the Swan" at a deafening volume. 9 outta 10 left. Dino Jr followed suit.

Posted by lmwies on 04/21/2018 at 5:19 PM

Re: “One of Charlotte's most historical music venues is in need of help

The time the Flaming Lips played during a thunderstorm and the power went out. Non-plussed, they just lit a bunch of candles and kept on acoustically as the thunder roared outside.
Never get away with that in a normal dive.

Posted by lmwies on 04/21/2018 at 5:00 PM

Re: “Charlotte's First Cannabidiol Dispensary to Open Despite Lingering Hemp Stigma

I'm excited for these young entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity to dig in and explore the benefits of this 'legal' product. Sometimes it takes a lot of energy and just pure perseverance and guts to take on something like this. I certainly applaud their efforts in trying to help those with aches and pains that traditional medicines have failed to help; at least this gives those folks another avenue to turn to instead of the limitations theyve been offered. So full speed ahead with forging into the future of CBD possibilities!

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Posted by ellie mae on 04/20/2018 at 12:38 PM

Re: “One of Charlotte's most historical music venues is in need of help

I was in the band that opened for the Go-Go's at this show. The drummer spent our sound check time trying to get a good sound for her snare, so we did our sound check for a packed house. We had to leave the stage by going out the back door, and then had to push our way back in the front to see the Go-Go's. I fondly remember the shows we played there.

Posted by David Elliott on 04/20/2018 at 12:13 PM

Re: “On a Small East Charlotte Street, a War is Waged on Women's Rights

Brooke Adams who posted above continually stops pro-life counselors from handing out any documentation to those going into the clinic. Additionally, she blasts music so we cannot speak, and calls the police numerous times when pro-lifers walk on a public right of way. Her "people" assaulted a pro-lifer two times on 4/7/2018. Additionally, she is on video attempting to steal a sign from a pro-lifer along with the owner of the Hebron located abortion clinic on 3/31/2018. Betty Gunz, who works with Brooke Adams walked across the street from the abortion clinic when a woman reconsidered having an abortion and went to talk with a pro-life counselor. Betty attempted to get the woman back to have the abortion clinic to have the abortion. Hmmmmm... doesn't sound like any of you believe in choice at all.

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Posted by Maggie on 04/11/2018 at 7:25 AM

Re: “The Whitewater Six: Meet the men who blew $12 million

Jeff wise did nothing. He created a great place that showed that Charlottes got a lot

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Posted by Jacob wise on 03/28/2018 at 8:19 PM

Re: “Four Charlotte-Area Students Lean In to the Gun Debate

More deaths happen from teens killing themselves, or others, through texting and driving than mass shootings at schools. Perhaps we need to raise the minimum age of owning a cell phone and driving to 21?

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Posted by Rouyal on 03/28/2018 at 5:05 PM

Re: “Greed seen as the church's top problem — so why isn't Elevation angrier at pastor's excess?

Posted by Ken Sellinger on 03/12/2018 at 10:03 AM

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