Q: Is your newspaper free?

Q: When does your paper come out?
We start hitting the streets on Wednesday, but some areas might not see the latest issue until Thursday morning. You can call our main line at 704-522-8334 for more information about specific spots.

Q: Where can I find a copy?
Creative Loafing is distributed all over the city, including local coffeeshops, grocery stores, public libraries, on the streets of Uptown, Plaza Midwood, NoDa and South End and more. For the closest newsstand to you, call us and ask! 704-522-8334.

Q: How can I get a subscription?
If you're looking for a CL to appear magically in your mailbox each week, we can make that happen. Send a check ($104 for a year; $52 for 6 months) to:
Subscriptions, Creative Loafing
1000 N.C. Music Factory Blvd. Suite C2
Charlotte, NC 28206


Q: What are the advertising rates for print or online?
For rate information, please call our main line at 704-522-8334, or email sales manager Aaron Stamey at astamey@clclt.com.

Q: Do you have a media kit we can look at?
We certainly do. Give us a call at 704-522-8334.

Q:I'd like to place an ad in Classifieds. How do I do this?
Give Pat Moran a call at 704-522-8334.


Q: How do I get a story about my business in your publication?
Email one of our trusty editors with more information. We can't promise anything, but at least you'll be on our radar.

Q: Can I write for Creative Loafing?
We're always looking for that next great story. We’re a small staff, you see, and much of our print and online editions are supplemented by freelance writers who can craft an interesting read, whether that be in the form of a profile, investigative piece, polemical essay or a well-reported story about a local institution. Read more here.

Q: How can I become a photographer for Creative Loafing?
Freelance photojournalism is a competitive industry, and Creative Loafing is happy to work with some of the most talented and professional photographers in Charlotte. Due to a high volume of inquiries, we don't have enough work to give to every skilled photographer who contacts us. However, don't be discouraged - if you see a story in Charlotte that you think CL needs to tell visually, send your photos to graphic designer Dana Vindigni.

Q: How do you come up with covers each week?
This is an answer that changes with the week. It almost always starts with a story idea, either pitched by a freelance writer or one of our editors. The editor-in-chief will decide which story is cover-worthy, and then she, the writer and the editor will team up with the art department — in this case, creative director Anita Overcash — and a photographer or illustrator in order to determine the best way to tell the story visually. We strive for covers that attract your attention from across the street, making you just have to come over and pick us up. We try to give you a variety from week to week -- making sure not to use the same color schemes too often, or too many illustrations in a row, or too many stories of a certain section in a row. Variety is the spice of life!

Q: How do I become an intern at CL?
Submit a cover letter, current resume and three writing samples (preferably newspaper clips) to:
Anita Overcash, Creative Loafing
1000 NC Music Factory Blvd., Suite C2
Charlotte, NC 28206
or aovercash@clclt.com. No phone calls or surprise visits, please. More info here.

Q: I saw something go down — where can I submit a news tip?
Please e-mail news editor Ryan Pitkin, at rpitkin@clclt.com.

Q: Where can I, the aspiring musician, send in albums for review?
Please mail press materials and CDs to Anita Overcash at Creative Loafing, 1000 NC Music Factory Blvd. Suite C2, Charlotte, NC 28206. You can also email her at aovercash@clclt.com

Q:Where do I send press releases or submit event information?
Events can be submitted via our online form or e-mailed to aovercash@clclt.com. When sending via email, we strongly suggest that you include your event information in simple text within the body of an email. JPG images and attachments can cause problems in our scheduling process and can also be blocked by our spam filtering software.

Q:Where do I send submit concert information?
You can email that to aovercash@clclt.com. We need the date, venue, band name and contact name and number. The deadline is Wednesday a week before publication.


Q: How do I get involved as a sponsor in Creative Loafing's events?
A: Email pmoran@clclt.com with your inquiry and we will response to you within 24 hours.

Q: I'm interested in being a Street Team member to help promote CL and earn cool swag - are you looking for ST members?
A: We are always looking for new talent to help us out with projects and events! Email aovercash@clclt.com with name, contact info and why you want to be a part of the CL Street Team.

Q: I work for a nonprofit and interested in getting Creative Loafing involved with our cause. Who do I speak with?
A: Email pmoran@clclt.com and please attached additional information about your nonprofit.

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