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Re: “I, Me and Mine: The super-rich enter Sociopath Land

"The common good isn't a popular concept these days in D.C., particularly among members of the Tea Party-cowed GOP, whose legislative guru Rep. Paul Ryan proposed a budget in late March that would practically dissolve what little social safety net this country provides, pump up the war machine and, of course, give massive tax breaks to the wealthiest one-hundredth of one percent of Americans. When Obama stated the obvious, calling Ryan's budget "social Darwinism," he was roundly rebuked by today's nasty-edged purveyors of what used to be called conservatism."

There ain't a dime's difference between Tea-Party cowed GOP and the corporate-controlled Democratic party. The same Obama who criticized Paul Ryan's proposed budget convened a Deficit Reduction Commission whose real objective is to gut Social Security (including moving some SS funds into the stock market), Medicare, and related safety net programs. The president stocked this commission with Social Security haters from both sides of the aisle - including naming Republican Alan Simpson - noted SS hater extraordinaire - as chairman.

Both parties have equally pumped up the war machine. This includes the continued farce that is Afghanistan; the "withdrawal" of troops from Iraq that left thousands of Blackwater-type contractors there to wreak havoc; the invasion and destruction of Libya based on WMD-ish lies; the continued drum beat for war with Iran and Syria; the usual covert ops to overthrow democratically elected govts in Asia, Africa, and Latin America who don't kowtow to US interests.

Obama has continued Bush's tax breaks for the super-rich along with making the US Treasury a personal ATM for Wall Street banks who have destroyed the world economy. After the the mainstream press revealed JP Morgan's 2 billion dollar loss, Obama was on The View hailing Jamie Dimon as "one of the country's smartest bankers."

Creative Loafing presents itself as an alternative news source. However this image is sullied when columnists' commentary and news reports are as devoid of important details as any mainstream pressitute rag. Mr. Grooms needs to comes to grips with the reality that the Dems are as embedded with/corrupted by the powers-that-be as their Republican brethren. More often than not, the Dems are proving to be the more effective evil because newsfolk such as Grooms, along with the usual advocates for the masses refuse to report the evil being done when it's done by a Democrat. Until journalists like Mr. Grooms call out both sides of the toxic political coin, we the people will continue to get the excrement end of the stick.

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Posted by brice on 05/27/2012 at 6:20 PM

Re: “Book review: Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington and the Education of a President by Ron Suskind

There’s a sucker born every minute. Add Ron Suskind to that bandwagon.

Suskind attributes Obama’s inexperience to his being easily conned by his cabinet. Fact is, it is Obama along with his cabinet of merry men and women who are conning Mr. Suskind and the rest of the public. What looks like cluelessness, ineptitude, and inexperience is by design. The powers that be – the ones who decide who we get to vote for – vetted Obama long ago and deemed him the perfect front for the empire’s quest for totalitarian world domination. Obama’s biracial black face and smooth talking skills would act to silence relevant dissent. This is working out perfectly as those who’d normally criticize/challenge/question do so tepidly, or more often, not at all. This leaves the usual right wing boogeyfolk who can be dismissed as racist.

Said silence allows the empire to enact an agenda benefitting imperial powers and corporate coffers while impoverishing everyone else. This scenario is also doing quite well as we have:
-perpetual wars/covert ops that enrich the military/security complex;
-legislation presented as helpful to the people but in reality is written by industry to benefit said industry that is ripping off the people (see: healthcare and financial “reform”);
-decimation of civil liberties here at home;
-extrajudicial killings; torture/secret prisons/indefinite detentions;
-no-strings bailouts for bankster class responsible for worldwide financial collapse.

Mr. Grooms writes that now Obama is coming out swinging as a man that will protect us from financial predators. Really? Why was Elizabeth Warren, who appeared to want to enforce tough actions against financial malfeasance, dumped from the president’s proposed financial regulatory reform group? Why is his attorney general busy pushing laughable WMD-ish lie about Iran plotting to kill Saudi ambassador, yada yada while Wall Street financial terrorist kingpins committing real crimes go unpunished?

Obama’s jobs bill is a classic example of the con man in action. Jobs were issue #1 since day one of his administration. Instead of coming out swinging with the mother of all job creation proposals in 2008, we got a stimulus band aid when a tourniquet was required. Why did Obama wait over 2 years to propose a major jobs plan that could have been easily passed with his Democratic congressional majority in 2008? His administration frittered away 2 years continuing BushCo wars, bankster bailouts, and civil liberty decimation but nothing of substance on the jobs front. This insured a loss of Democratic seats in the midterms. Now, Obama “gets busy” with a jobs plan that will face uphill battle against a Republican Congress. How convenient. Wait until re-election season to roll out a plan you know will face uphill battle in Congress. When it doesn’t pass, you can woo voters buy placing blame on Republicans for not passing the bill. If Obama really gave a good god damn about jobs, he’d have: 1) put forth bill in 2008; 2) selected cabinet members who were passionate about jobs creation; 3) not have named a former GE exec who presided over massive layoffs and outsourced work as Jobs Czar; and 4) not propose another band aid bill won’t provide even half the jobs needed to keep up with those already or being lost now.

Suskind scratches his head at the hiring of Geithner and Summers. Typical sucker train of thought. Wall Street gave more cash to Obama campaign than any other candidate in 2008. Big surprise that a Wall Street lackey-in-chief would hire other lackeys to do the bidding of the bankster class.

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Posted by brice on 10/13/2011 at 9:39 PM

Re: “Do we really need our libraries?

People also predicted the demise of brick and mortar stores when computers took off in the 90s. But go to any shopping center on the weekend and the lot is full. There are still many brick and mortars still standing and doing enough business to remain open. Same goes for bookstores and libraries. People may use them less but not to the point of extinction. The library and bookstore may become smaller and/or more specialized but there will still be a need for them. Kindle may be convenient but sometimes one wants to interact with something other than an electronic device. The poor will always be with us; as the country spirals into a permanent Depression, there will be more of them. Along with the sometimes financially strapped; the library can be a lifeline for them if they can’t afford a Kindle or pay to download all their reading needs or those of their school-age children. It’s nice to be able to download a book in one’s PJs but one needs to also get out of the house more – a stroll or (gasp!) a drive to the bookstore or library to browse and/or buy might be a good idea every now and then.

Interesting how Tara can part with books but not microfilm, priceless pictures, and documents found in the library. Can’t these items be digitalized and downloaded and we toss the originals and burn the useless library???

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Posted by Beverly on 04/27/2011 at 9:57 PM

Re: “Killing faster Internet service: Time Warner has Raleigh do its dirty work

Mr. Grooms mentioned federal efforts to expand access to broadband. Based upon last year's FCC fake Net Neutrality rules, it is clear that the feds couldn't care less about expanding broadband access. Last year's Net Neutrality rules were practically written by cable and phone companies such as Time Warner, Verizon, and AT&T. To add salt to the wound, FCC head Julius Genachowski is no friend of Net Neutrality, something the president was clearly aware of when he appointed him to the post. As with the state bill Grooms wrote about, the FCC proposed Net Neutrality rules are neutral in name only; the Time Warners and AT&Ts of the land will control access, create a two-tiered have/have not Internet, and reap mega profits through said control and price hikes run amok.

After readers voice their opposition to the state's "Level Playing Field" sham bill, they need to put in a call, letter, or text to the FCC, Congress, and White House to rip the Net Neutrality sham that is quietly being cemented into place. Wake up folks, both sides of the political aisle are screwing you royally. Ramp up the dissent.

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Posted by Beverly on 04/16/2011 at 7:18 PM

Re: “DNC in the Q.C.

Dr. Burton has a serious case of the booster madness John Grooms wrote about in his column. Someone give her a glass of water and an aspirin; I fear she might faint from basking in the wonderfulness of it all.

So the Olympics transformed Atlanta into a world-class city? Atlanta was on the radar screen of business players before the Olympics. They already had big league sports with Braves, Falcons, Hawks, and NCAA as well as well known universities. People had been moving to Atlanta long before the Olympics. As with other cities, I’m sure the mayor, Chamber of Commerce, and assorted muckety mucks regularly courted businesses via national and international jaunts. All that infrastructure and energy yada yada may have been a temporary boon to some but a substantial portion of the citizenry gained no benefit in the long term. Poverty, lack of affordable housing (not just for the poor but for working stiffs, too), unemployment and its related social ills are still major problems in Atlanta. Little infrastructure was converted post Olympics to benefit those who needed it most. Just like here and other places, the poor are/were being pushed out of inner city areas to make way for high end housing and development.

As for Charlotte snagging the DNC being one of the biggest upsets in the world of political conventions (did Dr. B almost keel over from euphoria when she wrote this line?), it wasn’t that big an upset. The Democrats know they are in trouble in 2012, especially in the south, so they had to set up shop in the region to court voters. It’s no surprise they chose Charlotte. It’s not Atlanta (too black). It’s a mid level city that they could crow about selecting because it’s “up and coming” and all that pablum Michelle Obama (or more likely, her press secretary) gushed about in her email. Such fawning and feigning works wonders on gullible Americans including those mad boosters Grooms’ chronicled.

Hooray for the businesses who will make money off the convention. However, once the spectacle of balloons, lies, platitudes, and empty rhetoric ends, the problems of Charlotte – and the nation – remain. Wars galore, none of which are making us safe from the terrorists, and are sucking trillions that should be used to address social and infrastructure needs at home. Foreclosures, many of them illegal devastate families and entire communities. Bankster gangsters who’ve bankrupt the world and receive bailouts, not jail sentences – not even a pink slip. States bleeding red ink with talks about cutting already paltry worker pay and more than ever needed services. Unemployment off the chain (it’s more like 30%, not that 9% the govt tells you). Civil liberties being quietly trampled upon, not just for the alleged terrorists but for anyone not toeing the govt line. Public schools becoming the next mortgage crisis as privateers make their billions and then cast charters aside for the next big windfall. The list goes on. You won't hear more than lip service from any politician at the convention about these issues.

The big, ugly truth is that our govt refuses to do a damn thing to effectively address these ills as it is too busy giving the military/corporate/security complex free reign to pollute, impoverish, and plunder the citizenry.

Get all giddy about snagging the convention and attaining “world class” status if you like. However, it’s past time to get riled up about the problems that remain/are ignored/given lip service to once the party’s over.

Posted by Beverly on 02/10/2011 at 6:21 PM

Re: “Why I won't be attending the circus

Yes, indeed. Thank you for writing this article. 99% of circus attendees have no clue (and sadly, many don't care) about the inhumane treatment of circus animals. More media attention is needed to expose the horrors inflicted. Some cities have banned circuses with animal acts. Let's hope that list of cities grows. What was acceptable way back when is not now. We learn and grow and need to implement better decision making and actions to benefit not just people but animals too.

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Posted by Beverly on 01/29/2011 at 9:54 AM

Re: “'The Comeback Kid' and the kids who won't '

The slew of bills signed during the lame duck session will hurt rather than help the majority of citizens. As usual, mainstream media fulfills its duty as govt/corporate PR agent, this time by naming Obummer "Comeback Kid" for signing ill-advised, lame, and ineffective legislation.

Posted by Beverly on 01/09/2011 at 9:50 AM

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