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Are You Making These Transport Management Mistakes? 

Is your transport company suffering from inefficiencies, late deliveries, poor communication between drivers and supervisors, and other problems? If so, there's a good chance you're making one or more of the most common errors that plague the product transport industry. The good news is that it's relatively easy to correct them with low-cost solutions that are don't take much effort to implement. In addition to doing more customer follow-up, take a look at how your business deals with fleet management, driver satisfaction, and potential growth. Here are some suggestions for addressing some of the issues that frequently present challenges for owners and managers of transport companies.

Failing to Follow-Up with Customers

Nothing reinforces a solid relationship with customers more than careful follow-up. Too many companies only respond to buyers who complain about late shipments or substandard goods. Consider instituting a policy of checking with at least a dozen random customers every week. Speak with them via live chat or over the telephone if possible. Avoid sending emails and text messages. Fortunately, a little bit of follow-up goes a long way. Keep in mind that your interactions with people who purchase your goods and services are of paramount importance. Treat each person as if they are your biggest client. Eventually, your transport business will get good customer reviews and earn very high ratings on review sites.

Ignoring the Power of Fleet Management

Fleet management is the lifeblood of any transport entity. It pays to focus on it in several ways. First, use the best fleet maintenance systems suitable for the kinds of items you sell and the size of your company. An intelligent way to get started is to review a guide on the importance of fleet maintenance management and the best way to select the most appropriate solution for your team. If you want to avoid late deliveries, traffic problems, poor shipment tracking, and unhappy customers, spend time getting the fleet management situation under control.

Assuming Nothing Will Change

It's tempting to become comfortable when business is good. Every company needs to plan for and expect growth. Unless they do, small growing pains can turn into major problems, like not having enough drivers to cover new routes, unhappy customers who can't get answers to their questions, employees who feel neglected by management, and accounting departments that are too short staffed to keep up with payroll. Part of the discipline of focus as a business owner means you need to make specific plans for steady growth, so you won't be caught short handed when it's time to expand operations.

Treating Drivers Poorly

Hire a third party to survey your drivers. Unfortunately, transport firms are notorious for neglecting the critical needs of their on the road teams. Rarely is the issue money-related. More often, drivers feel they lack benefits, don't have clear career paths, and have little input to the scheduling process. Whatever the data reveals, be ready to pay more attention to the people who are the lifeblood of your company. In the long run, you'll earn more and grow faster by offering excellent benefits packages, staying at or above industry pay rates, paying attention to signs of mental and physical burnout, and giving out frequent bonuses based on safety and general performance.


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