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Best Online Pokies in Australia: Survey Asks Australians to Score 17 Popular Casino Websites 

AgileHatch surveyed over 500 online casinos in Australia to measure the various aspects of gaming satisfaction. The company then scored the sites against six key benchmarks, including gaming fairness, offered bonuses, customer care, customer satisfaction, and licensing. At, you will find all the casino ratings as per the various studies carried out.

Survey-Monkey market software was used in conducting the studies among the selected population of gamblers in Australia.

Participants were asked to rate 17 online casinos on six benchmarks. Those who did not play at least once in the past six months were not counted for the casinos.

QueenSpins was the highest rated site in terms of player ratings. According to 9% of all Australians, they have played it within the last six months. The site ranked as the famous site was JoeFortune, with over forty percent of gamers having visited and played in the site in the previous six months.

Australian casino websites scoring process

The pokies sites in Australia are ranked differently depending on the benchmarkers provided, including;

Variety of games

Variety is significant to many gamblers. To find the best online casinos to fit this category, always look for popular and quality games with different variants like blackjack.

Gaming fairness

How fair is the casino site that you have selected? During a survey, players are asked about their satisfaction with the transparency and fairness of the various online platforms. It also includes how they feel about payouts and how they respond to customer concerns. These feelings are then used to rate the different casino sites available in Australia.

Availed bonuses

Different casinos in Australia offer various bonuses and different terms and conditions. Depending on the provided bonuses, casinos are rated differently in the Australian market.

Customer care

Having a sound customer support system is key to a successful online gambling experience. Most casinos have a variety of customer support options, such as live chat and dedicated agents.


It is the licensing benchmark that is used to evaluate the credibility of an Australian pokies site. It shows how secure and fair their operation is from the rest of the operators.

Customer satisfaction

A variety of questions is created to help in measuring the satisfaction of different players. The feedback collected helps in the identification of areas where improvements can be made.

Some of the survey questions were asked.

All the questions are rated on a scale of five;

  • The scale a game is happy with the offered game choices

  • The scale rating of the quality of the overall game offered in a casino

  • The scale rating how is the customer service in the chosen casino

  • The scale rating of how customer service treats clients either timely or fairly

  • The scale rating on the recommended customer care improvements

  • The rating scale how the offered bonuses are in general

  • The scale rating of how loyal clients are treated in the attended casinos

  • The scale rating on the license credibility of casinos

  • The scale rating on a player’s gaming in a casino

  • The scale rating of the likelihood to recommend the casino to a friend

These questions are designed to allow for the collection of detailed information about the respondents, allowing for each site's rating out of five. It is then easier to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the different sites and the players attracted to the site.

Analysis and breakdown of the top five scoring sites

  1. Queenspins

QueenSpins was the top-ranked online casino in our league table, and its license makes it one of Australia's most reputable online casinos. Its players were also satisfied with their gaming experience.

Clients at QueenSpins were also delighted with the games variety offered at their casino.

Bonuses- QueenSpins is a great place to play online slots and other games. Its welcome package is also well-received by the respondents due to the high number of offered bonuses.

  1. Red Dog

Red Dog scored highly on its customer support as the respondents were pleased with the offered services.

About 86% of respondents stated that they were satisfied with the outcome of their dispute with an agent.

Overall the respondents barely complained about the casino and said they would recommend it to their friends.

  1. JoeFortune

JoeFortune scored well on various aspects of the report, including game variety and the quality of their games on offer.

One of the reasons this site slipped down to third place was that almost half of its respondents were not excited about the bonuses on offer. But it's about the frequency of the perks but not the quality. The respondents were pleased with the casino licensing, and there were minimal concerns about customer care and fairness.

  1. CasinoNic

The customer support team at CasinoNic was very pleased with how they were treated. Only 17% of the respondents said they were happy with game variety! Most players were satisfied with the quality of the games on offer at CasinoNic.

  1. PlayAmo

PlayAmo scored 3.5/5, which is a little lower than the league table average. Leading developers mainly make their games. The customer support scored a high percentage, and respondents were happy. The gameplay at the casino is also fair, and respondents were pleased with their licensing but the bonuses offered were not that appreciated.

Online pokies industry state

Revenue from land-based pokies

The gambling market in Australia is thriving and is becoming popular compared to Las Vegas, which is considered the home of all gambling activities.

There are still 14 land-based casinos operating in Australia, with total revenue from the pokies reaching around $12,500,000,000 annually.

With Australia's total gambling revenue estimated at over $25,000,000 annually, it's no surprise that most of the income comes from pokies.

As a reminder, Australia's government typically collects around $6,000,000,000 in annual revenue from gambling.

Revenue from online casinos

The popularity of pokies has also extended to online casinos due to their ease of gameplay and comfort.

Online casinos' revenue is more complicated to uncover than those of land-based ones due to their businesses' lack of transparency. The global gambling industry made a record-breaking $51 billion in 2018.

In conclusion, Australia has the biggest gambling industry in the world. Its per capita income is around $915 per head. The collected revenue is used to fund sports locally and the outside community at large.


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