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Diving For Megalodon Teeth Off The Coast Of North Carolina 


Diving For Megalodon Teeth Off The Coast Of North Carolina 

As a diver, you may already know how North Carolina is one of the hottest places to visit. Sure, you have California, Florida, and even Missouri, but do they have a dive spot where you can find Megalodon—those ancient big-tooth sharks—teeth? Indeed, not, and if you’re looking for such exotic items and experience, then you would want to visit the coast of North Carolina. 

While you can find Megalodon teeth on other beaches in the states or buy them from, chancing upon the coasts of North Carolina, particularly in Wilmington, is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Currently, diving teams are scouring the beaches nearby that accept other divers who plan to get a few teeth of their own. 

However, before you get too excited and confident, be sure to keep these things in mind if you’re aching to dive for Megalodon teeth off the coast of North Carolina: 

A warning 

Aside from being a great place to get Megalodon teeth, Wilmington is also one of the safest cities in North Carolina. However, that stat might change if tourist divers get into more accidents in the sea. 

Because of that, if you wish to be a part of the hunt for Megalodon teeth, you need to be capable of diving deeper than 100 feet of seawater (FSW). Do note that it’s ill-advised for newbies to try this out. In 2018, two fatalities were recorded, and multiple diving incidents involving injuries and decompression incidents have become too common in the diving site. (1) 

It’s also recommended that you’re certified and all your equipment is recently checked and fully working. Indeed, some of the people who are going to be there aren’t certified. And that’s a massive problem as they only add to the risk of diving on the site. If you’re uncertified yourself, you’ll just be asking for trouble. 

Most of the accidents that led to hospitalization were caused by divers who were too excited to dig up a few pieces of teeth on their own—most uncertified and unfit. They failed to follow the team’s dive plans, ignored their diving buddies, forgot their gauges, and disregarded the necessary gear checks. More often than not, when they reach the site, most of these people rush putting their gears on, and jump on water. 

Draw up a dive plan 

Regardless if you’re new or a veteran, trying to get Megalodon teeth requires a dive plan. While the plan you need isn’t extensive, the point here is to ensure that you don’t forget that you’re still diving while you’re on the hunt for your treasure. Before it slips from your memory, diving is still considered one of the world’s most dangerous sports

Don’t forget about the necessary gear checks, and don’t skip checking your buddy’s equipment as well. According to recent findings, many divers often leave behind their extra air cylinders in their boats. Remember that you won’t know when you’ll need them, so don’t just forget them. 

Then, draw up the plan. Check the weather forecast, and determine the tides. After that, discuss your emergency plan with your buddy and the other people in your team. Of course, you should also know the diving regulations enforced in the area. (2) 

In addition, when you’re down there, you mustn’t lose your buddy. Remember that your buddy is your primary source of help when things get askew during your teeth hunt. 

Be utterly prepared if you plan to go solo 

As you might’ve noticed, most of the things written here are stern reminders. If you’re planning to go solo, remember that you’re going to deal with 100 FSW. At that depth, visibility is low. And, when you and other divers disturb the seafloor, more sand, sediment, and other sea debris may block your vision. 

Moreover, you’ll be all alone down there. According to the coast guard, most divers have spread 30 to 50 apart from each other. The distance may seem relatively short, but remember that you need to get close to anyone before you can see them. (1) 

Another thing that you should be wary about is the group of people who use diver propulsion vehicles (DPV) down there. While these underwater scooters may seem like a good idea to make it easier to hunt for Megalodon teeth, they can only worsen the visibility down there. When the blades of DPV hit the floor, they can create a massive plume or screen of fine particles, increasing the risk of divers in the surrounding area. (3) 

Since you’ll be traversing the ocean floor looking for Megalodon teeth, you’ll need a lot of weight on you, which adds to the risk of getting you stuck down there. When things get sketchy, you need to decide fast and ditch everything, including any teeth you were able to recover, to float back up and get some air.


Finding a Megalodon tooth and taking one home is like a badge of honor for every diver. However, before you think about going to the dive site, be sure to know if you can stand up to the challenge. You wouldn’t want to risk your life for something you can buy and acquire.


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