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Girls Night Out 

Where to go when you ditch the bros

Girls just wanna have fun, or so they say. And fun is definitely in the cards when you make it a girl's night out (hereafter designated GNO). More important than the outfit scrutinized over is location, location, location. And being a girl who has a GNO basically every weekend, I am a credible location scout.

Turns out, the Cheesecake Factory is harder to get into than the Forum. I walked right into an ultra exclusive VIP party at the Forum on the same night I had to wait more than an hour for a table at the Cheesecake Factory for a GNO birthday celebration. Fortunately Cheesecake has a bar and a five page-long drink menu to make the wait a little more manageable. The menu's so big that it's like a magazine equipped with advertisements.

Other good places to toast to estrogen are Zink, Carrabba's, Cosmos, Brixx, La Paz and City Tavern. Basically any full service restaurant with a bar will suffice, and those options are endless. But with Cheesecake not only do you have a bar, you have South Park Mall to use as a waiting room. Alcohol and retail can be a lethal combination for a herd of girls with loaded credit cards. After our four--hour dinner, we migrated uptown to monopolize the mini dancefloor at Phil's. The small bar was packed. I don't understand how such a quaint little bar can be so popular. Perhaps that is part of the appeal. That, and the eye candy behind the bar. Or is it the steady hip-hop dance beats pouring out the door that lures people in? You are guaranteed to see some sort of VIP at Phil's regardless of what night it is. Most likely they'll be hanging out in the little corner between the beer tub and the bar, or in some instances, behind the bar.

Apparently the freaks come out at night, and on GNO when you roll up in bars 12 girls deep, you have to play the defense. Why do some guys think it's OK to infiltrate your personal space?

At the risk of sounding like an after school special, I'd like to set some safety guidelines for all GNOs. Suck it up and pay to park in a garage so you're not wandering off the beaten path -- and then at the end of night, suck it up and pay for a cab. I might even suggest hiring a bodyguard for your GNO.

For girls who would like some cheese with their wine, try the trendy Dean and Deluca in Phillips Place. It's the perfect place to go after a dinner at P.F. Chang's or before a movie at Phillips Place Theater.

Or go out dancing -- but go all out. I'm not talking about your basic dance floor like at Phil's. B-Risqué, an alternative dance studio, offers belly dancing, pole dancing, chair dancing or cardio striptease dance classes in a comfortable and intimate environment.

Grab your girl posse and a bottle of wine to help shed your inhibition and lubricate the hips; this party is sure to bring sexy back. At B-Risqué, you'll find women of all shapes, sizes (and ages) having fun dancing like a fully clothed stripper.

The Little Black Dress

Girl's night out is as much a staple in nightlife as a little black dress is to a girl's wardrobe. Well, we can have our little black dresses, and wear them, too ... to Dixie's for their Little Black Dress night on Wednesdays.

Psssstttt ... If you have any dirt or inside scoop on nightlife, shoot me an e-mail at

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