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Crowther's No Mencken

Hal Crowther's rambling, disjointed tirade against George Bush Jr. ("At The Twilight's Last Gleaming," Mar. 5), in which he manages to take a swipe at Jesse Helms and laud Nelson Mandela, include his own family and regale us, the reader, with anecdotal half-truths, most of which lack any semblance of factual evidence, is tiringly liberal and without substance.

The only similarity I see between H.L. Mencken and Crowther is a certain cynicism. Mr. Crowther lacks both the insight and wit of a Mencken.

-- Richard C. Alexander, Charlotte

Story Gives Rare Hope

I would like to thank and commend you for publishing John Sugg's article, "How Bush Buys Positive War Spin" (Mar. 12). The fact that you are willing and able to publish such stories gives us rare hope in the current dark days of media collusion and irrelevance. Please publish more investigative journalism of this type. It is desperately needed in this country.

-- Dr. Eric Arn, Austin, TX

Sugg Misses The Mark

I commend John Sugg for his expose of the cozy relationship between Big Media and Big Government. However, John missed the mark when he concluded that this added up to a "rightward march" for Big Media.

The debate about whether the press is liberal or conservative overlooks the real division between the media and the people. The truth is that both liberal and conservative positions arise from local values and issues. However, the plutocracy in the post-Constitutional United States despises localism and adores the concentration of power and wealth. So John was right about the media giving Bush tacit support for his war on freedom, I mean, terror, as well as the cloying puff pieces on the fresh-scrubbed, 19-year-old cannon fodder merrily and patriotically prepping for an invasion.

What John forgot, however, was Knight-Ridder's Columbia, SC, State and Charlotte Observer newspapers waging holy war against the Confederate flag flying over the South Carolina capital, which was raised as a memorial to the 19,000 men from that state who died in the cause of local self-government. The Battleflag is recognized around the world as a symbol of resistance to tyranny -- which is the real reason Big Government, its water carriers in the NAACP, and Big Media consistently attack it.

So, whether the Observer bravely champions a downtown arena despite voters' objections, or calls for new government powers so our keepers can make the world a better place, it's not a matter of liberal or conservative -- it's just one hand washing the other.

-- Michael C. Tuggle, Charlotte

Only One Trousersnake

Loved the lists -- especially Ann Wicker's "16 Odd But Real Band Names" ("Adventures in Modern Listing," March 12). One slight correction, however: Blind Penis Trousersnake was, technically, not a band but an individual who enjoyed a mercifully brief, if colorful, career by appearing in concert only once. It was at the Milestone Club in the late 80s, and the near-sighted/tone-deaf B.P.T. joined Southern Culture On The Skids for their timeless fundamentalist anthem, "The Ballad Of Jim Bakker."

Chalk that up to sharing one too many pre-set shots of whiskey with the SCOTS drummer, I suppose; I've never taken a stage name, donned Ray-bans or picked up a guitar since, at least not in public.

-- Fred Mills, Asheville, NC

One More List

In the spirit of last week's list issue, I made my own:

Top five things yelled at anti-war protestors by ignorant Americans, and my responses to them.

1. Fuck you! I really can't come up with an intelligent argument against that one.

2. America, love it or leave it! / Move to Iraq! I was born here and I'll likely die here, and I feel it's my duty to use the freedom and privileges America has provided me to make this country and the world a better place.

3. Support our troops! Yes, support the troops by returning them to their families unharmed.

4. Free Iraq! I'm all for freeing Iraq. I just don't like the idea of killing innocent people in the process. If the US, in conjunction with the UN, wants to aid the people of Iraq in overthrowing Saddam Hussein that's one thing. The US destroying Baghdad, a city of 5 million people, is quite another.

5. So stop driving!! (In response to "No Blood for Oil" signs) If you live in Charlotte, it's nearly impossible not to drive. I ride my bike when I can, and I carpool whenever possible. I hope that one day we will no longer depend so heavily on petroleum, and people will learn the joys of mass transportation.

-- Chris Ayers, Charlotte


Great Issue. . .however, in the list compiled by John Grooms, "20 Worst Popular Songs of the 60s & 70s," if my feeble memory serves me correctly, number 10, "Muskrat Love," might not have been done by America but, instead, by the "Captain and Toenail." Lemme know if I missed something. Thanx.

-- Greg Zmirak, Indian Trail, NC

Editor's Reply:

"Muskrat Love" was indeed a hit record for Captain and Tennille, but it was first written and recorded by the group America. Who can ever forget the sheer poetry of those immortal lyrics: "And they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed / Singin' and jingin' the jango / Floatin' like the heavens above / Looks like muskrat love."

Love-Hate Relationship

I enjoyed the "Lists" issue of Creative Loafing so much, I thought I'd respond in kind!

Things I Hate About Creative Loafing

1. Strip bar ads

2. Ads featuring the female form with pancakes where breasts should be

3. "Safe Sex, Get Paid!" ads

4. Swinger club ads

5. Graphic/highly suggestive sex hotline ads

6. "Homemade bikini contest" ads

7. "The Wilder Side"

It should be known that I'm pretty liberal--even though the following rant won't back that statement...

I simply don't appreciate the onslaught of SEX!!! on the pages in the back fifth or so of CL. I realize CL has to have ad revenue to pay the bills, but you ARE providing the publication all over the Charlotte area to the general public, the majority of whom -- God, I hope -- don't engage in sex with deer or whatever. And yes, I could just stop reading when I get through with the music section, but I'd miss out on the Advice Goddess, which I enjoy reading. I'd also be missing the crossword puzzle, although I haven't yet attempted to complete one. Some day, I just may want to.

Because I try to see both sides of any situation, I now offer the following list.

Things I Love About

Creative Loafing

1. Intriguing, in-depth investigations and reporting on our community's issues

2. Local music coverage

3. Restaurant reviews and ratings

4. Thoughtful, provoking editorials

5. Hilarious, intelligent, bulletin board-worthy comic strips

6. Arts reviews and commentaries

7. The overall liberal tone

8. Except for the items on the previous list...everything else!

--Leslie D. Pitman, Charlotte

We welcome your letters to the editor. Please send your letters to: The Editors, Creative Loafing, PO Box 241988, Charlotte, NC 28224. Or write us via the Internet at the following address: Please note that this e-mail address is for letters to the editors only. Please limit your letters to 300 words or less. Please include your phone number for confirmation, including e-mail letter writers; your phone number will not be published. We reserve the right to edit all letters for space, grammar and clarity.

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