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Calling All Liberal Christians
I was encouraged to read John Sugg's "I Am A Christian Too" (Nov. 24). As a nonbeliever I stand in stunned incredulity at the sheer number of fundamentalists and the power they've gained over public policy in this country. It does no good at all for atheists to speak out against this hateful idiocy, because nobody listens to atheists anyway. They had sooner listen to the Devil himself.

So it seems to me that only other Christians have a chance of wrenching back control from these hordes of know-nothing bigots. I encourage Mr. Sugg and his ilk to make more noise, to speak out loud and clear. Try to make it clear that creationist ignoramuses don't own God exclusively. More people need to hear the message that science isn't a black-and-white choice between God and Darwin, between gay marriage and burning them at the stake.

It seems to me that a huge swath of the population has become radically Southernized. So-called "scientific creationism" and biblically reinforced homophobia is no longer the exclusive purview of redneck hillbillies. All you liberal Christians! Where are you? Say something!

-- Greg West, Charlotte

Amen, Brother
Amen, amen and another AMEN for your wonderful piece, "I am a Christian too." I just read it in an email forwarded by a friend. Thank you for putting into words exactly how I've been feeling. Great work!

-- Philip Hargett Jr., Charlotte

Religious and Not Homophobic
I am writing you to let you know how much I appreciated "I am a Christian too." I was raised Southern Baptist in Conway, SC, 14 miles west of Myrtle Beach. I was in church at North Conway Baptist every time the doors were open since I was four. I am now 37, a real estate paralegal and living in Charlotte. And I am proud to be a Democrat! An awful thing happened in our church when I was 17 and I left organized religion when I was 18. But God is more in my life than ever before! I so appreciate everything you said in your article. For the record, I am white, female and straight and with all I grew up around, I am not homophobic nor racist -- I seem to have the same God that you do. If homosexuality is such a sin, why is it not mentioned in the Ten Commandments? I absolutely despise "W" for all that he stands for and his lies!

-- Eve Lambert Taylor, Charlotte

Out of the Jesus Closet
Thanks for the column on Christianity. As a believer who has spent the better part of the past few years closeted in fear of the Falwell connection, I was delighted to read it.

If someone wants to kick at my faith, there are plenty of nice kicking points. I don't mind if someone thinks I'm stupid for believing what I do. I do mind when they connect that belief with this right-wing rhetoric that, in my opinion, seldom overlaps the tenets of the gospel. Like many others, I'm pretty pissed.

Thanks for standing up against Christians for your faith in Christ.

-- Bo Bedingfield, Charlotte

Get A Billboard
Thank you for the "I Am A Christian Too" article, from the bottom of my heart. It is gentle words like yours, about Christianity, which are so sorely needed -- I only wish your article could be plastered on national billboards instead of just the local newspaper. I'm a young Christian -- not a very good one, but I'm trying to find my way and I am so frustrated by those people who use the name of Christ for their own personal gains and twisted vendettas, and what is outrageous is that most of them believe that they are the righteous, and the only righteous. Something as wonderful as the word of God has been so horrifically twisted by people that many young (and old) people don't even know what He stands for because of how twisted his word has become through hate-mongering, self-righteous assholes.

I digress, though. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my beliefs. I'm going to share your article with friends and family. Once again, thank you.

-- Tracy Coker, Charlotte

Toon Dishonors Jesus
I am a liberal Democrat who's also a Christian. I want to know what merit you found in the recent "La Petite Camera" comic with the "Tiny Jesus" story (Nov. 24). Why do you want to dishonor Jesus? I'm sorry you are offended at the notion that God took human form, walked among us and told us to care for the poor, love our neighbor, and strive for peace. With all the divisions in this country, I'm disappointed that CL chooses to be part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

-- David McSwain,, York, SC

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