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Security Plan For Cannabis Dispensaries 

When designing your cannabis dispensary, you must consider security a priority. As a retail store, you must protect your business from theft, property damage, and violent crimes.

So, how do you plan security for your cannabis dispensary? Here we will discuss the top security technologies for medical and retail stores that can help keep your inventory secure and protect your employees.

Cloud-Based And Mobile-First Access Control Technology

You need to ensure that your property is secure at night and during closing hours, and you also need to ensure that staff areas and inventory storage rooms are secured from unauthorized users.

You must rely on more than key and lock systems to do this. These systems are too vulnerable to lockpicking, and a motivated individual could easily access your inventory.

Access control provides a security measure that is not vulnerable to lockpicking by implementing keycards, fobs, and mobile credentials instead of traditional keys. You can offer your employees keycards or fobs that allow them to enter your store rooms, or you can even use digital keycards as mobile access credentials.

Many dispensaries opt for cloud-based access control technologies due to the convenience they offer for security management and daily operations. Here are some of the benefits of deploying cloud-based access control for your dispensary security strategy:

  • Remote management - you can manage your door locks remotely using a mobile application. Managerial staff and dispensary security teams can easily verify door lock status, lock doors, and view access logs from anywhere using a mobile device. This makes for a more agile security strategy, as your teams can instantly respond to security threats without traveling to the location.

  • Wireless connectivity - you do not need to plan complex wiring systems to connect your security hardware to your servers with a cloud-based access control system. You do not need to rely on servers for your data storage. Cloud-based access control stores your access logs and system data in a cloud-based location.

  • PSaaS - opting for a cloud-based access control system gives you access to physical security-as-a-service. This means your security provider can easily update, manage, and maintain your system remotely, allowing your teams to focus on more essential tasks.

Opting for a cloud-based access control system also facilitates using mobile credentials for entry. This will eliminate the cost of keycard and fob replacement and allow your employees to move through your facility more conveniently. They do not need to withdraw their device if they need to enter a staff area. Instead, they can simply wave their hand over the access control reader to trigger remote communication with their device, creating a quicker, more hygienic, and more convenient entry.

Cloud-Based Surveillance With Video Analytics Integration

When planning your security strategy, it’s important to note that commercial CCTV systems traditionally only serve to document crimes, not prevent them. Of course, placing cameras in your store will deter criminals from attempting to commit a crime. However, your security staff cannot consistently view your camera feeds to detect potential security threats.

One solution to this is implementing cloud-based surveillance. This technology lets your security teams view camera data from anywhere using their mobile devices. Rather than visiting the control room to investigate a potential security threat, they can use a mobile app to gain instant visibility on your store.

In addition to offering remote visibility, cloud-based surveillance camera systems and commercial intercom systems offer your security staff the ability to integrate video analytics software, ensuring that no security threats to your dispensary go unnoticed.

Video analytics software is an AI solution that scans your surveillance feed, applying behavior and object recognition to spot potential security incidents. Once the tool detects a potential security threat, your staff members and security teams will receive an instant alert, allowing them to investigate the issue using their mobile devices and develop a response strategy.

Video analytics is a handy tool for preventing theft, violent crime, and property damage on your premises.

Alarm Systems

You need to ensure your cannabis dispensary is fitted with alarm systems. You must implement fire, carbon monoxide, and smoke detection systems to protect your employees and comply with health and safety regulations. This way, your employees can evacuate the premises in an emergency and get to safety.

In addition to providing alarm systems for health and safety, you must also consider implementing alarms for security. You can choose from a gunshot, broken glass, and intrusion sensors to ensure your teams are immediately alerted of any danger on the property.

Opting for cloud-based alarm systems will ensure your staff members receive a mobile alert for any alarm triggers. This means that your store managers and team members will know of any potential security threats, even if they are not on the premises - allowing them to use your security system’s mobile management features to investigate the issue and alert the authorities if necessary.


As a cannabis dispensary owner, you must ensure your inventory is secure. You must also protect your employees from violent crimes, robberies, and emergency situations in your dispensary. To do this, you must rely on security technologies. Opting for cloud-based security technologies will allow you to manage security remotely and facilitate agile, responsive, and proactive security processes within your business.


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