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The art of cannabis cultivation 

Cultivating marijuana at home can be considered in many different ways. In fact, sometimes, when I see the buds some guys have grown I might think to myself, what an artist! The thing is, growing cannabis, whether it is for medicinal or recreational purposes, requires some talent and skills, as well as techniques and time, just like most of any other type of art.

In the first instance, a home cultivator resembles an artist in a way that they have a final vision of the results and what they seek to obtain. Therefore, they must pre-craft the whole process in their heads before they start. Although yes, some more avant-garde inclined artists are would rather improvise on their step instead of planning out their every move, the truth is, most of the times, if an artist wants to communicate something, that will be the final result and the goal they will aim for, a.k.a. the buds in the cultivator’s case. And just like an art piece has its different hues and colors, so do weed buds, they come rich in smells and flavors, as well as tones of green and amber, with a coat of glitter, or trichomes, the mushroom-like glands where cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are produced.

But if there truly is an art involved in the process of cultivating your own marijuana at home, it resides in the techniques employed by each grower to mold their plants as if they were clay to obtain this or that result.

For example, some common techniques include topping, which consists of cutting the top stem of a cannabis plant in order to get two new heads, instead of having only one. Another common technique is FIM, which stands for “Fuck I Missed” (an art of a name itself) it was discovered by a gardener who, trying to perform the topping tech on his plants, didn't cut the stems properly, leaving a slightly evident edge on the stem he was trying to cut, which resulted in 2-4 extra stems shooting up from the remnant cut. Furthermore, sea of green and screen of green, seriously poetic the names they give these techniques, are the ones where plants are trained and manipulated to be shorter and yield more. How? Well, first their vegetative stage is normally shortened as the plants are thrown into flowering earlier than they usually would. The term sea of green is used because when this training is applied, the plants will look shorter and spread sideways, therefore looking like a green sea. The screen of green involves the same processes, only a net screen is used to separate each of the plant’s heads individually.

Now growers themselves are the truest artists or rather art critics there are to be. Why? Well, if you ever get the chance to witness a conversation among growers, you’ll be able to hear them discussing the techniques, the flavor and smell of their buds as if they were at an art gallery describing an art masterpiece, or wine at a wine tasting. The metaphors used to refer to the different types of high are truly a poem, and so are the descriptions about the taste, stoners can be quite creative when it comes to talking about marijuana, expressions are infinite and never cease to impress.

And if you are yet not fully convinced about how cannabis cultivation is related to art, then you might have never heard of the names seeds bank companies such as Fast Buds give to their marijuana strains. For example, some of their high THC autoflowering seeds are called Wedding Cheesecake, due to their sweet and fruity flavors, or Amnesia Haze, which most likely refers to the strong effects of a completely brain-blown high. It is no wonder why so many stoners are extremely creative, marijuana cultivation is indeed art in itself, besides, consuming cannabis is known for opening up the mind and boosting creativity. Smoke one and get inspired to cultivate your own cannabis plants!


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