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The Top Biggest Online Gambling Wins of All Time 

Hundreds of new dollar millionaires appear in the world every year. Although the majority earned their fortune in business, a huge number of people entered such a list by making just one online bet. Today it is hard to surprise anyone with stunning success stories of newcomers and their breathtaking winnings in casinos and lotteries. 

But the fact remains that every day thousands of players hit the jackpot and start a new successful life. In this article, we have collected the real stories of people who won the biggest cash prizes online. After reading it, you will surely start to believe in your luck again. Let's start:

1. Millions for Mr. Pou

When Mr. Rawiri Pou first logged into the slots website, he wasn't even expecting to win any money. As he reveals in an interview, he only wanted to have a little fun before the start of his morning routine. But fate decided to make his day unforgettable.


Just one spin helped Mr. Pou to fill his wallet with more than $7 million. "That's a pretty big amount of money for an online game", - anyone would think. But no, this is not even the biggest prize in our article.  

2. The jackpot for a military

After his military service ended, 25-year-old Jon Heywood could barely make ends meet. He worked at a low-paying job and was always thinking about ways of building his future life. But one spin changed everything. After depositing only a few dollars while watching TV, Jon was shocked by the result. His laptop screen showed a jackpot of $17 million.

Jon no longer had to think about how to feed himself the next day. He used this money to cover all the debts and support his family. Later on, Jon invested the money wisely so he no longer needed to work at a boring day-to-day job.

3. Millionaire's sleepless night

Probably everyone faced problems with falling asleep: trying to surf the net and scrolling news for long hours. The same situation happened to a young Norwegian guy who couldn't fall asleep one night. In order to relax, he decided to find a fast payout casino and play a few games. Suddenly he became stunned after seeing the winning banner. 

The boy did not fall asleep at all that night. He was thinking of how to spend his 14 million dollars until the morning. With such a huge amount of money he was able to support his family and fulfill their most vivid dreams. It is worth saying that he was a newcomer in the field of online casinos, but it did not prevent him from becoming extremely rich.

4. From a penny to a million

Can a bet of 25 cents turn into a multi-million dollar prize? Of course, it can! In 2013 a man in his 40's made such a tiny bet and won the biggest prize in the history of online casinos. 

Just a few cents made the player from Finland richer by as much as $24 million. Interestingly, after such a success he continued to play at online casinos, though he no longer needed to make further money. Imagine how much you can do with such a number of dollars in your bank account!

5. Anonymity comes first

In the end, it should be said that the majority of online casino winners wish to remain anonymous. After all, "money loves silence", so usually players simply take their money and do not share their stories with journalists. But big winnings happen almost every day in the world, imagine how many more success stories can be written in such articles!


These stories show how everyone's fortunes can change after just one online spin. Do not underestimate online casinos and lotteries because every day the number of lucky online players is increasing. Take a first step and maybe you will be the hero of the next article telling stories of unbelievable jackpots.


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