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War without end, amen 

Is there no stopping these fools?

I wasn't going to write about the war again. But after a couple of weeks of our Clueless Leader shooting himself in the foot by refusing to meet with Cindy Sheehan while his buddies in the oil business stick a high-price corkscrew in our backs, things just started to pile up in the war zone in my head. (That's the place where I put aside info about the war so I can get things done because the whole tragedy over there and what it's doing to the US is so infuriating and heartbreaking that if I kept it in the front of my brain for too long I'd probably run off the road while driving.) Last week, a few things came together to bring the war zone front and center.

First came the reports from Afghanistan about deadly new battles against the Taliban. I want to know how in hell the Taliban, a pack of ignorant, ragged-ass murderers, is making a comeback and killing US soldiers, more than three years after we first attacked them. For God's sake, Afghanistan was supposed to be the low-hanging fruit in the terrorist orchard, and we're still fighting these guys? Can't Bush and his gang do anything right?

Then I watched Bush's Salt Lake City performance when he tried to get us hyped again about the war by dredging up 9/11 five times in the course of a half-hour speech. I don't know, maybe Bush believes his own line of bullshit -- that's something I can't figure out -- but it's obvious from every poll that hardly anyone else does any longer. Yet, there he was, trying to reconnect with the majority of Americans who now say the war against Iraq was a mistake and isn't worth the costs.

I spoke with Charlottean Amy Keith, who knows something about those costs. Her son Jim has fought in Iraq and is now in the middle of his second tour of combat duty in Afghanistan. Keith says of Sheehan, "God bless her -- I wish I could be there with her." She feels Bush should "go meet with her for five minutes and show some empathy. . .but the more I hear about him, I don't think he has any idea what war is about, and I don't think he's capable of empathy. . .I can tell you, as the parent of a soldier, that no matter what George W. Bush says, there's a groundswell of opposition to this war among military families."

What really bugs Keith is when people tell her the military is voluntary and soldiers know what they're getting into. "That's bull," she says. "Jim joined after 9/11, the country had been attacked and he thought that was the honorable thing to do. The people who join the military have a right to expect a leader who'll show some judgment and wisdom and integrity before sending them off to war. That sure wasn't the case this time."

Amy Keith's words hit home when I checked out a photo gallery on the website. Here's a link: If you haven't seen these pictures, you owe it to yourself to see how your money is being spent. One of the photos in particular hit me straight in the heart. It's of an American soldier lying in a dark room, his head partially hidden by shadows, his weapon near his head, a pool of his blood seeping out onto the floor. Here was the real-life result of Bush's folly staring me in the face. I read the caption explaining that the soldier "lies dead on the kitchen floor of a house used as a base by insurgent fighters in Fallujah. The soldier was shot and killed. . .as he entered the room." My immediate thought was, "And for what?"

Here was a young American man, his life force drained from him, all his memories and future possibilities wiped out forever. And for goddamned what? Certainly not to protect America from Saddam Hussein, as all of us in touch with reality now know. Was it so the Iraqis could write a constitution for an Islamic state that would allow women fewer rights than they had under Hussein? Remind me again why that barely adult American soldier, this young guy with his whole life in front of him, was shot to death in a darkened shit hole halfway around the world?

Meanwhile, Congressional members of the supposed opposition party are having a hard time criticizing the war because, according to a senior strategist for the Democrats, "they have to decide whether they can admit they were misled." Holy Jesus -- the whole friggin' world knows Congress was misled, pal. Not to mention that most Americans also feel they were misled and are none too happy about it. I realize leaders are usually a few steps behind the people, but Bush and those gutless Dems act as if our soldiers just recently conquered Baghdad, and we don't know what's coming around the bend. Here's what: the needless death of that soldier on the kitchen floor in Fallujah, and nearly 1,900 of his comrades.

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