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What Are CBD Diamonds & Sauce? 

If you haven’t yet tried them yet, CBD concentrates are the perfect way to up your game. Renowned for providing a truly unique experience, concentrates are bursting with flavor and the best way for connoisseurs to get the most out of CBD. HighKind boasts an impressive range of concentrates, including their popular crumbles and crystals. But what exactly are CBD Diamonds & Sauce? Let’s find out. 

Introducing CBD concentrates 

The main characteristics of CBD concentrates are more decadent flavors and more profound effects. When compared to other forms of CBD, concentrates have high levels of the compound and utilize only the very best extracts. They’re also enriched by delectable all-natural terpenes, delivering exotic and exciting flavour profiles. HighKind’s concentrates are available in four varieties: Diamonds and sauce, Crumble, Crystal, and Pull N Snap. 

These concentrates are just what the doctor ordered for anyone looking to up their CBD game. Intermediate CBD users should definitely consider trying out concentrates as they’re super easy to use and offer a whole new level of experience. 

What’s different about CBD diamonds and sauce? 

You might be wondering what is unique about CBD diamonds and sauce, given that it’s not the most prevalent type of CBD concentrate. But, excitingly, diamonds and sauce is a phenomenon within the CBD industry that is 100% unique. It’s arguably the most authentic concentrated extract, and CBD doesn’t get much better than it. HighKind’s diamonds and sauce concentrate is extracted using full-spectrum methods, resulting in rich, enhanced flavors that are impossible to beat. 

How does it work? 

Using diamonds and sauce isn’t overly complicated. You can enjoy the full effects of this concentrate by using a dab rig, e-nail, or dab pen, so you don’t need to try anything out of the ordinary to enjoy it. You simply add a little bit of the concentrate to your CBD device before inhaling deeply for up to fifteen seconds. This being said, everyone is different. So you should alter the inhaling time if required. 

If you’re already in love with CBD, you absolutely have to try concentrates, and diamonds and sauce are right up there with the very best. HighKind offers an impressive range of Limited Edition, Artisan, and Single Origin concentrates, which feature natural cannabis extracts of the very highest quality. 

By offering something genuinely unique, CBD concentrates are rich in terpenes and undoubtedly one of the best ways to enhance your consumption this year. Be sure to check out HighKind’s diamond and sauce for one of the ultimate CBD experiences! 


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