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What to know about cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts? 

In 2016, Massachusetts legalized the possession and growth of cannabis for adults through a historic ballot initiative. The first dispensaries or retail stores sold recreational marijuana to adults in 2018, and by 2021, the state had over 80 stores, earning more than 2 billion USD in sales. Berkshire County in the western side of the state alone has 14 dispensaries out of 165 in the state. As an ardent cannabis lover, you must know where the dispensaries in Massachusetts are because you will visit them regularly to purchase cannabis and cannabis-related products. Despite not having seen one before, you will not face difficulties finding and identifying a shop because of its distinct design, usually featuring the leaf of a cannabis plant. 

What products can you find in dispensaries?

Even though all dispensaries in Massachusetts house cannabis products, they differ in terms of varieties, quantity, and type. However, you will find these items in every dispensary you visit, regardless of their location. 


Cannabis concentrates refer to shatter, oil or wax, and all other concentrated forms of marijuana. They contain the highest proportion of cannabinoids and terpenes compared to other products, as manufacturers produce them by extracting the essential oils of the marijuana flower. You can smoke them with dab rigs and vape pens. Although most people in Massachusetts still prefer smoking buds, concentrates have also witnessed a rapid surge in popularity. In 2019, shops sold almost 12.9 million USD$ worth of concentrates, and approximately 14.1 million USD$ worth of concentrates, showing an increase of 17% from 2018. 

Cannabis flower

It is the most fundamental weed product you will find in dispensaries and, unlike others, is the purest form of product you will find. The three primary strains are Sativa, Indica, and hybrid, each with distinct characteristics, buds, and results. For example, the Indica strain works wonders for eliminating stress and pain, relaxing your muscles, and helping you enjoy a night of deep sleep. In contrast, Sativa contains a higher amount of THC (the psychoactive compound responsible for producing the unique sensation) and significantly boosts your energy levels, enabling you to work longer hours than usual. Between August and September 2021, the dispensaries in Massachusetts sold around 742,000 cannabis products worth 30 million USD$, and 31% of those were buds. Pre-rolled weed joints constituted about 28% of the sales. 


Edibles refer to cannabis products that you can consume by eating or drinking. If you have never tried this form of weed consumption before, it is advisable to stick to edibles with less than 2.5 milligrams of THC and gradually increase the dosage until you get used to its effects. You must also read the labels and other information carefully since specific edible products also come with export dates or contain ingredients that you might be allergic to. Interestingly, your body takes longer to absorb the cannabinoids from edible cannabis than smoking or vaping them, and consequently, its effects last longer in your body. Edibles will take at least 30 minutes to two hours to produce results, while the peak effects last five hours. According to a survey in Massachusetts, almost seven out of ten visitors to a cannabis dispensary look for edibles. At the same time, Baby Boomers and Gen X generations are more likely to consume rather than smoke them.

Things to know before visiting dispensaries in Massachusetts

You must consider these things while visiting the dispensaries in Massachusetts, and more so if it is your first time.

Who can buy marijuana products in dispensaries?

The laws of Massachusetts prohibit you from buying any form of cannabis product unless you are 21 years old. When you enter any shops, the staff will check your identification to know if you are legally eligible to visit it. You should carry a driver’s license, passport, or other valid identification cards. 

Can you take the product outside the state?

In Massachusetts, you can buy one ounce(28 grams) of weed or five grams of concentrate. However, according to federal law, you are prohibited from carrying the stuff to another state, even if it is a neighboring state like Vermont. 

Is public consumption legal?

According to the laws of Massachusetts, you cannot consume weed in public. You could smoke or consume the product in your house or any place that does not fall under public space. If the authorities find you flouting this rule, you will be required to pay a fine of 100 USD$. Driving under the influence of weed is also illegal. 

You will find details like these helpful while visiting dispensaries in Massachusetts and buying various kinds of cannabis products, from edibles to flowers. They are your go-to destination when you run out of your favorite product and have to purchase them at the earliest.  


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