Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hillary “Get Out The Vote” kick-off event

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Got this press release:

CHARLOTTE, NC – Tomorrow, Thursday, May 1st, Grammy nominated singer Sophie B. Hawkins will speak and perform at the Charlotte for Hillary “Get Out The Vote” kick-off event. The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Charlotte Forum. Supporters will gather to learn more about the campaign’s grassroots activities going into the final days before the May 6th primary and show their excitement for Hillary. Sophie B. Hawkins is best known for her single “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover” and has campaigned for Hillary across the country. Sophie will be joined by Tony nominated actress Ellen Greene, who starred in the film and Broadway production of “Little Shop of Horrors” as Audrey and now stars in the ABC hit television show “Pushing Daises” as Aunt Vivian, and former “Rock The Vote” president Jehmu Greene.

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I wonder?

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There are a lot of people who are against illegal immigration — especially if the immigrants are Hispanic.

But I wonder how many of those people are going to get shit-faced drunk for Cinco De Mayo?

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Charlotte mayor Pat McCory must be making headway in the governor's race

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A right wing group calling itself "Americans for Legal Immigration" has released a statement highly critical of something that happened in Charlotte two years ago.

And they're blaming the mayor for a decision that I think is up to the police chief.

Here's what they had to say:

(Raleigh, NC) While NC Republican candidate for Governor, Pat McCrory, is running TV ads promising voters he will be tough on illegal immigration, William Gheen of ALIPAC is releasing video documentation of approximately 5,000 illegal aliens and their supporters gathered near the Mayor's office on April 25, 2006 in Marshall Park (One block from McCrory's office / three blocks from a police station), without a single police officer, police vehicle, or any fire and rescue resources present.

Copies of the raw footage documenting the illegal alien rally sans police will be distributed to each campaign for Governor today. An edited copy will be released to the state and nation via YouTube on Thursday.

"It is obvious from the tape and things I witnessed in Marshall Park that the illegal aliens and their supporters had clearance from the highest levels of Charlotte's government to assemble, without the required law enforcement resources and security present. How can Mayor McCrory's pledge to be tough on illegal immigration be trusted, when thousands of illegals are allowed to assemble in the middle of Charlotte and police are told to stand back and not even be present for crowd safety or traffic control?"

The video that is being provided to the campaigns, press, and public shows thousands of illegal aliens and their supporters gathered without a single police officer in the park, on the side roads, or in the parking lots.

"Pat McCrory's campaign ad says he wants our local police to enforce immigration laws, yet his administration in Charlotte gave illegal aliens preferential treatment and allowed them to gather without meeting the security requirements Americans would have to meet."

The video also shows illegal aliens and their supporters celebrating Mexican revolutionary, Pancho Villa who murdered American citizens. It shows concealed Mexican flags and the crowd unable to or refusing to say the pledge of allegiance to the United States.

The Charlotte police department did send a few bike patrol officers into Marshall Park, after refusing to allow William Gheen to file a written complaint, after he walked to their station three blocks away and after being put on indefinite hold by phone. The video documents this and shows that when officers finally arrived, they hid among buildings as not to make the illegal aliens feel uncomfortable with their presence.

Raw footage from the video available to press and campaigns upon request prior to public release on Thursday.

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Radical racists

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A lot of folks have been waiting for the time when so-called liberal white Democrats would turn on Barack Obama and it has happened. The AP has reported that white Democrats are concerned about his close association with a "radical." What? Is this not the state where the infamous PTL was headquartered? It's a good thing that folks don't judge Charlotte's ties to the Bakkers or you might think that folks here are religious zealots. What about Jesse Helms who was continuously re-elected until he was rolling around Raleigh in a diaper? Is North Carolina a state full of "radical racists?" The logic is ridiculous but the racism is real — still holding blacks to different standards, while never questioning your own.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

News Roundup, 4/29/08

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Bush calls out Congress on economy: At a press conference today, President Bush said that Congress has ignored legislation that he's proposed that would help the country's economic slump.

Full story:

Larry Brown unveiled as Bobcats new coach: Michael Jordon introduced Larry Brown as the new Bobcats coach, replacing Sam Vincent, who was fired last Saturday. This will be Brown's ninth NBA coaching job.

Full story:

Crowd marches to tell City Council: Fight crime: A group of city residents marched from Dilworth Neighborhood Grille on Morehead Street to city headquarters downtown to protest the rising crime rates in Charlotte. They demanded that city leaders do something about their safety.

Full story:

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Of Easley, endorsements and Bill Maher

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So Gov. Mike Easley has given a rousing endorsement (according to news reports) for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Here's why Easley's plug won't matter at all. First of all, Easley couldn't be "rousing" if his life depended on it. Second, as the state's chief executive, he has been aloof and relatively ineffective, almost as if his election campaign's feverish intensity burned him out. Whatever the reason, he's largely seen by many North Carolinians as a do-nothing functionary and isn't popular enough to win over many voters for Hillary. Heck, I voted for Easley, and I'm not particularly concerned about who he supports for president. As Bill Maher put it recently — in his own tactful, graceful way — when a few political endorsements were announced on his show, "Who really gives a shit?" Governors and senators endorsing presidential candidates is a longtime tradition that won't go away as long as there are governors and senators who'd like to work in the White House. The best advice is to duck and keep your head down and vote for whomever you've made up your own mind to support.

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People really hate the FAFSA ...

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Sen. Hillary Clinton drew a large crowd to the Bobcats Time Warner Cable Arena last night. I'd say the arena was 60 percent to 70 percent full.

She drew lots of applause on the usual topics — the war, health care, jobs, gas prices — but many people in the audience must have some really terrible students loans. When she said she'd do away with the FAFSA form that people have to file to get aid for college, you would have thought she'd promised six-figure jobs for all. When she asked who was paying more than 20 percent interest on their student loans, several people applauded. Twenty percent or more????

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Quote This

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“A weaker person than myself might have been changed by so much rudeness. By what happened in the garden. But I am still the same. I will not frustrate a hungry child or snub a thirsty man. With proper guests, a visit would be smooth. Our home and grounds are gracious. I have not given up.”

— Theft, by N.S. Köenings (Back Bay Books; $13.99; now available)

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Young person's rant

Posted By on Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 11:50 AM

I am pissed. I am mad as hell and I have no choice but to continue to take it. Bend over and smile. Yes, I am talking about the outrageous gas prices, food prices, and what it takes in general to live.

Now I can understand maybe high prices on new cars or vacations or things that if we had to we could live without. But who in the hell thought that it was a good idea to raise the price of things people need to live? There is absolutely no reason it should cost me $60 to fill up a Toyota Camry!  I am also paying out the ass for groceries, which leaves no room for me to go out and let my hair down. There are only so many nights a girl can stay in with her friends without going stir crazy.

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