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Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekender, Feb. 10-12

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Check out these events going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area this weekend— as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.

Friday, Feb. 10
The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told
Duke Energy Theatre
It's not the first time the feathers of local area bigots have been ruffled because of the mingling of religious and homosexual material on stage. This time around, local Catholics, among others, hosted a prayer vigil outside of Duke Energy Theatre last week to protest performances of playwright Paul Rudnick's The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told. The play shares the Bible's creation story in a flamboyantly gay perspective — and what better local theater group to do so than Queen City Theatre Company. Adam and Eve have been replaced with Adam and Steve, while Cain and Abel take a more feminine turn as Jane and Mabel. Together, these comical characters must learn how to deal with bodily functions, temptations and their creator — all while surviving a flood, slavery in Egypt and life in modern-day New York.

Comedy Nikki Glaser is tired of having to explain that she's single, not gay. A semi-finalst of Last Comic Standing (season four), Glaser talks freely about whatever she feels like. This includes her experiences with dating, sexual assault and farting, among other randomness. More...

Music Composer John Williams has a knack for writing memorable music. This is why he's been commissioned to write scores for cinematic gems like Star Wars, E.T., Hook, Close Encounters and Schindler’s List, among others. In honor of his many works, Charlotte Symphony is devoting an entire show to his tunes. So if you come to Charlotte Symphony: A John Williams Spectacular, expect to leave humming along to something. May the force be with you. More...

Saturday, Feb. 11
6th Annual Valentease Show
Visulite Theatre
The Saturday before Valentine's Day is as good of time as any (better, in fact) to celebrate the lovey dovey holiday. After all, those in the working world know a late night Tuesday (which V-Day falls on this year) is less enticing than sleep. Right? Keeping that in mind, Visulite Theatre is the place to party this weekend, as classic vaudeville and burlesque comes in a form that's as sweet as chocolate. The 6th Annual Valentease Show is filled with a variety of burlesque performers — with titles as delicious as Cherry Muffin and Ginny Tonic — and comedians like Hannibal and Johnny Millwater. DJ Spider spins the music and Charlotte fav Big Mamma D is prepared to dazzle the crowd with her biggest moves and vocal chords.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekender, Feb. 3-5

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Check out these events going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area this weekend— as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.

Friday, Feb. 3
Natasha Legerro
The Comedy Zone
Don’t get comedian Natasha Legerro started on the women’s movement. She’s pissed about having to work, while her female predecessors got a free pass. And forget having babies. “Having a baby is like a D.U.I. from the universe,” she says. Legerro, who has been a regular on Chelsea Lately, Reno 911! and Comedy Central, is also music critic. Not really, but she’ll give her two cents on the absurdity of hip-hop, country and whatever else she hears on the radio.

Arts Is it just me or is NoDaRioty's All Arts Market not a great place to shop? The congregation of local artists and craftmakers selling affordable goods — paintings, jewelry, pottery, clothing, soaps, lotions and more — is an easy solution to gift giving. And, just a reminder: Valentines Day is right around the corner. More...

Music Bechtler Museum of Modern Art's Jazz at the Bechtler series is setting the tone for this month with ballads. The show, Jazz is for Lovers will feature The Ziad Jazz quartet performing a roster of romantic songs — like Sarah Vaughan's "You Don't Know What Love Is," Stevie Wonder's "All in Love is Fair" — by composers moved by the sentiment of love. More...

Saturday, Feb. 4
Bon Bons & Bubbly
BLT Steak
Chocolate is all over the shelves for Valentines Day, a holiday that can be romantic or dreadful (depending on who you're spending it with or if you’re flying solemnly solo). BLT Steak's Bon Bons & Bubbly isn't on V-Day, but is timely enough to serve as a sweet thing to do for sugary indulgences. At the event, hosted by pastry chef Rachael Burns, participants will learn how to concoct delish desserts like chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate bon bons and truffles. A specialty chocolate martini demonstration is also available. Mmm ... doesn't that sound tempting?

Music When Tool announced they’d be hitting the road in early 2012, fans everywhere sweated with nervous anticipation that there might be some new tunes to be heard and shook in the hope that they wouldn’t be playing the same setlist, again. While much of the band’s set will be what they’ve played for five years running, they are mixing in a few older songs such as “Ticks & Leeches,” “Hooker with a Penis” and “Pushit.” ... and the fans collectively sigh. More...

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weekender, Jan. 27-29

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Check out these events going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area this weekend— as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.

Friday, Jan. 27
McColl Center for Visual Arts
Lovers of art come together at McColl Center for Visual Art's new exhibition, aptly titled Converge. Featuring new works — created by Quisqueya Henriquez and Sonya Clark while serving as Knight Artists-in-Residence — the exhibit explores themes of identity and inclusion. Henriquez distorts computerized collages, while Clark uses fiber art (like the pictured construct, "Afro Abe II") to entwine common ... and hairy ... objects with aspects of history. Works by other artists-in-residence can be viewed on the 2nd and 3rd floor galleries.

Theater Depending on how you look at it, clothes do more than just covering bodies. They actually help us to preserve memories about ourselves, which we may have otherwise forgotten. That’s the concept behind Love, Loss, and What I Wore. The intimate collection of stories by Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron gives a new perspective to the stuff stored away in your closet. Cowboy boots are a reminder of a once toxic relationship, while a new bra conjures the harsh diagnosis of breast cancer. More...

Comedy Mon Frere (French for "my brother"), the Greensboro-based comedy troupe who filled The Mill (now Roux at Boudreaux's) last year during its Harry Potter-inspired sketch shows Hufflepuffed is back — but this time without the brooms and snide comments about Dumbledore. Instead, the troupe has magically maneuvered new material into its act, which is also slated to feature Thunderstood, a one-man multimedia comedy by founding member AJ Schraeder. The show is raising money for travel expenses for Schraeder, who was chosen to attend the San Francisco Sketchfest. Sean Keenan's foul-mouther Talking Baby opens. More...

Saturday, Jan. 28
Carolina Cinemas Crownpoint
Winner of the Best Actress Prize at the Cannes Film Festival — and the movie that writer-director Lars von Trier was promoting when he got banned from the fest for his eyebrow-raising comments involving Adolph Hitler — the visually stimulating Melancholia is landing in Charlotte via a special four-day run presented by the Back Alley Film Series. Kirsten Dunst delivers a quietly powerful performance as Justine, a newly hitched bride whose depression finds a symbolic outlet in Melancholia, a planet that’s heading directly toward Earth. Charlotte Gainsbourg, herself a Cannes prize winner for a von Trier film (Antichrist), co-stars as Justine’s put-upon sister, while Kiefer Sutherland appears as Gainsbourg’s rational husband.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekender, Jan. 20-22

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Check out these events going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area this weekend— as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.

Friday, Jan. 20
Queen's Feast: Charlotte Restaurant Week
Locations Vary
Queen’s Feast: Charlotte Restaurant Week is a time to forget about the weight-loss resolutions you made for 2012. Instead, you ought to take advantage of the $30 prix fixe, three-course dinners at upscale restaurants in Charlotte and the surrounding area. You can go back to simpleton food after Jan. 29 (when the foodie fiesta ends).

Nightlife Sexy accents, vodka and honey cake are three good things I associate with Russia. For that reason alone, the latest Global Fever: Moscow Never Sleeps at Dharma Lounge has captured my attention. It’ll have at least two of the things I listed above (honey cake won’t be there, but I’m sure some honeys will). In addition, DJ Dim and Kosta X spin global beats all night long. More...

Film Bechtler Museum of Modern Art’s Architecture + Film series continues this evening with a screening of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. The 1948 flick stars Cary Grant and Myrna Loy as a couple who buys an old house in the countryside. From renovations to a total rebuild, the tasks prove to be more tedious and expensive than their former life in the city. Reception and presentation before the film. More...

Saturday, Jan. 21
New Year, New You
Kalu Restaurant
Beauty is not only skin-deep, but getting a makeover certainly can’t hurt every once in a while. The women’s empowerment event New Year New You will offer makeovers, mini workshops on beauty, relationships, business and more, health and fitness sessions, live performances, and local vendor shopping — all that do wonders for your soul. Donations will be taken for a local nonprofit.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weekender, Jan. 13-15

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Check out these events going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area this weekend— as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.

Friday, Jan. 13
Cash Crop
The Harvey B. Gantt Center
After saying bye-bye to its three Romare Bearden exhibits last weekend, The Harvey B. Gantt Center unveils Cash Crop, an intense new exhibit comprised of 15 slavery-inspired sculptures by artist Stephen Hayes (See photo — doesn’t that just make your chest ache?). Two more exhibits, Contemporary African Photography: Malick Sidibé & Zwelethu Mthetwa and Rhythm-A-Ning: James Phillips, Charles Searles & Frank Smith open along side of it, adding African photography and abstract paintings to the mix.

Theater High tides are at stake in Carolina Actors Studio Theatre's splashy new stage stimulator, Jack Goes Boating. In the play, four New Yorker's — all of which, haven't been successful in the love department — cross paths in their quest to survive. Hobbies including cooking classes, illegal drug use and swimming lessons have kept them preoccupied, but only closer to the edge of drowning in their own sorrows. Sounds like life jackets are in order, right? More...

Comedy You don’t have to rent a movie to spend Friday night with DC Curry. The comedian, who has starred on BET’s Comic View and in films Next Friday and Friday After Next, performs live at The Comedy Zone tonight. More...

Saturday, Jan. 14
His Girl Friday
ImagineOn's Wells Fargo Playhouse
The Main Library's Extra! Extra!: Celebrating the Newspaper Picture film series continues this week with a screening of 1940's His Girl Friday. The comedy stars Cary Grant as an editor who wants to break more than just the news. After hearing of his reporter ex-wife's (Rosalind Russell) decision to settle down with an insurance man (Ralph Bellamy), he devises a plan to end the unadventurous relationship by sending her to sniff out a big story.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weekender, Jan. 6-8

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Check out these events going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area this weekend— as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.

Friday, Jan. 6
Sumo Wrestling
Hartigan's Irish Pub
Traditional sumo wrestling is heavily (pun intended) regimented. They’re expected to wake up early for training, skip breakfast and fill up on large portions of grub late in the day (you know, when they’re starving), wash it down with beer, and go to sleep afterward. Sounds a little like the holidays, right? For those who think they have what it takes, Hartigan’s Irish Pub is hosting its own Sumo Wrestling night. All of it is amateur, meaning anyone brave enough for the pushing and pulling (remember: no striking with fists, choking, kicking, pulling hair or banging around the loincloth) can participate. Special padded suits add extra protection and bulk, making the matches a bit more fair.

Arts "I'm interested in memory and how we use it to create the stories of ourselves — our personal myths," shares artist Johan Hagaman. In his current exhibit at Hidell Brooks Gallery — opening with a reception tonight — mixed media works line the walls. Hagaman is heavily influenced by literature and its concepts of visual narratives, metaphors and symbols, all of have a way of creeping into his creations. More...

Music When Justin Robinson left the Carolina Chocolate Drops earlier this year, it certainly made waves. You’d be hard-pressed to find many artists willing to walk away from a Grammy Award-winning band the year they won it. Then again, having an all Black, old-time string band was a rarity to begin with. Robinson’s new project features he and the Mary Annette’s, a group of multi-instrumentalists, combining what he’s done in the past with their own background of musical experiences. Performing tonight at The Evening Muse. More...

Saturday, Jan. 7
All the President's Men
ImagineOn's Wells Fargo Playhouse
Here’s some cinematic news worthy of above-the-fold headlines: The Main Library’s latest film series kicks off this week, and it’s a grabber. At a point when the printed page continues to lose ground to the Internet, “Extra! Extra!”: Celebrating the Newspaper Picture focuses on movies showcasing various noble (and some not-so-noble) members of the Fourth Estate. The line-up starts with 1976’s All the President’s Men, the superb dramatization of how brash Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) stuck to their guns despite testy opposition and eventually blew open the Watergate scandal that toppled the presidency of Richard Nixon. All told, the series will include nine films shown through early April.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekender, Dec. 30-31

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Check out these events going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area this weekend— as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.

Friday, Dec. 30
Rock of Ages
Belk Theater
Rock of Ages is pretty much what you can expect from the title: an arena-rock musical featuring some of the most popular bands and songs from the ’80s. This includes music from Journey, Styx, Pat Benatar and Poison and what would that be without a love story to tie everything — big hair, too — together?

Music Long-established guitarist, drummer and vocalist Cedric Burnside, who learned the craft of blues playing alongside his grandfather R.L. Burnside, leads his latest combo that fires up the amps with a mix of slow-burning acoustic to rousing hill-country blues. A bit of blues-rap is also in the offing. The band is on the road plugging the new recording The Way I Am. More...

Comedy John Wesley Austin, aka "cowboy comedian," has lassoed his funniest material and I taking to the stage of The Comedy Zone Charlotte. He’s known for picking up the guitar for parodies of familiar country songs and some originals too. Yeehaw to that! More...

Saturday, Dec. 31
Decades Disco Ball
Glam and glitz go hand in hand at Phoenix’s Decades Disco Ball. The dazzling New Year's Eve throwdown features performances by an entourage of glittery go-go dancers, an aerialist, stilt walkers and diva drag queen Bethann Phetamine. DJs Johnny Vicious, Andy Kastanas, Scott Weaver, Tober, Dick Tracey, Sasha Taylor and Steve Tuohy will spin through the night. Balloon drop, confetti, party favors and other surprises too.

Nightlife 2012 is coming, even if it feels as though you're taking a blast into the past at Breakfast Club's Back to the Future Bash. The ninth annual NYE shindig features three levels of festivities, party favors, a champagne toast and confetti at midnight and, most importantly — for those who haven't quite moved forward musically — '80s and '90s dance mixes all night long. More...

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Weekender, Dec. 23-24

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Check out these events going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area this weekend— as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.

Friday, Dec. 23
Julius the Mad Thinker
Dharma Lounge
“Some call it house. We call it home.” That’s the motto behind the promotional/DJ collective 3Degrees Global. As a co-founder and partner of the org, Chicago-based Julius the Mad Thinker is known for his dynamic ability to spin energetic electronic beats that are as soothing as they are thumping — and hopefully, even thought-provoking. Check your troubles at the door and surrender to a hypnotic mix of sounds that may or may not put you on the path to enlightenment. We’re betting the big ol’ Buddha guarding the bar would approve.

Comedy Comedian James Sibley looks like an average dude, but the average dude probably isn’t quite as funny as he is. Sibley, who has starred on the goofy TV sitcom My Name is Earl, tells stories about his own life (including divorce, which resulted in four very expensive children), as well as his wacky observations of random things — women farting, midgets in dreams, the perils of skydiving and unsolved robberies. He’s probably also got some jokes about the holidays up his sleeve. Check him out during a three-day gig at The Comedy Zone Charlotte. More...

Nightlife If you thought the rave scene had gone the way of Tamagotchis and Dolly the sheep, it’s time to think again. Charlotte’s music venues have given massive support to electronic dance artists and the passionate appetites of the audiences that hunger for them. Whether you break it down best to euro trance, trip hop, grime or dubstep, week after week our city presents acts concocted to satisfy your cravings. Jonesin’ for a heaping of drum & bass on your holiday party plate? Lucky for you, the world-renowned Dieselboy will be in town just in time for you to get on Santa’s naughty list. Dieselboy has received well-deserved acclaim for developing the drum & bass sound stateside at a time when the genre was primarily a British phenomenon. Whether you’re a fan or you’re just curious, don’t waste this opportunity to get some bass in your face. More...

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weekender, Dec. 16-18

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Check out these events going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area this weekend— as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.

Friday, Dec. 16
Koolhaas Houselife

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
The Architecture + Film series continues at Bechtler Museum of Modern Art with a screening of the documentary, Koolhaas Houselife this Friday. The film focuses on the renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, while taking viewers on a journey through his contemporary masterpiece, The House Bordeaux — designed in 1998. Personalized through stories of its caretaker Guadalupe Acedo and other maintenance workers, the quarters make for an interesting documentary. A short presentation and discussion follows the screening.

Comedy Wearing a poncho to Neighborhood Theatre tonight is a good idea, unless that is, you don’t mind being splashed with fruits and other flying material as Gallagher goes spastic with his sledgehammer (better known as the “sledge-o-matic”). The comedian has more than 30 years in the biz of stand-up and his acts don’t require smashing things, though they’re far more entertaining that way. Front rows of the audience will be protected with plastic sheeting. More...

Comedy Comedian Ron Feingold doesn’t stick to the usual stand-up routine. He’s been known to joke about whatever he feels like, give impressions of heyday cartoon characters and more importantly sing — a cappella-style with looping layered vocals. Though he’s not horrific at stretching the ol’ vocal chords, the whole process combined with a surprising selection of covers is what really makes the show entertaining. More...

Saturday, Dec. 17
Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey

The Light Factory and Hodges Taylor Art Consultancy
It’s no secret that Elmo is one of the most iconic muppets in the biz. The furry fire engine red character rules the toy aisles. No surprise, his giggles can be rather annoying after one too many presses of the tummy, but they can also be a blessing in disguise for intoxicating children — and that’s all thanks to a man you’ve probably never even heard of: Mr. Kevin Clash. The Light Factory’s First Run Film series’ screening of Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey is an insightful documentary into Clash’s journey. You’ll find out how he got to Sesame Street and hear interviews with celebrities — Frank Oz, Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, Carroll Spinney, more — on the matter. You may want to hug someone after it’s all said and done. Just remember, “Elmo loves you.”

Art Culture Initiative is doing it big for its three-year anniversary/3D Art Showcase. Installations, sculptures and other mixed media by local artists — including Joel Tracey and the Arthur brothers (head honchos of the artsy org), Sharon Dowell, Scott Partridge, Carlleena Person, Erich Moffitt, Henry Schreiber and John Hairston Jr. and a whole bunch of others that we haven’t the room to list — line a 5,000-square-foot space. In addition to the showcase, you can expect live DJs and bands, live paintings, a photo booth, interactive photo shoot and a bar stocked with wine, beer and other bevs. More...

Music As the music community is saddened by the sudden loss last week of Rodney Lanier, it remains steadfast in its efforts to support the memory of one of its most talented members. This show’s going to have a bit of seasonal flair as a number of local musicians have been teaming up to sing holiday tunes for a soon-to-be-released benefit album. Among those performing tonight are The Aqualads, Benji Hughes and others. More...

Sunday, Dec. 18
Chaps! A Jingle, Jangle Christmas

Actors Theater of Charlotte
Cowboys and Christmas go hand in hand over at Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, where Chaps! A Jingle, Jangle Christmas has taken the stage to lasso your spirits silly for the holidays. Set during a Christmas in 1944, the musical follows an evening of chaos and surprise, as a radio station gears up for its big holiday broadcast. In a nutshell: A popular cowboy named Tex Riley and his troupe of entertainers are scheduled to appear, but well ... don’t. In an act of desperation, a frantic radio producer hands the scripts off to some offbeat folks who make an unpredicted ripple in the radio waves.

Food The Turkish-styled grilled beef kabobs are quite delicious, as are the shish kafta with remarkably fresh tzatziki sauce at Troy Mediterranean Grill. Save room for homemade desserts like baklava and kataifi. More...

Theater The holidays just wouldn't be nearly as exciting without spooky, feel-good classics like Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. In its fifth year, Theatre Charlotte stages the magical tale of a cold-hearted Ebenezer Scrooge, who gets much more than a lump of coal for his bad behavior. The ghost of his late partner Jacob Marley and the spirits of Past, Present and Future Christmas pay him a visit - yikes! He sure was naughty. More...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weekender, Dec. 9-11

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Check out these events going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area this weekend— as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.

Friday, Dec. 9
Charlotte Fine Art Show
Charlotte Convention Center
In its fourth year, the annual Charlotte Fine Art Show showcases juried fine arts and crafts from artists around the world, including those from the Carolinas. Mediums vary with items such as paintings, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, clothing, clay and more. Whether you’re looking for something specific or wandering aimlessly, you won’t have trouble finding something eye-catching (like say the funky pictured clay work by artist Marilee Hall) here.

Comedy In efforts to follicly fight against domestic violence, Beards BeCause — a non-profit organization advocating against domestic violence and raising moola for local abuse shelters — encourages folks to toss their razors and grow hair for a greater cause. This year’s hairy fundraising efforts will be recognized during a Finale Party at Amos’ Southend. At the shaving shindig, stylists from Kemon Academy will be armed with scissors for creatively styling the beards of top fundraising participants. Awards in categories such as, ‘Grizzliest Adams Award,’ ‘Patch Adams,’ and ‘Handcrafted,’ among others are handed out during th e competition. Live music by Eveleyn Rose, The Spiveys and Grown Up Avenger Stuff, a silent auction and onsite painting by John Hairston Jr. is also on the agenda. More...

Theater The holidays just wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without spooky, feel-good classics like Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. In its fifth year, Theatre Charlotte stages the magical tale of a cold-hearted Ebenezer Scrooge, who gets much more than a lump of coal for his bad behavior. The ghost of his late partner Jacob Marley and the spirits of Past, Present and Future Christmas pay him a visit — yikes! He sure was naughty. More...

Saturday, Dec. 10
Belk Theater
Although Nutcracker is one of the most classic cases of holiday ballet, it takes more than a tutu and pointe shoes to properly pull off the production. NC Dance Theatre does it right with choreography by Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, iconic Pyotr Tchaikovsky scores performed live by the Charlotte Symphony, colorful (and flaky) props, and a carefully costumed cast of dancers pirouetting an impressive number of footwork feats. Not to mention, the storyline is bizarre in itself — a mysterious caped man gives his young goddaughter a nutcracker that comes to life, only to attract the lovely sugar plum fairy and an evil mouse king with an entourage of loyally rambunctious rodents.

Theater Distant Relatives, An African Ballet is courtesy of Oneaka Collective, a Charlotte-based nonprofit organization providing cultural aids to the community. Through various forms of dance, songs, rhymes and spoken word, the one-night-only program tells the story of the African Diaspora and how it has left folks with distant relatives all around the world. More...

Nightlife The holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry. The 12th Annual Santa Bar Crawl has you covered on the last two. Crawlers hop from bar to bar — stops include Fox & Hound, Suite, Bar Charlotte, Hooters, Wild Wing Cafe, Re:Public, Buckhead Saloon, Prohibition, Tilt On Trade, Whisky River and Dixie’s Tavern — for the glorious guzzling of $2 beer specials, $3 shot specials & $5 drink specials. Holiday costumes are encouraged — everyone wants to see a drunk Santa. More...

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