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Music Menu (2/28/09)

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Andy Friedman & the Other Failures Friedman moonlights as an illustrator for, among others, The New Yorker, and the skewed view of the world that gig dictates pervades his "citybilly," as some have taken to calling his music. Part of a fertile NYC scene embracing country and blues roots sans Big City Irony, Friedman's cock-eyed narratives certainly resonate beyond most of what passes for serious country music these days. The Other Failures flesh out his recently released sophomore record, Weary Things, with typically twangy accents, and the whole she-bang suggests that putting a smile on the listener's face doesn't mean Friedman's kidding around. With Lowry at the late show. The Evening Muse (John Schacht)

Pontiak The sludgy, brooding riff-rock this trio of brothers pulled from the loam of their native Virginia farmland was one of 2008's richest surprises. Sun On Sun balanced its pummeling-yet-melodic guitars and psychedelic space-scapes just right, infusing the songs with enough menace to suggest you were reverting to something primordial just by listening to them. Now, only six months later, they're dropping another gem on Thrill Jockey, Maker, which doesn't change the formula beyond offering more in shorter, more focused bursts. Your humble correspondent doesn't cotton much to the loud stuff anymore, but for this band he's willing to sacrifice what's left of his hearing on its hard-rock altar. With The Kickass and 2013 Wolves. The Milestone (Schacht)

Charlie Louvin Country, bluegrass and gospel legend Charlie Louvin has been around the bend once or twice, to say the least. Touring in support of his new recording Sings Murder Ballads and Disaster Songs, Louvin's voice may be aging but his music remains potent. As half of the Louvin Brothers, Charlie Louvin was hugely influential in the post-war country eras of the '40s and '50s. He went solo in 1963 and today the 81-years-young Louvin may struggle to hit higher notes, but still churns out toetappers. Old school never sounded so good. The Evening Muse (Shukla)

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic The Godfather of Funk is back, and really if you aren't familiar with his music it should be a requirement to be at this show. After all, "there ain't no party like a P-Funk party, cause a P-Funk party don't stop." He with the multi-colored coif is currently in a country competition on CMT, but I'm sure he's gonna keep it funky. Neighborhood Theatre (Jeff Hahne)

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Friday, February 27, 2009

CIAA FriDAY parties

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The festive CIAA fans have the party stamina of Michael Phelps (I mean in regards to swimming) because they party until 4 a.m. and then they get right up and do it again, with day parties starting before lunch. I mean, can we go all out like this for the ACC tournament?


For a lunch break of a bash there’s the Fish Fry at Tempo and Digital Divas at Blue….

I couldn’t believe how many people were at the bar at Blue at 2 p.m. on a rainy Friday afternoon. DJ Daddy D was playing some of my old school faves that I used to dance to in high school.

I think the bartenders went into the freezer in the back to get high or something, because we stood there at the basically unattended bar for a good 10 minutes to sample the “Digital Diva” specialty cocktail (Alize Rose & Ginger Ale). When the 'tenders finally came back to the bar we had to repeat the elementary order four times to one bartender before he just handed it off to another. But the Digital Diva Alize was a tasty lick nonetheless.

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Lynn Farris

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Lynn Farris, self-proclaimed concert junkie, started at CL in 1997 as an editorial intern once she realized how much cooler it’d be getting credit for doing the Police Blotter and Soundboard for the alternative weekly than sitting in a classroom writing papers on who knows what. After graduating the following year, this Charlotte native officially joined CL full-time as Listings Editor. She later moved up to staff writer then eventually became Music Editor before exiting stage left in 2003. A firm believer that she’ll forever have the call of the rock, Lynn can still be seen around town taking in a show or 10 when she’s not at home spending time with her husband and daughter…and their many four-legged friends, including CL’s one and only red-eared slider, Flash.


Lynn’s Complete Vibes Archive


10-in-10 CD reviews

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Each Friday we bring you 10-word reviews of 10 random CDs released in the last few months:

Jeff Kashiwa Back in the Day — For some reason it kinda reminds me of Kenny G.

Various Artists Confessions of a Shopaholic Soundtrack — Good way to get in touch with your feminine side.

Joe Rathbone Mad July — He reminds me of Mike Doughty without the witty lyrics.

Jonas Brothers Music from the 3D Concert Experience — Unfortunately, it looks like they’re gonna be around a while.

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band — Indie buzz-sters’ debut combines elements of classic rock, modern rock.

Superdrag Industry Giants — Power-pop alt-rockers have kept some ’90s sound intact.

Ballas Hough Band BHB — More pop crap. Go back to “Dancing with the Stars.”

The International Noise Conspiracy The Cross of My Calling — Band pays a lot of homage to classic rock, poorly.

Ronnie Milsap Then Sings My Soul: 24 Favorite Hymns and Gospel Favorites —Country soul legend tackles numerous classic songs on two discs.

Bruce Robison His Greatest — Songwriter re-records a variety of his country hits, solo tunes.

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CIAA, take 2

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I pulled up to the Bojangles' Coliseum for the T.I. and Young Jeezy concert as the symphony concert at the neighboring Ovens Auditorium was letting out. On the way in, we passed families in black-tie attire and a little child prodigy pianist in a bow tie... and we were going to see T.I.

There were cops everywhere surrounding the arena and auditorium... I bet they were there to make sure the crowd coming out of the symphony didn’t act up, right?

T.I. is on his farewell tour because he is going to Yale — I mean, jail... But if you think about it, jail is kinda like the Ivy league of street smarts, so T.I. is going to Yale in a sense, sorta.

T.I. had a DJ instead of a band; I thought I was at a heavy metal concert at one point. T.I.’s head banging would’ve put Axl Rose to shame.


He said he was in Charlotte a while back and, when he was, he got “locked up in Mecklenburg County.”

T.I. packed the BoRound, or Bojangles Coliseum rather... or maybe it looks like a giant chicken biscuit for some reason, with 4,000 people, and about 500 of them were on the stage. I’d say they were the hype men, but they just kinda stood there. I thought I might catch a contact high in the dome with the smoky air. Just to remind you, it is illegal to smoke marijuana in general... let alone in public.

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Photos from T.I. concert

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You have to admit, T.I. is doing his thing before he gets locked up. Check out these photos from his concert last night at the Bojangles' Coliseum. Pastor Troy, Young Jeezy and Young Buck also performed.

Photos by Jeaumane McIntosh

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Grant Britt

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Grant Britt has been writing about music since shortly after the earth cooled and little beasties crawled out of the primordial muck and grew hands to hold pencils with. He wrote nationally for Zoo World before moving to Key West for nine years to wait out the seventies and bake his brain. Since moving back to Greensboro in the mid '80s he has continued to freelance, contributing to Creative Loafing Atlanta and Charlotte. He does music reviews for the Greensboro News and Record, and will work for food.


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Lew Herman

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An archival kind of guy, Lew Herman created the Charlotte Music Archive in Charlotte’s Main Public Library. As musician and producer he runs, an eclectic record label featured on EMusic and ITunes. He likes writing about music and travel. He's currently working on starting a radio station/webcast at Queens University of Charlotte.

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Anita Overcash

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Anita earned her Bachelor’s degree in 2006 from UNC-Charlotte, where she graduated with majors in English and religious studies and a minor in journalism. During her time in college she worked as both a Staff Writer and Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor for The University Times. She interned with Creative Loafing during her senior year of college and continued to freelance for the weekly publication up until she was hired full-time as Listings Editor. Anita enjoys traveling (She’s traveled to Germany, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Canada, The Bahamas and elsewhere throughout the United States), reading (Anne Rice, Hermann Hesse, Milan Kundera, Cormac McCarthy are among her favorite authors) and going to concerts on a regular basis. She’s a bit of a music-a-holic and can usually be found listening to music or humming along to whatever song is stuck in her head.


Anita's Complete Vibes Archive


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