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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Things we overheard at the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Charlotte concert

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Red Hot Chili Peppers, Babymetal, Jack Irons
Spectrum Center
April 17, 2017

The Red Hot Chili Peppers brought their legendary brand of punk rock and funk to Charlotte’s Spectrum Center Monday night as part of their 2017 North American Tour. The quartet has been going strong (with a few lineup changes) since its formation in 1983 and managed to pack every seat in the arena. The RHCP have a way of bridging the generation gap, as evidenced by the wide age ranges in attendance on Monday night. There were parents introducing their 10-year olds to the band that defined their young adulthood, older folks rocking out as hard as they did in their youth and high schoolers just discovering their discography.

With half of Charlotte seemingly in attendance for the big show, there was a lot to be heard:

One of the hundreds of concert goers swarming the concessions stands in an effort to escape Babymetal, the opening band’s, performance: “You guys in line for beer?...FUCK!”

A man in awe of the apparent uniform worn by a good portion of the crowd: “There’s flannel everywhere…”

Older man at the concessions stand, referring to all of the tweens and teens attending the show: “It’s like Disney World in here.”

Two millenials in their Target RHCP gear, greeting each other across the crowd: “Bro?!” “BRO!!”

A parent as they grudgingly coughed up the dough for their child’s souvenir: “$80 for a hoodie? Who do they think they are, The Beatles?”

A wide-eyed young man grabbing pizza at the concession stand “I feel like I’m in a white man’s Narnia.”

Man on a beer run: “Yup, that’s about right…four hundred dollars for one ticket and two beers.”

A mom talking about her children’s induction into the RHCP tradition: “We’re in the nosebleeds, but they won’t care. It’s their first concert.”

Can't Stop
Snow ((Hey Oh))
The Zephyr Song
Dark Necessities
She's Only 18
Me & My Friends
Go Robot
Parallel Universe
The Power of Equality
The Getaway
Higher Ground
What Is Soul?
Under the Bridge
By the Way

Goodbye Angels
Give It Away

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Heard: Miley Cyrus, Time Warner Cable Arena (8/6/2014)

Posted By on Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 10:15 AM

Miley Cyrus
Time Warner Cable Arena
Aug. 6, 2014

Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz concert tour finally made its way back to Charlotte last night. After abruptly canceling her April 7 show 30 minutes before it was scheduled to start, Cyrus looped back around and brought her insane two-hour spectacle to Time Warner Cable Arena’s stage on Aug. 6, 2014.

Considering Cyrus was supposed to be here oh, four months ago, an apology was definitely expected by the mostly filled arena (though most of the upper level was curtained off) before she got too far into the show. “For any of you guys who were on the way to this show last time, I apologize,” she said. “Better late than never!”

For the last year, it seems like all anyone talks about when they mention Miley Cyrus is how sexualized she's become since shedding her alter ego Hannah Montana. And by shedding Hannah Montana, we mean growing up. The hyper-sexualized Bangerz Tour seems like the only way to officially sever the cord that held her Disney days in tow — at least to Miley. In fact, the Bangerz tour is so hyper sexualized in its very nature that even upon airing a butchered and highly edited version of the show, NBC STILL got hit with a list of viewer complaints and is now being investigated by the FCC.

The performance is exactly what you'd expect from the “new” Miley: it's loud, it's over the top, at times it makes you feel like you must be tripping (thanks to some insanely imaginative and sometimes creepy video sequences). And yes, it's so hyper-sexualized it actually doesn't even feel remotely sexual. It's as though it's so planned out and hyped that by the time you actually get to the concert, you’re desensitized. Miley stroking the tits of a little person while simulating oral sex in a bed with three dudes? No big deal. Occasionally slapping her vagina? It's like a high-five. Air humping in a thong on top a car? Yawn.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Heard: Kiss, PNC Music Pavilion (7/19/2014)

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PNC Music Pavilion
July 19, 2014

For 40 years, Kiss has been a well-oiled, money-making, touring machine. The make-up-wearing, leather-clad quartet has undergone a few lineup changes, but some things remain the same. If you go to a Kiss concert these days, you're going to hear the hits. You're going to see Gene Simmons spit fireballs, drool blood and fly to the rafters. You're going to hear Paul Stanley hit all the high notes and run his hands through his hair. You're going to see Tommy Thayer shoot fireworks from his guitar.

Walking into a Kiss show, you don't expect surprises, you simply expect to be entertained. On the band's current tour, they're playing a 75-minute closing set after co-headliner Def Leppard. Instead of reviewing the show and giving you the same details you can read in countless other places, we thought we'd offer some of the gems we caught wind of in the crowd, along with five comments you'd never hear at a Kiss show.

Heard in the VIP area between sets by a loud guy talking to a group of his buddies:
Guy A: "It's not a good concert unless you see titties. I'd even take one titty."
Guy B lifts his own shirt to expose his chest.
Guy A: "Not yours. You keep your shirt on!"

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