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A case for gardening 

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This year has been a great opportunity for everybody to reevaluate their way of life. Many Americans were forced out of their job while others simply lost their job due to businesses closing. With tighter budgets and more time at home, this pandemic has encouraged many to plant home gardens.

Home gardens allow individuals to cultivate food in their own way, whether they use a green-house, patio, or the original style on the ground there are several options including raised beds and tower gardens. One can grow their own bonsai fruit trees for future harvest while planting seeds in the ground, pots and starter pods. It is a great form of learning growth and the development of life from bonding with nature and the natural process of yielding food from the plants.

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A garden helps to revitalize your life and those around you by providing essential elements, nutrients, and energy from harvesting your plants organically. There are many forms of growing your own gardens. Bonding with mother nature and all of the eternal energy that is provided by the sun, moon, earth, wind, and the rain that falls down upon us from above allows us to harness that energy inside of the fruits, vegetables, and herbs. These can provide healthy organic food options for yourself and others around you or even ship worldwide. There is an endless amount of benefits to having your own homegrown garden. I previously stated there are several different types of growing methods to choose from, the greenhouse, hydroponics, potted plants in the windows, balcony, or patio style. We all need reminders and I believe growing plants is one of if not the best way to help create a more natural healthy lifestyle and thus providing essential foods and ingredients for preparing meals.

Many agree that beginning at a young age, children should be taught in school the basics of nurturing a plant for potential growth, more kids this generation need to have the experience of learning from the soil and how essential it is for farming our future flora.

Plantlife is vital to our survival as it produces the life-force energy that surrounds us all everywhere across this planet earth. The oxygen released through photosynthesis is naturally-thriving energy that helps our atmospheric pressure maintain somewhat of a balance for the majority of our daily lives as human beings interacting with the forces of nature through our endless endeavors of innovations and revolutions.

Pearland garden and tree maintenance experts. 

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Gardening in creativity for the uncreative. When you till your garden and prepare your soil, that is like a master painter preparing his paints to produce that masterpiece. But when you finally open the packages of seeds and have that joy of placing them just so in that carefully prepared soil, there is a sensation of making something happen that is new life and wouldn’t have happened because of you that refreshes even the most cynical baby boomer and puts them in touch with themselves and with nature in a way that is hard to match in any other pastime.

We know that we did not create the seed and that we are no more than caregivers in helping that plant sprout and then grow into a healthy fruit, herb, or vegetable plant. By becoming part of the cycle of nature when you care for the plants in your garden, it gives you a feeling of completion and connection to God and his creation that could not even be replicated

We must remain humble beings and remember mother nature as she provides us with an abundance of choices to distinguish what we might need to implement into our bodies to help create healthy anatomy. Not only do the plants from nature provides us with food, health, and beauty products they also sustain us with the miner and natural resources that are used as essential forms of energy, but recycling is also a beautiful aspect of one form from destruction or desolation to a new birth within this creation, thus providing an alternative form of a good or service that is used by the people.

Gardening is a hobby that is unique among pastimes because virtually nothing bad can come of it. Even if you are a total failure at gardening and don’t produce a single morsel of food from your garden, just the act of working with the earth and making something grow is so therapeutic that it’s worth the effort even if you only grow weeds.

So don’t be afraid to put together a small plot of land and begin planning your little garden. Even if you are an apartment dweller, you can organize a garden with planter boxes and grow lights and get many of the same joys from your little garden that the master garden with acres of crops can get.

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