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The Benefits Of Using a Hand Crank Grinder 

What makes a hand crank herb grinder different from any other grinder you can buy at a vape store? Well, there are many distinctions between your cheap standard, everyday herb grinder, and a grinder designed to be ergonomically sound. In this article, we will be looking at what makes a hand crank herb grinder stand out from the competition, and why owning one can make your grinding experience virtually effortless.

What is a Hand Crank Herb Grinder?

What Is a Hand Crank Herb Grinder?

A hand crank herb grinder is precisely what it sounds like. Instead of using your hands to manually rotate the grinder, you use a handle located on the top of the grinder that does all the work for you. Instead of struggling to twist the entire grinder by hand, the crank is gently spun taking all the pressure off your hand and wrist. As you twirl the handle, the inner blades swivel around to shred your material into a fluffy preparation. The end-result should yield a product that is light and crumbled, versus having it pulverized and powdery. Ask a specialist at any vape store and they will tell you the same.

Like other grinders, a quality hand crank herb grinder should be cylindrical in shape and feature multiple chambers. The top two inner sections would present the "teeth" or blades that grind up the material. The third section below them would ideally have a screen that serves a dual purpose. One would be to catch the resulting material, the other would be to filter down what falls below the screen. The fourth chamber collects the fine and fragile elements that break away from the herbs as they are being crumbled. This is usually referred to as pollen. These can be stored within the grinder itself and scraped out to be used when enough has been collected.

Hand Crank Herb Grinder Benefits

Hand Crank Grinder Benefits

There are numerous benefits to using a hand crank grinder that outperforms every other grinder on the market. What makes this type of grinder so unique is its ease and versatility. While most other retail grinders offer a basic result to your material that is subpar, a hand crank herb grinder delivers an experience that is faster, easier on the user, and kind to your material. The secret lies within its overall design.

Easier to Use

The crank located at the top is what makes a good herb grinder into a great herb grinder. How many times have you struggled to twist and turn a conventional grinder only to have your hands and wrist hurt from repeatedly rotating it? Spinning a handle is much more convenient than playing Rubik's Cube with your grinder. Instead of a jerking motion on your wrist, you incorporate the use of your entire arm when engaging the crank, taking the load off your hand.

Comfortable in Your Hands

Just like every grinder, not all hands are created equally, thus most grinders on the market are usually made in limited sizes which fail to accommodate those who would benefit most from their use. People who suffer from chronic illnesses that limit the mobility in their hands and wrists are particularly vulnerable to injury from the use of a conventional grinder. Others with small hands or weak grips often find themselves unable to properly utilize their grinders altogether. With a hand crank herb grinder, you simply hold it in one hand while turning the handle with minimal force on the other, creating a much more comfortable experience.

Top Choice for Those with Arthritis

A large percentage of people who choose to grind their own herbs want to do so without risking their own health in the process. People who suffer from arthritis usually have a much lower threshold for pain in their hands and wrists which makes grinding their own material all but impractical. Using the hand crank with minimal effort eliminates the risk of exacerbating their symptoms.

Clear Top Evaluates Grinding Progress

One unique attribute about some hand crank herb grinders is that they feature a clear top that allows one to view just how fine or crumbly they want their product to be. This is ideal when considering the method of consumption. Some preparations call for one consistency or another, and it is convenient to not have to open and close the grinder and risk having your herbs fall out just to check on the progress.

Great for Herb Storage

Like most other grinders, the hand crank herb grinder comes equipped with the ability to store your herbs within its chambers. Whether you choose to leave them at the top chamber for when you are ready to begin grinding, or if you prefer to store yours more securely at the bottom chamber, the hand crank grinder combines convenience and versatility. The clear top also shows when your chamber is full, so you'll never have to guess!

Ideal Pollen Chamber

Ideal Pollen Chamber

The lowest chamber is intended for more than just herb storage. It passively works to collect the fine materials that break off during the grinding process to ensure that nothing goes to waste. While most grinders have this feature, many do not offer this crucial component. However, you will struggle to find a hand crank herb grinder that does not include this essential pollen chamber.

Sharp Precision Blades

While some grinders pound and pulverize your dry herb into dust, the hand crank herb grinder ensures a precision cut to your herbs that leaves a clean and crumbly result. Diamond-shaped teeth are the most ideal blades for maximum efficiency, and most conventional grinders do not feature this technology. Do not be fooled by imitators with tapered teeth; straight diamond-shaped blades are the way to go if you want a quality mince that provides a smoother experience.

Is There a Hand Crank Grinder with All These Features?

Yes! Meet the SharpStone Hand Crank Herb Grinder. One of the most popular hand-crank grinders on the market today! Lightweight and ergonomically designed with the medicinal patient in mind, this grinder is the answer to all your grinding needs. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, which ensures the durability of your grinder for years to come. The smooth anodized finish eliminates smudges and the accumulation of herbal residues, as well as a stainless-steel screen that filters down the finest pollen.

Tips for Using a Hand Crank Grinder

Tips for Using a Hand Crank Grinder

Like any good product on the market today, your results will depend on how you end up using your piece. There are four main points to examine for getting the most out of your grinder. As an investment for your health, please consider the following to maintain the integrity of your hand crank herb grinder.

Do Not Overturn the Handle

While the crank is built for durability, it is important to remember that we are still dealing with a tool. Excessive pressure to the handle could cause it to inadvertently break. Great care must be taken not to force the crank beyond its normal capacity to break up smaller herbs with ease. If you encounter a jam with the handle, stop what you are doing and consider what may be causing your crank to freeze.

No Giant Pieces of Herbs

Grinders are great for mincing and breaking apart smaller pieces of dry material. Larger pieces however could cause you to force the handle too much and end up breaking it apart. What could result is your hand crank breaking off from the excessive pressure. While the crank itself is quite durable, the point of the handle is to not have to struggle grinding up your material. Just let the grinder do its job by feeding it smaller pieces.

Beware of Herb Density

Another aspect to consider is how thick and dense your herbs happen to be. The stickier material tends to be more heavy and solid, which could consequently lead to the first problem of using excessive force to turn the handle. Jamming up your grinder completely is another possibility. Remove the top and move things around if you encounter a jam. The denser your material, the less you'll want to grind at one time.

Reposition the Herbs

If encountering a jam with your grinder due to having dense material, consider removing the top and repositioning your herbs. Some can get caught up against the blades causing the crank to freeze. This is especially common with stickier material. Moving your herbs around and reapplying should fix any jam you may encounter. Remember to treat your grinder gently!

Where to Buy a Hand Crank Herb Grinder?

Most quality herb grinders can be found at local smoke and head shops, though ordering online can be much more convenient, especially when they have free shipping! When searching for the right online retailer for your herbal needs, always look for a reputable company with 5-star feedback and a satisfaction guarantee. For quality grinders, pipes and vaporizers, check out this great online retailer called GlobalSmokeShop.com! They are top-rated, discreet, and offer free shipping on all products!


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