Hyppe Bar

Hyppe Bar is a disposable vaping device. It holds about 1.3mL of nicotine E-liquid. The device is gaining popularity among vapers since it features an inclusive range of flavors. Some of the flavors include Blueberry Ice, Guava Ice, Icy Cola, Icy Mint, Blue Raz, Icy Mint, Lush Ice, Mangi Lychee and so on. The device is usually packaged as one disposable unit. Therefore, it requires no maintenance cost since all you do is throw it to the trash bin once you are done. Let’s look at features of Hyppe Bar;

Features of Hyppe Bar

  • The device is portable and lightweight. This is to say that you can enjoy your favorite flavor in any place. You can carry the device on your pocket for later use.

  • It comes with an internal 280mAh battery.

  • It features anti Leak design with 19 flavors to select from

  • It has an E-Liquid capacity of 1.3Ml.

  • Each disposable unit has over 300 puffs

  • Each pack contains one Hyppe bar 

  • The device is pre-charged, to activate it, you just have to puff.

Why you should Use Hyppe Bar

The Hyppe Bar vape pen is a classic with easy to use features. For instance, the device has no buttons and does not require to be refilled. It comes pre-filled. Furthermore, it activates itself automatically once you start inhaling. Besides, the device is readily available in a wide range of pleasant menthol, dessert and fruit flavors. So, you'll find the flavor you are looking for in Hyppe Bars vaping device.  The best part is that you will enjoy a quality and satisfying vaping experience at incredible prices.

Benefits of Buying Disposable Hyppe Bar

Disposable vape devices come with multiple benefits. They include the following;


According to vape device experts, disposable vaping devices are more convenient. For instance, in the case of Hyppe Bar, its battery lasts until the final puff. Therefore, you won't have to charge the vape before using. Furthermore, they are pre-filled sparing you the hassle of refilling a vape pen. Also, you don’t have to clean or maintain the device since they are disposable. Its size also adds on its convenience, and it's a handy device meaning that you can carry it in your pocket to vape on the go.

Fair cost 

Disposable vape pens are available on online stores at a friendly cost. You can buy a single pack at a fair price without compromising on quality.  However, non-disposable vaporizers tend to be cost-effective in the long run. But their initial cost is always high, unlike the disposable vaporizers. To ensure that you save more money while buying Hyppe Bar, be sure to buy at a wholesale price.


Since Hyppe bar are not meant for long-term use, they come with simple designs. Thus, they are easy to use. Besides, they provide top-quality vape experience both to experienced and non-experienced vapours.

Environmental friendly 

Unfortunately, some low-quality disposable vape pens affect the environment. However, with Hyppe Bar, this is not the case. This because they are of the best quality hence produces a clean burn. Furthermore, it features anti-leak technology. All these factors are environmentally friendly, making Hyppe Bar disposable vape an excellent choice. 

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