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You don’t want to pay a few bucks to listen to a band you’ve never heard of? Here’s an opportunity to check out some of Charlotte’s finest for free. That’s the basic idea behind the Homebrew music series I started back in 2007. Aside from the usual features, reviews and items published in Creative Loafing and online, I wanted to help get the music of local bands into the hands and ears of our readers. Check out the 15 songs included on this year’s edition — either by downloading or streaming the songs here, or by using the Layar app in the Dec. 5 edition of Creative Loafing to hear the music on your smartphone. Enjoy it for free, but do me a favor — if you like something, please check that artist out the next time they’re performing or tell your friends about the song.

Now, hear this, Jeff Hahne's Homebrew Vol. 6:

DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ALBUM Homebrew Vol.6.zip [78 MEG .ZIP] or listen one by one below.

1. Alt-Ctrl-Sleep - Home
2. Amigo – Where Have All the Bad Times Gone?
3. The Business People – Wood Floors
4. Center of the Sun – Reckless Sea
5. Colby Dobbs Band - Overload
6. Elonzo – We Were Once Young
7. Forever FC - Warning
8. Hectagons – Untitled
9. Dustin Hofsess f. Jim Brock – And the Children Danced
10. Late Bloomer – Reality
11. Modern Primitives – Cruel Stranger, Bold Villian
12. Scowl Brow – Tell Me Now
13. Maddie Shuler – Running Back
14. Styles and Complete – Jungle Spaceships


Mr Invisible f. Elevator Jay - Souler System


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