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4 Reasons Why It’s Important To Keep Your Cannabis In a Jar 

Many weed consumers with different levels of weed experience have no idea how to keep their stash properly and maintain it in good condition. It is really important to store the weed correctly as it will help you prevent potential flower damage, moisture accumulation and mold which have the potential to destroy your buds. Preventing such issues can keep the quality, flavor, and potency of the weed, as well as its lifespan. 

Knowing that cannabis has no definite best-by date, you should take care of your weed and prevent it from being stored without any protection. In this article, you will find some useful info on why it is important to keep your cannabis in a jar and how to get the most out of your stash.

Proper storage for better quality

Although there are many ways you could store your cannabis, the best one is in a small weed jar as part of any humidor. The jar is really useful because it will effectively protect the buds from airflow and moisture, and keep their freshness for a whole year or sometimes even longer. Keep in mind to store your weed jar in a specific place in your home to maintain the weed in good condition for as long as possible.  

You should also protect the weed from airflow and potential mold by storing it in a dark and dry place. Direct sunlight will be disastrous for your weed because the glass will increase the temperature inside and damage the weed quality. So, your drawer or closet will be a perfect hiding place.

Humidity balance

Higher humidity in the weed jar can be fatal for your cannabis and mold and moisture can occur faster than usual. Increased humidity means you lose freshness and cause evaporation, so always try to keep the humidity level around 60%. To make sure it’s all properly maintained, you can put a humidity pack inside your weed jar which contains salt and water - ideal for humidity balance in a case of evaporation. Such humidity packs come in different sizes and they are active for up to a couple of months.

Clean storage

Make sure that your weed jars always remain clean, no matter if you consume weed frequently or from time to time. Remove any kind of dirt and dust in the jar once you’re done with your nugs because it may contain moisture, dangerous bacteria, or mold. Dirty weed jars usually contain germs that can cause faster weed contamination and affect your health directly. 

So, always prefer your glass jars for weed storage to shine and be sterilized, and correctly stored in a dark and clean place. Also, be careful when taking your weed from the jar to prevent any potential cross-contamination. 

Store your joints in a jar

When it comes to joint storage, you can find it is nearly the same as cannabis storage. Store the joints in a dark and cool place to keep their cannabinoids intact and prevent any mold and moisture. Also, when you buy new weed, make sure to roll your pot in the next 30 days before the cannabis dries out and loses its flavor. 

If you want your joints to last longer and be in good condition long-term, you can store them in an opaque glass container with a hermetically closed lid to remove the air from flowing in. That’s how you will achieve humidity balance and keep your joints fresh for use anytime.

Final thoughts

Keeping your cannabis properly and maintaining its quality can be tricky even for experienced consumers. To protect your weed effectively, first, you have to learn how to pick the right type of storage.

Storing your weed properly means protecting it from unregulated airflow, mold, and moisture which are responsible for bud damage and decreased quality. You have to choose the right ones among a plethora of different weed glass jars or containers, and keep them in dark, dry, and cool places. Also, keep in mind that these weed jars need to be clean and sterilized to protect your cannabis from dirt and protect your health too. All in all, keeping cannabis properly plays a vital role in the whole weed game, so always take care of it and enjoy your consumption to the fullest. 


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