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4 Types Of Personal Injuries And When To Seek Legal Help 

There are numerous kinds of common personal injuries. Their causes can range from accidents to intentionally reckless behavior. Sometimes the person who caused them pays for your medical expenses. But, some would disclaim any liability for what happened.

If you or someone in your family got hurt or injured due to somebody else’s negligence or intentional conduct, you might want to check out Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm and other similar sites serving your area for some assistance. 

Here are the various types of personal injuries and some tips on when to get some legal help. 

  1. Injury From Someone’s Negligence

One of the most common types of personal injury is caused by the negligence of another person. Some of them might come in the form of workplace injuries. Most people go about their daily tasks and activities, taking a certain degree of care in the way they move around or walk from one place to another. 

But there are certain times when somebody might become a little bit too unmindful about their surroundings. This lack of care can sometimes result in someone getting hurt or harmed due to somebody else’s negligence.

If you or someone you know suffered personal injuries as a result of the negligence of another person, you should consider seeking legal help if you sustained severe injuries. If you couldn’t do your job for a sustained period, then you may need to get a lawyer. If the person who caused the injuries refuses to pay for your medical reimbursements, you should take that as a warning that you need a lawyer.

  1. Slip And Fall

Another common type of personal injury can be caused by a person’s surroundings, which can result in slips, trips, and falls. This happens, for instance, when a person slips while walking around the supermarket and doesn’t notice a wet and slippery portion of the floor. 

The supermarket and its management are responsible if this kind of slip accident happens. They should’ve known that a slippery part of their floors can cause a person to slip while walking around and pushing their cart.

If injuries you sustained were severe, you might want to consider asking for some legal advice on how you can go forward in claiming medical reimbursements and compensation for your personal injuries. 

Injuries such as a slipped hip disc, broken shin, or dislocated heel should be enough reason for you to consider getting a lawyer. If the supermarket is known for refusing to pay people who got hurt in their premises in the past, that’s another warning for you that it might be a good idea to lawyer up.

  1. Harm From Intentional Behavior

This is another kind of injury that results from the behavior of another person, but this time the cause was an intentional act or behavior of the other person. Even if it wasn’t the other person’s intention to hurt you or your family member specifically, they can still be held liable for compensation and damages for any injuries which you or your loved ones may have sustained. 

An example of this is when your neighbors started playing with pellet guns in their yard. When one of them fires their pellet gun and hits your toddler in the eye as your kid was just playing out in your own backyard, you can sue them for injuries your kid sustained due to them firing their pellet guns.

If the doctors would say that the eye injuries sustained by your kid are serious and may lead to loss or serious impairment of eyesight, then you might want to consider seeking legal help. If your neighbors won’t reimburse your medical expenses and the medicines you bought for the treatment of your kid, then that’s a sign that you might have to talk to a lawyer who can help you.   

  1. Car Accident

Car accidents are among the most common causes of injury in many countries. They’re not limited to collisions and bumping. Some people even get hurt from airbag injuries during car accidents.

Despite all the care and precaution taken by most drivers, a lot of car accidents still happen for all sorts of reasons. This is one of the reasons why all car and vehicle owners are required to get liability insurance. If you get this insurance, it can help protect you or anyone who might get hurt due to a car accident involving you. 

Unless it was intentionally caused, most car accidents result from negligence, lack of care, or lack of foresight on the part of the driver of the car which caused the accident. Some drivers also drive under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs even though they know it’s prohibited. These drivers display gross negligence and should be made to pay for the injuries and damages that they cause to other people. 


In many cases, an accident is because of another person’s negligence or lack of care. At other times, it could also be due to someone’s intentional behavior. While they might not have intended to harm someone, they still intended to do the thing that caused the injury. Whatever may be the cause, someone got hurt and spent money on medical expenses.


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