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5 profitable business ideas in the cannabis industry 

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking for a new and potentially profitable business venture, then the cannabis industry may be exactly what you’re looking for. Despite the growing popularity of the industry, this industry is still very much in its infancy which means that there are plenty of opportunities to get in on foundation level. So if you have a keen interest in the cannabis industry and want to start a profitable business, here are 5 lucrative business ideas that you can explore in the industry including how to start it and what you will need. So keep reading.

Cannabis cultivation

Cannabis cultivation is the process of growing cannabis plants and this is classified as an agricultural operation. You have the option to grow cannabis indoors, outdoor, or both. Each method requires a different level of skill and strategy. You have to see cannabis through many stages of development including:

  • Germination: This is the part of the process where the seeds sprout and the roots
    start to emerge. 

  • Seedling: This stage is considered a very vulnerable stage and is when the seed
    coat splits open and the root and cotyledons are exposed. 

  • Vegetative: At this stage, the plant continues to grow and the roots continue to
    deepen. The sex of the plant is also revealed. 

  • Pre-flowering: The development of the plant drastically increases as well as the size. 

  • Flowering and fruition: the sex of the plant is revealed and the flowering begins. 

Before beginning to cultivate, you need to obtain a license. You then need to scout a site to grow your cannabis and then start setting up a growing operation. You will need space whether it is a grow tent or professional cannabis grow facility. Your crops must receive the proper ventilation and light which is important for cannabis plants. For indoor growing, you will need to correct lighting, preferably LED grow lights and both indoor and outdoor operations need good, sustainable, and healthy soil. Cannabis cultivation is lucrative because it not only enables you to sell yourself, but you are also able to supply other dispensaries. 

Cannabis extraction and production

Cannabis extraction is the process of making cannabis extracts such as oils, wax, isolate, resin, hash, etc. this is an essential part of the industry because there is a growing interest and demand for more than just dry cannabis and people are now wanting to consume in a variety of ways which require cannabis extraction. Extracts are typically more potent as well which makes them incredibly popular within the community. To extract you will need solvents that allow for the separation of cannabinoids from the marijuana plant and alcohol, CO2, butane, water, and ethanol are the most common ways that cannabis is extracted. There is a growing market for extracts so you are guaranteed to generate profits. 

Cannabis edibles production

Edibles can be produced at home or in a dispensary commercially. This process involves creating cannabis food and drink products as well as determining the correct amount of cannabis needed for edibles which remain one of the most popular cannabis consumption methods. When talking about edibles, cannabis capsules and soft gels, according to Canna Cabana, are also gaining popularity. People love simple and easy-to-use products, making capsules a great alternative for those looking to go a bit easier on their lungs. So, to start, you need cannabis and a menu so research is important here. You also need to be able to cook delicious food because once you do this, a consumer base is guaranteed to grow. 

Cannabis dispensaries

A cannabis dispensary sells cannabis and cannabis products. This is an essential part of the industry because it provides people with a reputable and legal place to purchase trusted cannabis products. It is not easy to start a dispensary. You will need to do a lot of research, familiarize yourself with laws and regulations which include getting the necessary permits, you will need a location and staff. Surveys suggest that 18% of dispensaries are very profitable while 41% are modestly profitable which is promising. 

Ancillary services such as cannabis consulting, marketing, and legal services

If you wish to start a business without weed, you can go into ancillary services. If you know the industry, you can consult start-ups and businesses. Marketing is also in high demand especially if you have experience in photography, content writing, social media marketing, and design for example. Cannabis law is another avenue for a business that is lucrative because legalization is still something that is spreading and businesses need legal services to operate. 


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