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6 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes for Cheap 

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With the growth of popularity of social media as a tool for personal and business promotion, people inevitably meet the problem of a huge competition rate, which becomes a reason they leave the idea of developing their channel. But there is a way to squeeze in the desired industry and begin to impress the public with your videos. Nowadays it is completely normal to buy YouTube likes, and other stats, when your goal is to attract more new viewers to your content and step on another level of influence, and profit.

Many people think that this is a cheating way to climb onto the top of the niche. But if everything were that simple, the system wouldn’t work. To keep up the rhythm of growth on YouTube, video creators have to put much effort into creating interesting and valuable content, even if they invest in buying likes for promotion. Unlike the common idea that paid services are just bot farms that give the buyers no value and are a potential ban danger, modern sites offer an effective method to enter the competition on YouTube with real stats that enhance your position. Here are the top six services that you should use if you have decided to purchase yourself a trampoline for blogging. 


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This is probably the best source to choose among promotion services for YouTube. On this site, you will find a lot of packages for different budgets and amounts, which will help you both save money and organize organic growth for your channel. The reputation of this service is flawless, so you can be sure that you purchase high-quality results, and count on it in your strategy. VideosGrow provides only real accounts that form your fanbase and increase your engagement, so there is no risk for you to be banned by YouTube bot security. 

The users you have purchased are provided to your account gradually, so the time of complete delivery varies depending on the package you have ordered. Along with ready-to-go options, on VideosGrow you can order a custom number of likes or views if you have such a need. Also, to secure a constant active growth of your channel, you can order a refill of your order, which will renew every 30 days.


This is also a great service to choose for organic progress on YouTube. Along with basic viewership increase, on this site, you can purchase live stream viewers and order a targeted video growth. This purchase will definitely lead you to an increase in likes. The drip-feed system provides a secure and organic growth of the channel, hence your activity on-site doesn’t alert the security, as your content doesn’t become a top result in one moment ( as it would happen with bots). 

On Easy-views, you get an opportunity to go at your own pace, enhancing your strategy as you analyze the current result. This service also has interesting options for beginners - packages in the range from 0.39 to 5$ that can demonstrate the potential of the purchase shortly and effectively, and will be perfectly fit for newborn channels.

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This platform for paid promotion is a good choice if you decide to develop a few networks at once. Here you will find offers for improving rating and number of likes on such platforms like:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • SoundCloud
  • Telegram
  • Spotify
  • Tumblr
  • Quora
  • Shazam
  • Twitch
  • Pinterest
  • Periscope

And a few more. Such a variety that is gathered in one place makes Socialsgrow an ideal instrument for cross-platform promotion strategy both for nonprofits and businesses. This site also provides great maintenance for your orders and a two-week guarantee, which is enough for you to receive a result and understand its quality. Remember that estimated delivery time depends on the quantities that you order. The bigger the number, the slower the delivery would be. This is a part of a gradual growth system that allows you to remain off sight of the security systems and organize your strategy.


This service provides country-targeted views, which makes it a suitable place to order stats for businesses. By purchasing targeted views, you improve your chances to impress your target audience and gain more loyal clients, which will like your videos and break in the competition. Getting paid engagement is a method to attract organic users, as your content enters the top results of search and suggested videos for them. The destinations that are available for such promotion techniques right now are:

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Australia

The rates start with 1$ package, and for this price, you get 50 YouTube views, which is a perfect amount for beginners who want to test drive the service.


Another good choice for targeted purchases. Here you can buy subscribers for a moderate price and with gradual delivery that begins instantly. Of course, the term of delivery is prolonged up to 8 days if you get a big number at once. Using Videofollowers, you can easily gain more reputation points as the subscriber count is still an important factor for your public image. Purchasing targeted followers is a great strategy for YouTube newcomers who don’t have a strong fanbase coming from another platform with them. 

  1. QQTube

Don’t miss the opportunity to get YouTube likes and even views for free. The service offers very fast yet drip-type delivery and real people whose activity on your account wouldn’t disturb the security systems of YouTube. Along with views, QQTube provides likes, subscribers, shares, giving you a full range of instruments to improve your performance on the platform. The price range begins with $2.80 per 1000 views. If you need AdWords views, this will cost you $3.50 per 1000. For a thousand YouTube likes you will have to pay $32, and a thousand subscribers cost $44. The prices aren’t the lowest on the market, but for this sum, you will get high quality and risk-free results. Another pleasant addition to the perks of QQTube is their blog - where you can get some useful tips and ideas for your strategy.

A Few Common Tips For A Decent YouTube Strategy Using Paid Services

  • Remember that even purchased subscribers can unfollow you if the activity on your channel is low. To keep up your position in rating and make your investment worth it, you have to maintain a frequent schedule of uploading new videos on your channel. The perfect consistency of dropping new videos on YouTube is around 2-3 videos per week. Beginners should aim to provide new content at least once a week with a perspective of increasing this number. This way you will attract an organic audience as well and double your results.
  • Don’t think that buying a big package will bring you popularity on YouTube at once, especially if you have just started your career. Such purchase will be obvious for the audience and as a result you won’t be able to gain enough reputation for growth. The gradual system of delivery and small packages were created to make your path to the bigger influence on YouTube organic and effective. By adding more views or subscribers to your content in smaller doses, you will be able to impress the real public and earn more visibility on the platform smoothly.
  • Along with stats, but some SMM tools. Getting additional instruments for YouTube analytics is a huge assistance in your strategy. YT trends are dynamic and you need to react quickly, adjusting your tactics momentarily. Having a bigger range of tools for analyzing and researching the platform and your position in it you will be able to quicken your growth and beat your competitors with a wise promotion.
  • To make success happen, you have to provide decent content and work on your materials. Even purchased followers and views cannot save the situation if your videos are hopelessly boring or badly done. To make your growth better and secure the position that you get, you have to maintain the quality of the videos high and always aim for improvement. Bring up interesting topics, develop branding, add a bit of personal flair and always keep your hand on the pulse of new trends in your industry. Of course, some skills in filming and editing your materials are vital too. Luckily, nowadays you can begin your career even with a phone in your hand.
  • Communication is your weapon. YouTube is a social media, so people expect some interaction between an entrepreneur and their fanbase. Pay attention to your comment section and motivate viewers to participate in discussions, offer new ideas, and provide user-generated content.


Becoming an influencer on YouTube nowadays can be hard without a boost, because it isn’t easy to find a 100% free niche. With the current level of competition, purchased metrics become a need, especially for businesses who want quick and effective growth to get profit. In this article are gathered top six sites that offer YouTube views, subscribers, and likes. These will be your assistance in promotion campaigns on YouTube, making the process of gaining popularity much more simple. 


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