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All about Best Sizes of Mattress: 5 Different Bed Sizes for Your Home 

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Whether you know this or not, there are a lot of bed sizes in the market. Not including those customized ones. With that said, there are countless reasons why you need a larger bed space. One of those is they are much comfortable to lie down, especially when you have a nighttime visit with your kids as they want to squeeze in for bedtime stories.

However, picking your bed size is quite tricky since there are also many things to consider, like if it fits your room. While you may already know what size suits your room, the majority of the people are still clueless on what size to buy, especially if they are just looking at them online and not in a physical store. With that said, here are the different sizes of mattresses that you should know about.

Queen Size Bed

One of the best-selling beds in the market right now is the Queen size bed. The average size of a Queen bed is 60 x 80 inches and is famous because of the comfort and space they can give you. How much space? It would depend, actually. But it can surely accommodate your kids and pets. With that said, to ensure you shop for the best mattresses available in the market, it would be best to visit those trusted sites like Amerisleep.

Going back, since they are larger compared to their cousin beds, you’ll be most likely to have a spacious room as well. Supposed you don’t have a spacious room; you’ll be more likely to spend on a bedroom renovation. Not only that, if you settle with a Queen size bed, they can be more expensive compared to other beds like full-size beds or twin beds. But of course, the comfort you get from a Queen size bed is priceless.

King Size Bed

When it comes to choosing the most spacious bed, King size beds hold the record. They have an average size of 76 x 80 inches and a good option for your home. In addition, whether you live alone or with a partner, you can never go wrong with a King size bed since they provide a distance that you would not even know there’s another person in the bed. Hence, you won’t be disturbed by tossing and turning.

However, since they are the biggest bed available, it will limit the space of your room, and you’ll be more likely again to spend on room renovation. Not only that, compared to other bed sizes, they are way expensive. So if you are on a tight budget, King size beds might not be the perfect option for now. Finally, since they are too heavy, this makes them hard to clean, so dust mites might flourish if left unattended.

Double Size Bed

Don’t get confused with Double beds and Queen beds. The latter is a bit larger than Double size beds. This gives Double size beds the advantage over Queen beds in the light-matter because you can surely leave space for your room when changing your sheets. Not only that, Double beds are already spacious on the surface and can accommodate couples, so what you need is a space for when you get out of bed, and you can have this with Double beds.

Despite that, while they can accommodate couples, they cannot give room for your kids or pets since they only have an average size of 54 x 74 inches. Not only that, if you are tall or your partner is tall, this might not suit you because of its size, and there'll be no space for your feet. Lastly, if you compare them to single beds, they can be expensive while having almost the same experience.

Single Size Bed

Single beds are the best ones for your kids and those elderly that do not move around a lot. They can be multi-functional as well because you cannot just use them as a single bed, but if you push two single beds, you will create a King size bed. While you now have an improved single bed, you’ll have the experience of enjoying your blankets as each bed has a separate blanket, and you don’t have to fight for them.

In spite of that, single beds are not best for couples. As its name suggests, this is only good for one person. Not only that, if you do not sleep like the dead, this bed is not a good option because of its size. Meaning if you turn and toss, you’ll be more likely to wake up lacking sleep because it is not spacious.

Twin Size Bed

While Twin size beds almost have the same feature as Single size beds, twin beds are a bit wider when it comes to width. However, twin beds are not a good option for couples since they will work best for a single person. In the light-matter, you can buy them for your kids, and you can take advantage of the longevity of twin beds for your kids as they can use them till they graduate from high school.


There are many options and things to consider when buying a mattress for your home; one of those is the size. With that said, those mentioned above are the best sizes that you can choose from. It’s a good idea to go all-in when you invest in mattresses, regardless of what size you choose. With proper budgeting, you can have these spacious and comfortable mattresses.


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