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Cinema Approaching the Years End: What are the Must-See Movies of 2021?

It's safe to say that the years of 2020 and 2021 have been very interesting periods for cinema as production was put on hold and movies were delayed and delayed and delayed again in the interests of keeping theatres empty throughout the pandemic. That hasn't stopped some amazing films from being made, though as it seems that every month we have been treated to new movies that are going to go down in history. You are finding that a lot of these movies have passed people by as movie theatres have been avoided quite a lot, and now, as we get to year-end, people are wondering what they may have missed out on during their silver screen hiatus. If this is you, look no further as this list will discuss some of the best movies that have come out in 2021. 

The Card Counter 

It seems that throughout the pandemic, there was an increase in interest in online gambling as sites such as grew massively in popularity while people took to the internet to play online casino games. As such, having a movie centered around the casino sparked a lot of people's interests. And they weren't disappointed. Oscar Isaac plays an incredible part in this film as he portrays the role of a card counter taking multiple casinos for everything they have. The whole movie manages to capture the character's obsessive masculinity and the fragile hope that accompanies almost definite despair. The movie is an intense rollercoaster that deals out a lot for every viewer to get involved with. 

Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised) 

This was a film released by Disney+ that anyone who is a lover of music should put on their must-see list. The whole film follows the Harlem Cultural Festival as interviews from acts, spectators, and musicians affected by the event speak on its significance. It is cut together very well with the performances of legends such as Stevie Wonder, BB King, and Nina Simone gracing the screen. It is a throwback that you can learn from and also dance to, generally just a fantastic watch for all of the family. 

The Night House 

Here is one for the horror lovers out there. The Night House is a jump scare movie that doesn't just rely on loud noises and flashing images, but that is genuinely freaky and twisted to its very core. The movie follows the main character, played by Rebecca Hall, who is trying to get over her husband's suicide. As she attempts to get some kind of control back over her life which has recently been flipped upside down, strange things begin happening around the house, and she discovers supposed affairs that he was regularly having too. Hall's character goes into full-blown investigation mode as she tries to get the bottom of what was actually going on. However, in doing, so she discovers many different things about her husband that she would most likely rather have kept buried. 

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