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Creative Loafing Charlotte Now Accepting Summer Interns and Contributors! 

Now Accepting Summer Interns and Contributors!

Remote and Charlotte Area Internships Available


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2020 is a confusing age. The traditional newsroom culture of getting stories out as quickly as possible makes Americans feel overwhelmed by the volume and speed of news. According to the Trust Media and Democracy research program by Gallup and the Knight Foundation, 62 percent of Americans feel that it is harder, rather than easier to be well informed. What's more, is that nearly half, or 48 percent of Americans say that the media "holds a great deal of blame" for political division in this country.

What is behind all these failings? The British Playwright Tom Stoppard might have said it best.

"The whole notion of journalism being an institution whose fundamental purpose is to educate and inform, and even one might say elevate, has altered under commercial pressure, perhaps into a different kind of purpose, which is to distract and entertain."

Instead of examining the structural problems which bring disenfranchisement and rot into the political system, today's mainstream newsrooms fixate on the popularity contest of day to day politicking, and the latest absurd but inconsequential scandal. Instead of reporting on the people who are finding solutions and fixing the world's social, economic and environmental problems, top journalists assume that the billionaire class is always the most innovative, filling up tech pages with nothing but news on Microsoft, Amazon and Apple. Instead of highlighting rising artists and the truly creative, culture magazines give us update after update of the already rich and famous.

Creative Loafing Charlotte is the newsroom that is on a mission to change all of this. Would you like to dive deep into the forces shaping our lives on the local, national and international levels? What about reporting on innovative blockchain solutions to corruption and inefficiency? Do you want to report on the most independent artists, musicians and creators of today's world? If these topics spark your interest, then Creative Loafing Charlotte could be the paper for you. We are looking for journalists willing to walk the road less traveled and help restore trust in the news media. We are looking for content creators willing to bring philosophy and science into their columns and podcasts. If you are looking for a career or internship in the media that will give you the freedom to think creatively, then Creative Loafing Charlotte is the outlet for you. We offer full time and part time internships as well as space for guest contributors. By joining the Creative Loafing Charlotte team, you will have the chance to make connections across the Charlotte area and beyond as well as the chance to meet and interview some of the most fascinating leaders on the forefront of awareness, philanthropy and innovation. We are a small but rapidly expanding newsroom. Joining our team means that you will develop entrepreneurial, as well as journalistic skills. You will have the chance to help us recruit and shape the direction of our reporting far more than if you were to join a larger newsroom.

If you are interested in joining, please answer one of the questions corresponding to your desired role and send your resumé to or Answer in 300-800 words. For making a guest contribution, email your piece to or with a short bio.


Who is someone that uses creativity to create work that inspires others. Write a profile on them and their most recent work?

What is a powerful person, entity, business or group that you know alot about? Are they using their power for good, bad, or a mix of both?

Reporting - Global Currents Newsletter

How has the COVID-19 pandemic shaped a geopolitical situation? What does that mean for Americans?


What is special about a community you are part of, whether in Charlotte or somewhere else. How has your community shaped your worldview?

What is one life experience that gave you wisdom? How have you shared that wisdom with others?

What does freedom mean to you? What is the role of one of society's institutions, whether governmental or private, in protecting freedom?

Social Media

Describe how your skills would help Creative Loafing Charlotte grow and engage their audience.

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