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Dressing the Big Man: Brilliant Style Tips for Plus-Sized Men

The fashion industry is infamously unforgiving for plus-sized men, or at least, it used to be. Well, the runways may still be populated by ectomorphs, but the high street apparel brands are waking up to the fact that the average person is getting bigger. We're no longer in the era of hiding a bigger body. It's shameful that it took so long for people to realize that all body shapes are stylish with the right know-how. Today, several options allow the plus-sized man to embrace fashion. Here are brilliant fashion tips for the plus-sized man.

  1. Use color sparingly.

Although plain and dark colors are flattering on plus-sized bodies, you shouldn't do away with bright colors completely. A colorful scarf will lift away the eye from your waistline. Anything up top will do the trick - a colorful pocket square or a red beanie would be perfect.

  1. Wear light clothes.

Heavy cloth accents your body size and makes you look bulky. Heavy, thick clothing may also lead to excessive sweating, which is something most plus-sized men need to be cautious about. Well, you may not have sweat issues, but light clothes are more comfortable. 

  1. Wear suspenders instead of belts.

Belts aren’t helpful if you have a large, round stomach. However, suspenders can be your best friend. Well, you may be sitting there thinking, ''Okay, but that's something my grandfather used to wear.'' Maybe your grandfather was a pretty sharp man because he understood that suspenders are very comfortable and convenient for a large man.

  1. Wear an undershirt.

Wearing an undershirt can really change your appearance. Apart from keeping your dresses and casual shirts clean for a long time, an undershirt provides a base layer that makes your attire look sharp and well-tailored. If you have some extra fatty tissues or man boobs, a gynecomastia compression shirt would be perfect. It changes the way you look, and your casual, business, or formal shirts will fit better. In turn, it boosts your confidence and makes you feel comfortable around other people. Check quality gynecomastia compression shirts from Confidence Body Wear

  1. Wear a hat.

A hat is one thing that turns almost anything into an ''outfit.'' A stylish hat demonstrates that you put in more than the minimum effort when getting dressed. This dispels the ''fat=lazy'' assumptions. Additionally, a hat adds some vertical space that helps to ''spread'' your weight, especially if you're short and plus-sized.

  1. Wear overalls.

If you don't work in an office, wear a pair of overalls instead of a T-shirt and jeans for any manual job. It's a classic style that helps to smooth out the appearance of your belly.

  1. Wear large accessories.

Proportion is crucial for a plus-sized man. Your accessories should be proportional to your body size - the bigger you are, the bigger your accessories should be. Wear a large tie, a thick and wide necktie knot, a large watch, and a hefty pen.
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