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Florida's Best Cities to Buy a Rental Property 

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Everyone wants a bargain. But sometimes, you don't need to compromise on location or amenities. Many factors make up an attractive city where people would want to live. Still, these factors can generally be narrowed down into four categories: crime rate, economy, home value, and housing costs. In this article, we will introduce you to four of Florida's best cities for buying rental property in 2022, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. Below are Florida's best cities to buy a rental property.


Tampa, one of the fastest-growing towns in Florida, offers numerous attractive investment options. Investing in Tampa is advantageous for several reasons. The annual output of the local economy is well over $130 billion, and the city itself is one of the 20 fastest-growing in the United States due to its dedication to fostering economic expansion and prosperity. 

What’s more, four of the Fortune 500 are headquartered there, and Tampa's tourism industry is booming. With a population of over 4 million, Tampa is a city full of cultural diversity, and numerous housing options are available for rent. Investors can discover beautiful homes in Tampa at fair prices using homes sale USA and even can rapidly rent them out for $1,075 to $1,400 per month, significantly higher than the typical rent in the United States. So, why wouldn't you invest in Tampa considering the 2.5% increase in property values this year?


Buying property in Jacksonville, Florida, is a smart move. Many people in the real estate industry overlook this specific sector. According to the Jacksonville Business Journal, the real estate rental market is crucial because of the influx of people to the area searching for a suburban lifestyle, lower housing costs, and more affordable housing. Like the rest of Florida, Jacksonville suffers from a severe lack of available goods. Investors in real estate should actively search for rental properties and make many offers on them. 

Jacksonville, Florida, is home to a bustling commercial center where residents and visitors may find various businesses and employment possibilities. Moreover, the housing market in the city is an excellent place for investors, especially those looking for turnkey properties. Investing in Jacksonville real estate appears to be a good bet as experts anticipate an upswing soon.


Kissimmee, a little city to the south of Orlando, is one of the finest areas to invest in real estate in Florida, with an average price increase of 5.1% in 2019. With its convenient location near Orlando's many attractions and its laid-back Florida attitude, this area is a hotspot for families and those looking to settle down. Kissimmee's population grew by more than 23 percent between 2018 and 2019, raising the question of what may be driving this remarkable expansion and development. Possibly this is because:

  • You may buy, fix up, and sell homes with ease there.

  • Amusement parks and other attractions are conveniently located nearby.
    Kissimmee, Florida, is a great place to live because of its low cost of living and
    convenient location.

  • Best real estate investment opportunities reflect the spirit of Florida with its
    contemporary decor and easygoing vibe.

Fort Myers

Fort Myers is one of the top places where you may invest in rental property, thanks to its low prices and promising future growth. The population and number of enterprises in Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, and Fort Myers have grown rapidly in recent years. All three cities are in the top 50 of the 500 studied for these parameters. Fort Myers, Florida, and the southwest region are experiencing economic and real estate booms. Real estate investors both locally and nationally find the rental market attractive, and the high demand for rental houses can be attributed to the current real estate boom and a large number of students and recent graduates in the labor market.


One of the top markets in Florida for property investments and home purchases is Orlando. Numerous factors contribute to its remarkable success. Florida's "Sun Belt Region" has fantastic weather because of its location. Orlando is home to several stunning beaches.

Amusement parks like Disney World, which are known worldwide, are located there, and the cost of living is manageable here. Over 2.5 million people call Orlando home, and the city has a booming tourist economy because of its large student and young professional population. That's why it's such a great place to settle down with your family or find tenants for your rental property.


In Florida, the population is booming. The state needs more housing, which means there are great opportunities for investors. And now is a good time to buy property in the Sunshine State, as interest rates are still low and inventory is still high.


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