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Favorite is, well, dirty 

The is a Web site that allows locals to post pictures (usually nightlife ones taken from online sites) of regular, everyday people, making some sort of hateful remark only a hater would make. Then some Nik Ritchie character who runs the national site will bash them as though they are in the public eye and that it's warranted ... and let's just say he makes Perez Hilton look polite.

It's a forum for haters, if you will. Then people make their own judgmental and gossipy comments ... to feel better about themselves, I guess. There was even a post on there calling out some Charlotte chick for having herpes. This is what happens when gossip goes digital. Funny -- a little. Mean -- very. I thought I graduated from immature and fallacious gossip when I graduated from high school... but apparently not because I actually ended up on The Dirty.

Someone, I am assuming someone who hates and masturbates, posted two pictures of me with the caption: "Cason: this is a Charlotte blogger who likens herself as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. What do you say?"

Nik's response was "She is too old and too fat to be showing off her thunders." (I'm 28 and 10 percent body fat for fuck's sake). See, it is comical.

I read through some of the comments and surprisingly, they were mostly nice. So about 20 comments down Nik posts, "From no negative comments clearly this girl isn't so bad and some jealous bitch posted this." Thanks Nik, so glad I got your approval.

My roommate protested that I even acknowledged my post on there, and got mad at me when I actually sat down and read the comments (twice). He posed a good question -- why do I give a shit, good or bad. You don't need anyone else's approval to be yourself. When people hate on you, take it as an indirect compliment as the insult is typically derived from some insecurity you created in them by exceeding in what they lack.

Besides, if you look in the mirror and you like what you see, why does it matter what anyone else sees? He also posed another good question: Why do women get all glammed up for a night out? ... to attract guys or to trump girls? As for Nik Ritchie, well, he just needs to get laid.

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