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Tips To Help Make Your Relationship Stronger from Erectin 

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No relationship is perfect. There are times when love and happiness will dominate, and others when you will argue and disagree on various things. Love, however, prevails if both of you are committed, affectionate, and patient with each other. This, however, doesn’t come on a silver platter as everyone has to put in lots of effort to make it work. This doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship will always be uphill.  Using the right approach will make it worth every moment and even strengthen your bond together. Here are a few tips to help you grow and build your relationship

1.         Be Consistent On The Little But Positive Things

Even the most insignificant things, such as complementing the other, leaving a love note on the dresser, and sending him/her text messages of love, go a long way in strengthening your bond.  Dr. Gottman, however, believes in the 5:1 ratio, whereby you have to take 5 positive positions for each negative action on your partner. The idea is to build positivity as much as you can through compliments, showing you appreciate the other, and learning to say sorry.

2.         Know When To Talk, Not Read

Do you have a feeling that your partner is holding something back? Every relationship has to go through several phases before you can finally sync up.  Learning your other half and letting them know you are ready to talk will help them open up easily. Talking things out makes the other feel you are concerned and that you aren’t disconnected in any way.

3.         Be A Good Listener

It’s easy for one to be carried away by his/her thoughts and forget their significant other needs their attention and affection. Communication plays a significant role in how you relate as well as your bond together. That said, you need to know when to talk and be an active listener, especially when he/she has something to say. You can become a better listener by focusing on him/her, not interrupting them, monitor their body language, and acknowledging what they said before responding.

4.         Keep The Fire Burning

Although you might know this already, sex is vital in every relationship. It is the one thing that will connect you on an emotional level.  Passionate lovemaking allows you to focus on him/her with no distractions and with the sole purpose of satisfying their emotions. That said, make a habit of keeping your sex life as active as possible. Use Erectin to help keep your love life alive. Let nothing come between you and your sex life.

5.         Take Time To Resolve A Problem

While arguments are healthy in a relationship, you should never go to bed angry.  This is particularly important if you had a disagreement and didn’t get to a solution. Instead of taking the easy way to end the conflict, why not take time to have it resolved amicably. Some conflicts take hours or even days before they can be resolved. Just because you had a heated argument with your other half doesn’t mean you should give up on your relationship. Your relationship is worth fighting for, no matter what.

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