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Top 5 Trends in Essay Writing and How to Prepare for Them 

Every student wants to write an impressive essay. For a scientist, it is essential to summarise your research work to publish it in a prestigious journal. It is not possible to write an impressive essay without knowing the current market trends in essay writing. We have compiled a list of the top five trends in essay writing to help you write the most impressive piece of content.

Content designed for mobiles

When you want to publish your essay on a mobile-friendly website, just like in this example here -, you should know about all the aspects of excellent mobile-friendly content. When you include the images on a mobile-friendly website, you should give a low-resolution version also to improve the website loading speed. As an essay writer for a mobile-friendly website, you should also focus on the type of fonts. If you know the market trends, you will understand the statistics. Most of the traffic comes from their smartphones these days. If you do not optimize your content for these users, you may miss a large set audience.

Use of proofreading tools

It is impossible to make a good impression using your essay if there are grammatical mistakes in it. You can hire a professional to proofread and remove all grammatical errors. It is also acceptable to use proofreading tools as most English proofreading tools use artificial intelligence to find and correct errors. Every essay writer is using these tools to improve writing. Some of these tools can help you find the writing tone. If you want your essay to show rejection of the idea, the artificial intelligence of the proofreading tools will give you a confirmation if you are going in the right direction. Because of excellent usability, proofreading tools are in trend these days.

Getting help from professionals

In the past, there were only a few professional writing services. The students could not find help in writing their essays. The trend is changing as many professional companies are ready to help in essay writing. They will assign a professional writer to discuss the idea behind the essay. You will work with a professional writer to choose the most suitable vocabulary for your essay. As many use professional services, it is difficult to compete if you are not taking help from the professionals. Most students are getting professional help in essay writing these days. These companies may even help you in the research phase of the writing also. It is essential to get the services of a reputable company to avoid any inconvenience. You may have to spend some money and time to find the most suitable service.

Plagiarism detection algorithms

There were only a few tools to find plagiarism in an essay before the advancements of search engines. If you had copied content from someone else, it was not a big deal. It is not acceptable now because advanced plagiarism detection tools are available free of cost. Most of these tools use search engines and scholarly articles to find matching sentences. These tools will let you know the percentage of plagiarism in an essay. If the institution has allowed 1% plagiarism, you should not exceed it because these professional plagiarism detection tools well detect it within few seconds. You can use a specific referencing style to avoid the penalty as the plagiarism detection tools can also check if you have provided accurate reference to the source of the idea.

More focus on content quality

Most people think that content is the king. It is essential to know that low-quality content is not king. If you want to reach the top of your class or search engines, it is crucial to write high-quality content. Writing high-quality content is trending for a long time. After the search engines started ranking pages based on content quality rather than keyword density, more people are focusing on content quality. There are many parameters of a good quality article. It should explain the idea perfectly. If you want to focus on one trend only, it is the best trend to follow.


By looking at all the essay writing trends, we can conclude that it is essential to know about the latest trends to get the audience's attention. If you will not follow the essay writing trends, it is hard to compete with other writers.


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