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Tri Pointe Homes: Building a Better North Carolina 

Home and interest rates may be high, but new housing is still on the rise in Charlotte, NC. New homebuyers continue to flock into the market, and Tri Pointe Homes is getting a lot of attention. This national builder is taking North Carolina by storm, offering the best locations, materials, and communities at reasonable prices.

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New to North Carolina, but not to the Industry

Although relatively new to North Carolina, Tri Pointe has already gained the confidence of local homeowners. They made their start in Southern California in 2009 – the height of the great housing recession. Although times were tough, the builder proved themselves through hard work and excellence, quickly growing into one of the nation’s top housing contractors. 

Four years ago, Tri Pointe decided to head to North Carolina. Since then, 12 active communities have been constructed in Charlotte, with another 6 in Raleigh. And they’re not finished. With parcels of land allocated for building into 2024, Tri Pointe is now turning its sights on securing the best building locations for work through 2027.

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Premium Locations

For Tri Pointe, location is everything. While other home builders are settling for lots in secondary and tertiary areas with one-hour commutes, Tri Pointe absolutely insists on getting in on core locations with easy access to quality schools, jobs, and entertainment. They remain flexible when it comes to their location strategy, being willing to focus on smaller communities to obtain the best land. It’s less about capitalizing on mega housing developments and more about connecting North Carolina residents with forever homes that offer the highest quality of life possible. 

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Commitment to Community

Personal relationships and a strong sense of community are also top-of-mind for Tri Pointe. The NC builder takes care to sell their properties directly to buyers who plan to live and play in their homes. They don’t do business with investors because they envision tight-knit neighborhoods where everyone knows each other, and strong bonds can be developed. Tri Pointe homes are built to endure, and they want their communities to withstand the tests of time as well. 

The proof really is in the pudding. While some builders are just trying to crank out jobs and collect a paycheck, Tri Pointe is striving for more. That’s why they were recently recognized by the 2022 Great Place to Work survey and Fortune Magazine as the best workplace in construction, the best workplace for millennials, and a top workplace for women. Of course, this trickles down to homebuyers. When builders like Tri Pointe look out for their employees, they’re able to take the best care of their customers. 

Extraordinary Customer Experiences

This is exactly why Tri Pointe is known for providing the greatest experience to homebuyers in NC and nationwide. Although they build some inventory homes planned out by their designers, the vast majority of sales are what Tri Pointe likes to call “build to order.” Customers get to choose from premium lots before selecting their preferred exterior style and elevation. From here, buyers will move on to the design studio, where they can choose from tons of customizations to make their homes unique and truly their own. From start to finish, Tri Pointe customers are encouraged and empowered to participate in the process. Nothing warms the builders’ hearts more than when they have the privilege to see the look on a homeowner’s face as they walk into their custom home for the first time. 

Building the Future

The outlook for new homes and communities in Charlotte is bright, and the future looks even brighter for Tri Pointe Homes. Expect to see the contractor do amazing things in the coming years building, a fantastic future for the city.

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