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Vape - Talk About Leaf Buddi Wuukah 

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Over the last few years ‘vaping’ has become all the craze among groups of all ages, all across the world. Though, still harmful to lungs, vaping is arguably a lot better than traditional cigarettes. Most smokers have taken up vaping with hopes to quit traditional cigarette smoking. Whether it’s true or not, one can’t get the idea without having a vaporizer.

When it comes to vape, the most important and integral component is the vaporizer. There are
different kinds of vaporizers in the market including battery-operated, electric, reusable or disposable. Furthermore, there are some vaporizers that use dry herbs while some might use oil.

So if you are a beginner or someone who is looking for a good vaping machine, then this article
is all you need. Here we are going to review an amazing vaporizer - the Wuukah e-rig by leaf

Leaf Buddi Rig Vaporizer

Leaf Buddi WUUKAH Rig Vaporizer is an electric operated vaping machine that comes with a number of spectacular features. The cost of this amazing vaporizer is just $199.00. You might be thinking that it is an expensive vaporizer, but its features make it a best-selling product. So, let’s just quickly dive into what this product has to offer.

Improved and Brilliant Design:

The first attractive feature of this vaping machine is its design. The manufacturers have smartly used the design of normal e-rigs and fused it with their own ideas to convert it into better product design. They have used a glass attachment that comes with a splash guard to prevent water spillage.

Furthermore, the vaporizer also has a larger LED display placed at the base of the unit. It means you can easily view the heating time, battery level, a heating indicator, and a puff counter even when the glass attachment is attached to the base.

Color Variation:

You can buy this product in two different colors - black and white.

Customizable and Personalized:

Unlike most of the vaporizers, the Leaf Buddi e-rig is your personalized vaporizer. You can customize its specs and controls such as heating temperature. It uses a temperature dial to offer precise temperature. Plus, it comes with three different heating cups including titanium cup, a quartz cup, and a ceramic cup so that you can switch the cups according to the material.

Portable Device:

With Leaf Buddi e-rig you don’t have to wait to get home to vape. The manufacturers
have kept their size small which means it is highly portable.

Full of Aroma:

What makes a vaporizer good is a flavor and aroma it produces. And that’s what leaf buddy has to offer to its vapers. It uses essential oils and wax, which means you can enjoy the best vaping shots.


This vaporizer is very easy to use. It is a reuseable vaporizer that uses a USB-C charger. Moreover, the Pre-heat settings are another feature that makes it a best fit for beginners.

Wrapping It Up!

After reviewing all the features and specs of Leaf Buddi Vaporizer, it is not wrong to say that this product offers value over price. If you want to enjoy the best vaping experience than make sure to order one for you today!

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