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What Are the Biggest Surprises When Playing Online Bingo? 

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It’s been some time since bingo made the successful switch to online play, turning it into a game that people all over the world play. If you're someone who hasn't tried it yet, you may be wondering what surprises await when you first play online bingo.

Free Games with Cash Prizes

Even someone who has never played the game before probably has a good idea of what to expect from bingo. Marking numbers on a card is the way to play classic bingo, with players winning a cash prize if they manage to do this before the other players. While this is still a pretty accurate description of the concept, the idea of free games may surprise some newcomers.

Each online casino will have their own way for players to acquire free games or free spins in their bingo games. For example, free bingo play at Paddy's offers free games for several hours each day, in a special, free room. Real cash prizes are still awarded, with each player able to choose up to 12 cards, which get completed automatically for them as the numbers are called.

Other Promotions

Free games aren’t the only offer you’ll find on bingo sites. Low-cost games, happy hours with bigger prizes, and regular rewards for members are all among the incentives that have been designed to keep players coming back. Some sites also have reward schemes where their members earn points every time they play.

They work in a similar way to similar reward and loyalty schemes explained here by Shopify, where points are accumulated over time and can then be exchanged for prizes or cash. Moving up through the different tiers of the program by playing more can also lead to the value of the points earned or the rewards increasing over time.

The Big Selection of Games

You might expect to find any bingo site filled with bingo games, perhaps with a few subtle differences between them to make sure that every game is somewhat unique. The surprise, in this case, is that bingo sites and their games are even more varied than you might think.

Probably the first thing you’ll notice upon entering is that there are many rooms offering different games. 75-ball and 90-ball games remain the most common, but online bingo has given operators the chance to diversify and try other types of bingo, as well as a variety of themes based on TV game shows and real-life casino games.

The addition of other types of games has added even more variety, as players can try their hand at a number of themed slot games - the online version of the fruit machines described here by Britannica. These games are generally put into their own section on the site and divided into categories such as jackpot slots and Megaways slots, which makes it easier to search for the one you want to play.

These surprises are the main reasons why bingo has become an online sensation. However, we also need to remember that the enduring appeal of this classic game has helped to make the transition to online play smoother.

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