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Is it Important to Choose a Company Well to Buy Cannabis? 

With the legalization of cannabis, the market is blooming. Many people are consuming and growing their weed. However, when buying cannabis, the most important factor is to know the source. The company you opt for should be reliable.

Even with the legalization of cannabis, many companies and seed breeders cannot be trusted.

If you are relatively new to the cannabis culture, you should know how important it is to buy weed from a reliable company like The Seed Fair and the dangers associated with purchasing from an unreliable source.

Risks of Choosing a Bad Weed Company

While you may feel that you can buy cannabis from anywhere, it is certainly not a wise choice. Read on to know why.


Cannabis products from a bad company process and sell weed outside the regulatory system and are also not subject to any health regulations. The cannabis may be infected by fungus, microbes, mould, chemicals, and other impurities.

Negative Side Effects on Health

Consuming cannabis from an unreliable source or bad company may cause you difficulty in breathing, wheezing, itchy skin, and a stuffy nose. A more severe reaction can be experienced by people having asthma or lung disease.

Synthetic Cannabinoids

Some companies are replacing natural CBD with cheap and synthetic cannabinoids, especially in vapes and edibles like gummies, which could overstimulate the serotonin system leading to sweating, high fever, coma, convulsions, organ failure, and in some cases, even death.

Varying Concentration

Moreover, cannabis purchased from an unreliable source can have varying concentrations of active ingredients (CBD, TCH, or other terpenes). It may be dangerous since you will have no idea of the number of active ingredients in the product. There may be little, no, or in some cases, very high levels of an active ingredient, which may cause adverse reactions when consumed.

No Quality Control

Similarly, when buying weed seeds, you may end up paying for low-quality seeds that won’t produce any yield.


Furthermore, the label may be misleading, and you might get a mix of different strains you certainly didn’t ask for. Only a reliable company would undergo the proper testing and regulatory process to have the best marijuana seeds.

No Customer Support

One major downside of purchasing from a bad company is the lack of customer support. If any issue arises due to the quality of the product or when shipping out the products, you will end up wasting your money since the weed breeder will not take any responsibility.

On the contrary, a legitimate marijuana company will have certain protocols and regulations to ensure buyers that if something goes wrong, their customer support service will sort it out.

How to Determine If a Company is Selling Bad Weed?

The first and foremost sign to look out for is the price; even though many reputable weed companies offer sales and discounts, if the price is surprisingly low, it usually means that the product is not up to the mark or most likely fake.

Moreover, marijuana companies selling low-quality or fake products will not be able to provide you with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This is a form of quality control. It determines that the products have been tested in a third-party lab and includes information like the potency of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. COA also includes the product batch number and identifies the product's levels of pesticides, heavy metals, and solvent residues.

Check to see if the label provides all the necessary information. If it has misprints or no detail on how much CBD or TCH you're getting per serving, it is most likely that the weed breeder is unreliable.

Additionally, cannabis oil will have a transparent bottle instead of high-quality CBD oil, which comes in dark brown glass bottles.

Moreover, if a company allows buying of seeds per piece rather than in packets, it should raise alarming bells. While this is no real reason for seeds to be fake, most reputable companies sell autoflower seeds in packets with proper labels.

While there is no visible difference between dirt weed seeds and top-quality seeds, the best way to buy top-quality marijuana seeds is to buy from a reliable seed bank that guarantees its product.

Bottom Line

It is essential to do your research before selecting a weed company. You should be well informed of the dangers of purchasing cannabis products from unreliable sources. A bad company might put your health at risk and lead to other problems such as getting subpar products, being overcharged, or even being scammed.

By taking the time to read reviews and compare prices, you can avoid these risks and find a reputable company that will meet your needs.


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