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2013: Your annual horoscope, part II 

Astrologist shares in-depth predictions for each sign

Aries: Your sign continues to be highlighted because Uranus, the planet of changes remains with you for six more years. Each of these years will be eventful, but particularly those between 2011 through 2015. You are learning to expect sudden shifts and adapting to those. Innovation and a need for independence are prominent. Many have become self-employed. This year the changes are most prominent in late March through end April, late July, early November and the end of the year. You will be feeling the need to focus on removal of debt. In September, it will be mandatory. Increased taxes may present a challenge. August brings the possibility of a move or remodel of your home or business. A new relationship may develop in late March to early April.

Taurus: Saturn will be in your relationship business all year. This means you will take a more serious look at any partnership. It is time to rebuild the purpose of an ongoing relationship. You want something real in this sector, not just fluff. Competition with a superior in business may irk you. This person wants to use your ideas and accomplishments. Make sure others know about what you are doing. A new person enters behind the scenes in March-April. Observe carefully to evaluate whether friend or foe. Relationship drama is likely in June-July. August probably has travel on the docket. In September you will be thinking about whether you want to pour more energy into a relationship or let it go to the four winds. Be sure you have your holiday shopping done before the beginning of December. Your ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde in December and there will be a lot of delays in your path. You may also decide to step backward to observe your relationship.

Gemini: Give special attention to your health and daily regimen throughout this year and next. You probably already know intuitively that this is important, so I will offer a little nudge in that direction now. Saturn, the "slow down" planet, is in your house of health and daily routines. That calls for attention to detail in these areas. While the Mercury retrograde is in Cancer, you may find errors in your financial accounts, and need to correct them. Then when it occurs in Scorpio, your investments need to be re-examined. This is also the area of taxes, so we will hope that you don't hear from the IRS. Jupiter is in your sign for the first half of the year. This suggests travels, near and far, are more prominent in your life. When it enters your financial sector in June, you may be prone to go overboard on luxuries. Perhaps that will be because you are making a better income.

Cancer: This is a year in which you will be especially aware of your prodigy. Many of you will have a "now or never" sense about creating the next child. Some will finally decide to opt out. A similar situation occurs in the territory of romance. You will want the real thing or nothing at all. For those whose children are older, problem situations may develop and you will feel especially concerned. In June, Jupiter will move into your sign for the first time in 12 years. This will last for one full year. It almost always brings with it a breath of fresh air, and potential for travel or expansion of your territory. Watch the tendency for weight gain while Jupiter is in your sign. Make note of the Mercury retrograde in your sign during late June-July. You have permission to be indecisive at that time. Eclipse seasons are usually fairly intense (for good or ill) for the Crabs. During 2013 these will occur in late April-late May, mid-October to mid-November.

Leo: This is a year of focus on whatever is aging. That may be a person or your property. You may have a distinct need to downsize your home or your possessions. Repairs may be needed on significant items, such as your roof. Emphasis on these activities occurs in May, and July-October. Whatever the month, use careful judgment about yourself and your belongings. Make note if a piece of equipment shows signs of deterioration. Overall, this is a time in which you want to decrease your footprint in the world, pull inward rather than expand. The underlying need is to create a solid ground of security so that in time you can move forward. You are likely to be considering your net worth and making a plan for retirement. You are looking at your life from a long term perspective. The normally extraverted Leo will move toward introspection as the year develops. You may be drawn to self-analysis, therapy, journaling, or finding pleasure in solitary activities. Artists will connect to the muse easily. Spiritual resources become more vivid.

Virgo: This year is likely to bring you a major opportunity to learn how to communicate in a more specific way than norm. It could be a foreign language, a business language, or reports that must be written in a precise format. For many this will be formal training, and for others it will be on-the-fly as you work. Jupiter has been transiting the top of your chart and will continue to do so for the first half of 2013. This has brought you recognition and appreciation in your life direction. While Mercury retrogrades in Pisces you will likely be waiting on the decisions of others before you can move forward. You may need to pause and rethink a relationship in your life. When it retrogrades in Cancer you may encounter people from the past. And while in Scorpio there is a double dose of the language learning mentioned above.

Libra: During this year and next, Saturn will travel through your financial income sector. Sometimes this reduces disposable income because you have chosen to invest in a long-term item for appreciation. It may happen that you are working harder than before for the same income. Regardless, you will be cutting expenses now and that is as it should be. During the first half of 2013 you have favorable aspects for the law, church activities, the Internet and publishing. From June forward, your career may show improvement. A new job, better supervisor, or increased visibility will develop. The Mercury retrograde of June-July is likely to bring in work from those you have met before. You may also have to re-do work from the past. Watch for a new relationship development in April that will need evaluation in September. Finish holiday shopping early because Venus, your ruling planet, turns retrograde in December, slowing your forward motion to a crawl.

Scorpio: Saturn in your sign this year will likely keep your nose to the grindstone. Now is the time to take yourself seriously and work toward achieving your ambitions. The rewards come later. Your vision is measured by its relationship to reality. Anything non-realistic will be dismissed. Extra challenges related to work and health develop in March and October. In April, there will be a full moon eclipse in your sign. It could bring enlightenment related to what you need in a relationship. Look up and smell the flowers. During the first half of the year you must concentrate on reducing debt. Travel becomes prominent in the second half of the year. You also have favorable aspects for legal, educational and Internet interests in the second half. A return to a former lover may be prominent in April. In September, you will decide if it is worth the effort. Mercury will be retrograde in your sign Oct. 21 to Nov. 9.

Sagittarius: Last summer you entered a period in which your personal and social life expanded. You may have added friends and/or a partner since that time. Much of your attention is reactive, guided by those around you. This continues through May of 2013 and then you will shift focus to another sector of life. That one includes shared resources (money, time, or energy), investments, attention to estate funds, taxes, or insurance. In some way you may move toward a cloistered environment this year. That could happen by leaving work and attending school, or focusing inward on your philosophy of life and becoming more comfortable with yourself. Another way is that you may somehow be moved sideways, out of the loop at work. Some of you may lose a mentor in business. This represents a two year preparation to alter your direction in life. Be prepared for a transformative change in August. It will be unsettling, but overall has a favorable outcome.

Capricorn: Saturn, your ruling planet, has moved into the sector of society and community affairs. You have accrued much knowledge coupled with many social and communications skills and talents. It may be time to extend these gifts beyond the personal and offer them in service to a larger group. The 2012 election may have been a catapult that threw you into the political arena. At this point, it becomes your decision about how much of yourself you want to share. If you are worn out with it, take a break, but you will have to keep saying no. It is possible that you realize the need for a stronger personal life and will prefer connections that offer you opportunities to expand your friendships instead. You are probably given the opportunity to take a leading role and operate from the center of the crowd. During August, someone throws a river rock into your life and a new scenario is created. This person may be a partner, business or personal. During the Cancer Mercury retrograde (June 26-July 19) others in your life will be indecisive and emotional. Remember that is only a short period.

Aquarius: It is time to take your life direction seriously. If, in recent years, you have been happy with your work, you have probably taken on more responsibility than you had previously. On the other hand, if your life direction has become dreary in some way, now is the time to move out into a new adventure. Some people change jobs at this juncture, and others may leave "home." Even if the change came about in a dark way, you know inside that you are happy to be relieved of the old pressure. Now is your opportunity to create a path that is of genuine importance to you. Beginning last summer, the life sector related to children, play and lovers was given a boost. This continues through May. In June-July, something really positive develops in your daily life arena. Those who are job searching will have encouraging news at that time. Income may be up and down, but you will find that somehow you have what you need this year.

Pisces: For years you have felt like a bystander in the world, one who observes but doesn't really participate. It is time to be taking risks and act as though you actually "belong" on the planet. You have a mission to accomplish over the next 10 years but you must show up for it. Think about your life and consider what messages and/or philosophy you have to share. Warnings! Do not allow your ego to take control of this mission or it will go awry. It is important that you recognize you are merely the messenger. You are not the message. You will have opportunities to share via the Internet and/or the world of publishing. It is possible that over the next two years you will be involved with travel or workshops. It is imperative that you take good care of your mental and physical health during this mission bearing period. You may find that alternative methods of healing have greater efficacy now.

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