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The Blotter: Inside Job 

Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files


Gimme Gimme A new term has entered The Blotter's lexicon. Two officers recently responded to a call for "aggressive panhandling" — a first as far as we can remember — at the intersection of North Wendover and Marvin roads in southeast Charlotte. One responding officer stated that when he arrived on the scene, he saw a man walking along the median screaming at cars as they waited at the red light. He then approached one specific car and began yelling into the passenger window. It was then that the officer left his car and began walking up to the suspect, at which time the suspect darted out into the middle of the intersection and stood there, yelling at the cop. The officer eventually went out into the street to get the man, and he was charged with aggressive panhandling and blocking traffic.

Playa In another Blotter first, a suspect was accused of bigamy in Uptown Charlotte last week, as his actions from two years ago came back to haunt him. A 51-year-old Mint Hill woman filed a report with CMPD stating that on Dec. 3, 2016, the suspect committed bigamy by marrying another woman at the Ritz-Carlton hotel while he was still married to the victim.

Evicted A 19-year-old woman in south Charlotte was confused to come home one recent evening and find that she no longer had a home. The woman filed a police report stating that when she got to her apartment in the Strawberry Hill complex 9:45 p.m. on a recent night, she found that she had been locked out by her roommate, who had taken the measure of even having the locks changed, which I guess means that's no longer your roommate.

Up Late Staff at Insomnia Cookies in University City may be considering an earlier bedtime after a late-night robbery that happened earlier this month. According to the report, a suspect entered the business at 2 a.m. one morning and pulled a gun before demanding money. The suspect fired the gun during the robbery, but nobody was harmed.

Sweet Tooth Another company dealing in sugary snacks was recently robbed for much more money than was taken in the aforementioned incident, but this time it was an inside job. An employee at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport couldn't handle the temptation involved with working around all that sweet, sweet cash. Management recently found that between Sept. 1 and Oct. 3, the employee had stolen $7,500 from the store's deposits.

Doped Up Management at another business in Charlotte also recently found out that an employee had been cheating them out of merchandise for about eight months. Someone with Peak Resources of Charlotte on the east side of town reported that between January and August of this year, an employee took "multiple types of narcotics from a single tote," stealing an overall total of $20,000 worth of drugs from the business.

Good Luck With That One local woman didn't exactly steal from her company like the two employees described above, but she's probably still in the dog house with her employer after a major brain fart cost them upwards of $1,000. The woman told police that she had placed a work laptop on the window sill at Blackfinn Ameripub in Uptown Charlotte. She left it there, and only realized she had done so "a couple days later," according to the report. Needless to say, the laptop, which belonged to the business she works for, was no longer there when she finally made her way back to look for it.

Lights Out When you have a good relationship with your neighbor, it's fine to walk across the street and ask to borrow some sugar, maybe even a light bulb if you're in need, but when those relationships become strained, sometimes you just have to help yourself. A 33-year-old woman in the Windsor Park neighborhood of east Charlotte filed a police report last week after shit got dark at her house. The woman told police that a known suspect walked onto her front porch and unscrewed the light bulb from her light fixture. Just to be clear, she included that "the suspect showed no intention of returning the light bulb."

Party Favors A 20-year-old woman in University City threw a party last week only to find out that her friends are all huge assholes. As she made her rounds the day after the party she found that the night of fun had cost her upwards of $600, as someone stole her iPad, her $500 Michael Kors watch and a jacket, all of which were in her bedroom, where nobody was supposed to be hanging out.

All stories are pulled from police reports at CMPD headquarters. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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