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6 Gifts your Grandma would simply love

We all know that the bond between grandmas and their grandkids is unbreakable, which is something worth celebrating. Ask around and you will quickly discover that everyone thinks that their grandma is the best in the world. In any case, a relationship with your granny is something that should be appreciated, natured and cared for.

And there is no better way to show your appreciation than by giving a gift she will love. Grandmas have a knack for making even the smallest accomplishments seem like a huge deal. No one pampers, spoils rotten and caters to a child’s every whim like a grandma does; it’s part of the reasons why they are so special.

There are many reasons why grandmas deserve gifts, even on seemingly random or uneventful days. Some of these reasons include:

Grandma always says yes, even when your parents say no

Did mum or dad say that you can’t have that extra bowl of ice cream? Well, you can always count on your grandmother to slip you a bowl when they are not looking. It does not matter what you need; if your parents deny it, grandma will probably approve (as long as it doesn’t cause any harm, of course).

Grandmas are the glue that holds everything together

A grandmother’s passion and commitment to her family is second to none. A grandmother’s unconditional love is the foundation of many families. In fact, a grandmother’s affection and adoration can move mountains so they deserve your love and appreciation no matter what.

Grandmas support you when you need it the most

Grandmas are pretty incredible. “According to Kate Huber, chief editor at NJGamblingFun, ‘’they are often willing to put up with your bizarre and meaningless shenanigans; and they do it all with smiles on their faces and zero judgment. Grandmas are always the ones waiting on the sidelines cheering us on, whether we lose or win’’.

They give great advice

It does not matter what you are dealing with, your grandma will always give great advice. Whether you are looking for relationship advice, financial assistance, or just life advice; grandma has graduated from the school of life and she knows just what to say when you need to get it together. 

The problem with buying grandmothers gifts

Buying gifts for grandmothers should be a straightforward process, but it always isn’t. The main problem is that we often tend to assume that grandmas become completely different people once they turn 60. However, grandmas, despite their age, still actively pursue their passions.

The images of grandmas sitting on porches in their rocking chairs may apply to some grandmas, but not to all. Don’t be shocked to find a grandmother hiking with friends, going back to school, learning a new skill, traveling and even starting businesses. As such, when buying a gift for your grandma, try and think outside the box to find a gift that she will truly enjoy.

All grannies deserve something super special, whether you are celebrating mother’s day, her birthday or just because. Gran, memaw, nonna, Abuela; whatever you call your grandma, here are 6 gifts your grandma will simply love:

Padded toilet seats

You might take it for granted, but seemingly straightforward tasks such as using a bathroom can be a challenge for the elderly. A hard plastic seat may not be the most comfortable thing for your grandmother to sit on, especially if they have been dealing with any medical issues. This is where a padded toilet seat comes in. 

Unlike regular seats, padded toilet seats are designed to add a layer of comfort to the bathroom going process. Most padded seats are a little taller than regular seats, which also make it easier for grandma to sit down without straining themselves too much. Though simple, you will be surprised by how much your grandmother will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

A special generations necklace

The bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren is a special one and there is no better way to commemorate this special bond than with a special generation’s necklace. With a special necklace, you can let your grandmother know that you appreciate her for everything that she does for you.

Get her a special mug

Make your grandmother’s morning cup of joe or herbal tea a little extra special with a special mug that has been designed to make her smile. Get a monogrammed mug or one with a sweet little message to remind her of you every time she has her morning drink.

A fitness tracker

As mentioned earlier, grandmas do a lot more than knit and bake nowadays. There are plenty of active grandmothers out there that would appreciate a gift that helps them keep track of their fitness such as a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker is small, budget-friendly and many varieties out there are sleek and super-efficient.

Not only can a fitness tracker help your grandmother count her calories, but they are also useful for monitoring one’s heart rate. Get one in her favorite color and it will be sure to make her smile.

Scented candles

Give your sweet granny the best relaxation gift ever; a scented candle. A scented candle can be the perfect gift for your grandmother owing to its aromatherapy properties. With the right scented candle, you can stimulate your grandmother’s senses and elevate a positive mood that lasts all through the day.

For the best results, pick a scent that has healing properties such as lavender or vanilla. A candle made with special blends is also a great idea.

A fancy jewelry case

If your grandmother is a fashionista, then a jewelry box would make the perfect gift. There are plenty of jewelry cases and antique boxes out there with great designs, shapes, and sizes- all you have to do is pick one that will suit your grandmother.

If your grandmother has a lot of jewelry, go for a case that has compartments or hidden drawers. This will make it easy for her to organize all her pendants, brooches, chains, clips, gemstones, rosaries and more.

Final thoughts

Whether you are a grandkid buying a gift for your gran’s birthday or are simply looking to show your appreciation for her love and appreciation; buying a gift for grandma is never a bad idea. When buying a gift for your nana however, you must take into consideration her likes and interests. It is also so much easier to pick a gift for her when you consider her age.

Fortunately for you, our round-up of gifts should make it so much easier to pick a gift that she will love. No pressure though- your grandma will probably love anything that you gift her; that’s just how grandmothers are wired. Happy shopping!

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