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6 roulette mistakes to avoid when in Vegas

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It’s also one of the easiest games to play in a casino. Simply pick a number or color, hope that Lady Luck is on your side and wait for the ball to land in the right slot.

The payouts can be very generous too. A few good picks and you can walk out the casino with more cash than you know what to do with.

These reasons make it great for beginners. The rules are also simple to follow, adding further appeal to the game.

But even with these things considered, there are still a couple of things that players do wrong at the roulette table that prevent them from winning as much as they should. Knowing how to avoid them is then just as important and it can make the whole roulette experience much more enjoyable.

Here are 6 roulette mistake to avoid when in Vegas.

1. Not Knowing What Version Of Roulette You’re Playing

This is one of the biggest roulette mistakes to avoid in Vegas. There are multiple ways to play roulette so it’s important you are the playing the right one.

While the rules are virtually the same across all versions of roulette, the small differences impact your chance of winning, which is a big deal.

For example, in American Roulette, there are 38 numbers in total: 18 red, 18 black, 0 and 00. Compare that to European Roulette where there are 37 numbers in total: 18 red, 18 black and 0.

Now, to the beginner, the one extra number may not make that much of a difference. In reality, the extra 00 in American Roulette gives the house double the edge compared to European Roulette.

Therefore, players that are serious about winning in Vegas should avoid playing games with a higher house edge like American Roulette.

2. Not Having A Gambling Budget

It doesn’t take long to play a lot of roulette. As such, it’s easy to forget about how much you are betting on the game and end up blowing your entire bankroll on this one game alone. In some cases, it can be more than players can actually afford to lose.

The easy way to prevent this from happening is by setting a gambling budget and sticking to it. This ensures that you have enough money to have a good time and you don’t go above and beyond what you can afford.

3. Using A Single Betting System

Another roulette mistake to avoid in Vegas is continuing to use a single betting system even if it is not working. Some people feel that one system works better for them than others, but there is not actually a single roulette strategy that guarantees a profitable session. After all, if there was, the casinos would go out of business fairly quickly.

One popular strategy people like to use is the Fibonacci system. As explained by Lucian Marinescu, partner of OnlineCasinoGems, it’s a “negative progression system ie if you lost a bet, you should double the amount you bet on the next round. Of course, while this can help you win, it doesn’t take too many spins to go on a bad streak and burn through your entire bankroll. If you do use this particular strategy, make sure your bankroll is large enough to cope with losing streaks.”

So, before you head to Vegas with a single strategy in mind, take some time to learn new ones so you have more weapons in your arsenal. Some strategies will work better on different days - at the end of the day, it all comes down to luck anyway.

4. Making Combo Bets

People that have never played roulette before think that combo bets enable them to spread the odds of winning across all the numbers in that combo. This thinking is just not true.

What actually happens is that the house edge doesn’t change on a combo bet. It is still exactly the same for a single bet.

This means making combo bets based on this logic can actually cause new players to lose a lot of money should they end up on the wrong side.

So, in order to avoid this mistake going forward, new players should start off by only making one bet per round. If things start to go your way, only then should you start making combo bets.

It’s always best to start simple before overcomplicating things.

5. Not Knowing Your Betting Options

There are many ways to bet on the outcome of a roulette wheel. However, many new players head to Vegas without knowing all of the betting options available to them, meaning they are leaving more money on the table.

It’s important for all players to understand how many options they have as it will increase their chances of winning. For example, inside bets cover a single number, corner numbers, a trio, six-line, basket and a street, while outside bets cover red, black, odds, evens and snake bets.

Note that outside bets have a greater chance of winning compared to the inside bets. As a result, the payouts on an outside bet are smaller compared to an inside bet.

6. Chasing Your Losses

The final roulette mistake to avoid when in Vegas is that you should never increase your bet sizes to cover any losses. If you increase your bet sizes and you continue to lose, you will end up digging a deeper hole in your wallets and maybe even gambling with money you don’t have.

This goes back to the previous point about setting a gambling budget. This will avoid chasing losses so you can enjoy yourself properly without worrying about how much you are spending on the wheel.


There are six of the most common roulette mistakes to avoid when in Vegas. Whenever you play roulette, understand that it’s purely a game of chance. One day you may go home a winner, another you may lose. Knowing these mistakes will ensure that you keep the losing days to a minimum.

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